Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

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7. *Chapter 7*


I haven't heard from Jenna since her mom basically banned her from seeing me.I've tried to get in contact with her but as always,no response.

"Ashton what do I do? Things were just starting to happen between her and I them bam,her mom has to come ruin it."

"Well you could always try going to her house and talking to her mom."

"Are you kidding me? I'm pretty sure the last thing any mom wants is to have a guy with a thousand tattoos and a lip piercing coming up to their door and saying,'I like your daughter a lot and I would appreciate if you'd let me be with her.' and besides she knows I have a record."

Ashton was silent for a while as he took a sip from his water bottle.He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Wait,her mom knows about everything?"

"From what I know,yeah.She knows."

"Well if you man up and tell her mom how you feel about her daughter maybe she'll understand."

"That's the thing,I'm not 100 percent sure that I want to be with her."

"Wait,what? I thought you liked her?"

"I do but I don't think it'll work out.Jenna is an straight-A student,smart,great with people.She's basically perfect in everyone's eyes.Then there's me."

"Look just because your not seen as the perfect gentleman doesn't mean anything.If you show her and her mom that you care as much as you think and claim you do then I don't think there should be a problem."

"Whatever you say ashton,but society has a crazy way of making you feel like your not good enough for certain people like Jenna."

"You know what,let's just forget that I even had this crush on Jenna.What was I thinking,She wouldn't go out with someone like me."


"Bye ashton."



My mom took my phone so that I wouldn't have any type of contact with Calum.Calum's been calling here all day,but of course my mom ignores it.Every now and then,I'll hear a 'stop calling my daughter,' or 'why don't you do what you do best and drop her like you did all the other girls.'I just sighed and rolled over into my bed.

I was starting to like Calum.My mother and society had a way of making people ,like Calum,seem like the worst thing to ever happen to this planet but underneath that tough exterior he had,Calum seemed sweet and caring.

I didn't go to school the following day but I did go Tuesday.I can't lie,I missed seeing Calum.He did a weird thing to me.Whenever I would talk to him or even just see him,I would smile and feel fuzzy inside.Since Our little beach hangout Sunday,I haven't seen him.I wasn't feeling up to it,so I just threw on my black vans,black sweats,and a white hoodie and went to school.


I turned my head slightly to see what I think was ashton running towards me.


"Hey,you weren't at school yesterday.I got worried."

"I wasn't feeling up to it yesterday."

"I heard what happened with Calum and your mom."

"She went crazy,she took my phone so I couldn't talk to him and he's called nonstop until yesterday afternoon."

"Yeah well he kinda isn't in the mood today.He's was pretty bummed yesterday about what happened."

"Where is he anyway,I want to talk to him."

He pointed past me.

"Thank you."

"No problem,see you later."

I waved before heading down the hall to Calum.He wore a black,long-sleeved SWPD shirt with a black beanie and black skinny jeans.He looked attractive as always.The fuzzy feeling and smile returned to me.This boy did things to me.

"Hey Calum."

"I don't think we should talk anymore,goodbye."

I stood there in front of the boy who'd had once always been happy to see me.Now he's completely blowing me off.

"What are you talking about?"

"Your mom obviously doesn't want me to be with Jenna,I'm bad for you."

"The Calum I talked to a couple of days ago seemed sweet and genuine.Yes you have a record,so what?"

"My point is your perfect,your smart and beautiful and basically perfect to everyone who looks at you.I'm the complete opposite.This,you and me,wouldn't work Jenna."


"Jenna,please just forget that we know each other.Goodbye."

I watched as he walked away from me,emotionless.Here I was,the girl who had just been basically dropped by the bad boy that I had just started to like.A tears streamed down my face.

I can't explain to you why I was getting emotional over some guy who I once hated,a guy who I'd thought was horrible.I had started to fall for him.There was something about Calum,something about him that I could quiet put my finger on,not yet anyway.

Michael came up and put his arm around my shoulder,pulling me in slightly.

"You okay?"


"Tell me what's wrong while I walk you to class."

I nodded and started from the night we had got together at the party,which he was there for,to what happened a few moments ago in the hallway.He listened.

"Wow,and he just dropped you? no emotion?"

"Yup,none at all."

"That's not like Calum,then again Calum actually taking a liking to a girl is not like him either."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Calum isn't usually the type to actually want to be with a girl,as in a relationship."

"Oh so he just you know."

"Yup,he had sex with girls and dropped them almost immediately then next day so him actually taking the time to get to know you or any girl is nonexistent so obviously you mean something to him."

We made our way to my class and he stopped talking.I stepped in front of him.

"Do you like him?"

"I sorta kinda-look I really don't know.Do you think he'll talk to me again?"

He shrugged and hugged me before walking away.I sighed.

"Why can't life be simple."

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