Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


6. *Chapter 6*


I awoke to my phone ringing.I checked the caller ID.A huge part of me was hoping it was Calum,but it was my mom.


"Hey sweetie,I was just making sure you were up and that you were okay."

"Yeah I'm fine.If you don't feel well or if your tired,you can stay home."

I smiled at what she said.I could really use a break from school.I was extremely tired as well.


"Okay well I have to get back to work,ill be home in an hour or two.I love you."

"Love you too mom."

The call ended.I went to my messages and typed in Calum's number.I debated in my mind for a bit wether I should text him or not.I sent him a text.

Me: Hey it's Jenna :)

I sent it.While I waited for a reply,I got up to go brush my teeth and use the bathroom.I washed my face and looked at my hair.Since I was staying home,i saw no point in going all out so I brushed it up into a high ponytail.

I unlocked my phone to see a text from Calum.

Calum: hey :) I was getting worried that you would never text me.Do you mind if I walk you to school today?

Me: I'm not going to school today lol

Calum: oh I'm not either lol do you wanna hangout then? maybe go to the park or something.

Me: yeah sure! what time?

Calum: in a hour.Send me your address.

I sent him my address and then went to get ready.It was getting pretty chilly out so I dressed pretty simple,dark skinny jeans,white vans,and a gray hoodie with a beanie.I went downstairs to make me some breakfast.The events from last night really changed my mind on Calum.He wasn't a bad guy.But again,I didn't know him that well and we barely talked.It was going to take more than small talk for me to fully forgive Calum.The sound of my doorbell broke me from my thoughts.I opened the door to find Calum.

"Hey,are you ready to go?"

"Yeah just let me finish this last piece of my waffle."

I devoured the small corner of my chocolate chip waffle and then returned to the door.

"I'm ready."

He nodded.I closed and locked my front door before we headed out.In my driveway was a silver BMW.

"Whoa,that's your car?"

"Yeah,now get in.We're going to the beach."

"In the middle of October?"


I watched him as he got in the drivers side and I got in the passengers side.He turned on fall out boys recent album and drove out of my driveway and onto the street.

"Are you sure you want to go to the beach in october? Doesn't it feel cold to you?"

"I know it's cold but who said we were actually getting in the water."

I sat back and enjoyed the ride as he sped down a one-lane street surrounded by trees.



After almost hour and a half of driving,I finally got to the beach.I looked over to see Jenna asleep,her head resting against the seatbelt.She looked so adorable and peaceful when she slept.I hated to interrupt this but I didn't come all this way just to watch her sleep.I lightly tapped her shoulder to wake her up.


"We're at the beach."

She rubbed her eyes and slowly sat up in the seat.She looked at me.

"You were actually serious about the whole beach day thing."

"I was now come on."

We got out and slowly made our way into the sand.We removed our shoes and held them in our hands.Jenna and I walked side by side down the beach,our shoes in our hands.

"What was the inspiration behind all of your tattoos?"

I looked down at my tattoos,I let my long fingers tracing the outline of some of them.

"Well I draw a lot.Most of these are inspired by some of the things that I draw."

"Oh well it's really cool."

"Thanks and this one right here,I got of my sisters name.Her names Mali."

I pointed to a tattoo on my forearm that was of a bird,his sisters name tattooed in ink underneath it.I also pointed out two tattoos in the middle of my pointed finger and my thumb on both of his hands.They were three letters,both spelling out my parents names.

"You never talk about your family much,why?"

"Well since they found out about my taking to drugs,they don't talk to me.My sister and I talk,all the time believe it or not."

"I'm sorry,about your parents I mean."

"It's fine.I don't blame then for doing what they did.I just wish that they would've given me another chance instead of just throwing me out on my own."

It became silent.

"Do you still do drugs?"

"No,well yeah I do.Whenever I have those shitty days anyway."

"You need to find a better alternative than drugs."

"Yeah but enough about me,Tell me about you."

She started telling me some really random facts about herself.As she looked ahead and up at the sky,I ran towards the water,its icy cold feel hitting my skin.I shivered.I scooped up a handful of the water and threw it at Jenna,she gasped.

"What are doing? Its freezing."

"Trying to have a little fun on our walk."

"You better run."

She ran in towards me causing me to run out deeper into the water.She splashed a huge chunk of freezing cold water at me.I splashed her again before running towards her and wrapping my arms before she could hit me again.

"Put me down."

I set her down and I looked down to see that her and I were both soaked.She was shivering.I laughed.

"Come on let's get you home."

"Stop laughing,it's not funny." She laughed.

We walked back to my car and I handed her a towel out of my trunk.She gladly accepted it and got into the passenger side.I turned on the heat before starting the car and driving away.

"I'm so glad I didn't wear white."

I couldn't help but smirk at her comment.She hit me and my arm.We both started laughing.

"You are such a pervert."

The rest of the ride home was fairly quiet.Every now and the,Jenna and I would ask each other questions or I would make a stupid comment that would cause her to smile and laugh.Her mom had called her and told her that she was home.

We got to her house and she looked at me.I looked at her,down to her lips.then back at her.The urge to kiss her was strong but I resisted.

"Thanks for today.Besides the whole fact that I'm cold and shivering now,I had fun."

"Well I'm glad you had fun.We should do this again sometime."

"Yeah but next time can we try not go anywhere near water until it's warm."

"Yeah we can."

"Thanks,well I have to go I'll see you later."

Before she could even get out,Her mom came speeding towards my car.Let me tell you,she didn't look any bit excited.

"Who is this and why were you with him when you should have been home?"

"I got bored and wanted to hang out with someone and he was the only one who was available."

"Yeah that's because every other teenager is in school trying to get an education not out selling drugs and doing them."

Jenna's mom leaning down to look into he car.

"And yeah I'm talking about you.I heard all about your little record and what else you and your little gang do."

She went back to Jenna.My fist balled up and I started to take deep slow breathes to calm me down.This pissed me off.Yeah I still sell drugs and do them but as for everything else,I've stopped.

"Get out of this car."

She grabbed Jenna by her arm and pulled her out into their yard.Jenna's mom back down into the car so that we were eye to eye.

"I don't want you and your foolishness anywhere near my daughter understand."

She walked away from my car,Jenna close behind.I punched my steering wheel before speeding off.I can't believe that her mom was judging before she even knew me.Now I could let see Jenna.I drove to Ashton's.

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