Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

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5. *Chapter 5*


I threw on my green day shirt,black jeans and my black vans.I was waiting for Ashton to get here so that we could go to the schools' football game tonight.I wasn't really a fan of football but when I heard Jenna would be there,I didn't hesitate.The doorbell rang.I looked at myself in my hallway mirror one last time before heading out.

"Hey,are you ready to get this plan going?"

"What plan?"

"The Jenna and Calum plan duh."

"Oh yeah right.What's the plan?"

"I was joking,there's no plan.Tonight is on you."

I nodded she we started walking.The school was about three blocks away from my apartment.The closer we got to the schools' football stadium,the more my stomach churned.I prayed that this works.I really liked Jenna.We reached school grounds and started our search for Jenna and her friend.

"There she is."

Ashton pointed at Jenna,who was dressed in our schools' colors.She looked so cute as she cheered on the team.Ashton looked at me before continuing.Ashton walked right up to her and hugged her,she returned the hug with a smile.

"Hey so you remember Calum."

She turned and looked at me,the smile falling from her face.Jenna's friend walked over and spoke to me.

"I'm Jamie.I'll take you guys aren't really on good terms."

"Calum and yup you guessed right."

"She told me what you did.She has every right to be mad at you,maybe hate you even.I don't blame her."

"I don't blame her either.I feel bad for what I did.I've been trying to apologize but she won't give me the time of day."

"Take my seat."

She motioned her hand to an empty seat,where she had been sitting moments before.

"Are you sure? You can sit there,i'll be fine right here."

"Yeah,you can take the seat."

I nodded before moving to sit beside her.Jamie got up and walked up to some guy,who I reckon was her boyfriend.I turned back to the game and tapped on Jenna's shoulder.


She looked at me for a short second and then turned back to ashton.I let out a deep breathe.This was going to be harder than I thought.

"I'm not really a football guy,can you explain to me what's going on please."

"Well basically the point of the game is to run the ball into the touchdown zone."

"Kinda like soccer?"

"Yeah but you can't kick it."

My question earned a laugh from her.I was finally getting somewhere with her.Plus,we were actually having a descent conversation without her dissing me.

"Do you wanna take away around the track field?"

"Uh yeah,I guess."

We both got up and moved away from Ashton,who was chatting it up with some blonde girl.She took off running half way.

"Race you."

"That's cheating!"

I ran after her but soon got tired.I don't run much,if none.I've never the really been athletic.The only sport that goes on in my world is using my fingers to play the bass.I got to the field in no time but completely out of breathe.


"Aww is the baby tired?"


We both laughed and started walking side by side on the track.I couldn't believe that I convinced her to talk to her her,let alone go with me anywhere.

"You don't come to football games much,do you?"

"No,not really.I haven't actually had a reason to come to one."

"Um I think supporting your school and your team is reason enough."

"For me,It's not.I need something more than that."

"Like what?"

"A person,a girl maybe."

She rolled her eyes and moved to a lane farther away from me.I couldn't help but laugh.I moved over one lane.It was quiet for a while as we finished a lap on the track.

"I'm sorry for being difficult.I accept your apologies."

"Honestly I don't blame you for hating me.I was being a douche towards you."

"I don't hate you,I don't exactly like you either."

"So you kinda like me?"

"Don't get to far ahead hood."

I smirked at her response.I'm glad she accepted my apology and that she didn't hate me.This night is going better than I planned.

"I think we should get back to the game."

"Why? it's boring and we were just starting to fix things."

"I promised my mom I would be home at nine because she has to work tonight and it's already 8:56.It was nice talking to you,I guess."


She waved back before walking towards the brightly lit field.

"Oh and I had fun tonight even though we barely did anything."

She turned back around and walked away.A different dark figure was headed my way.Once the figure got closer,,I easily recognized who it was.It was Ashton.

"So I'd take it that everything went well."

"Yeah,you could say that."

"So did you get her number? Are you taking her out?"

"No and no.I don't think I made it that far tonight but she said she had fun tonight,with me."

I told you this would work,now let's go.I think I may have found a girl."

I couldn't stop smiling at what happened tonight.I know that to a lot of people that what had just happened between Jenna and I wasn't that great but it was a start.And that was something that I was proud of.



Calum and I talked.We actually talked.I couldn't stop smiling as I went back to the bleachers to find Jamie.I can't believe that he thought I hated.I don't exactly think the best of him but I don't hate him.I'm having mixed feelings I guess you could say.A huge chunk of me is stuck on that crush I've had on him but the other part I hesitant because of how he's treated me before tonight.

"Hey Jenna,Where you been?"

"With Calum."


"So are you guys like best buddies now?"

"I wouldn't say we're thy great but he apologized and I forgave him.We talked a little but nothing exciting."

"Oh well let's get you home.Hopefully your mom won't be so harsh on you."

We walked back to her car and drove off.When I got there,Jamie shot me one of those 'ill pray for you' looks.I smiled weakly before closing her door and walking up to my house.I took a deep breathe before stepping inside.

"Where have you been? You know I have work tonight."

"I know mom,I'm sorry.I lost track of time.I was at the football game."

"Oh well I'm leaving.I'll call you before you leave for school.I love you."

"I love you too mom."

She walked out and closed the door leaving me in a empty house by myself.I walked upstairs,got some pajamas together and went of get in the shower.As I took my pants off,a small slip of paper fell out of my back pocket.

Calum's number (808)-372-2931 call me sometime ;)

When did he do this? I smiled as I put the slip back in my pocket and got in the shower.He is one sneaky guy.


(A/N): a lot of you wanted me to update so here ya go! I hope you all enjoy this chapter.From now on,I'm gonna try to update every night before I go to bed if possible.


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