Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

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4. *Chapter 4*


I collected Calum and Ashton's check and tip before going into the kitchen.I looked out of the window to see Ashton and him still talking.Why won't they leave? Well I like ashton,he's nice and besides the tattoos he seems like a sweet guy.But why won't Calum leave? He's done nothing but snap at me and then try to apologize for it,which I don't buy.

I look out again to see Calum walking back here to the bathroom.I take a deep breathe before heading back out to the front to finish my shift.I walk out and the first mistake I make is bumping into Calum,again.I tried to walk right by him but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

"I have to finish my shift."

"Look I know I just wanted to say sorry again for my attitude.I know you might think I'm mean but I'm really not that bad."

"Sure,now can I go back to my job?"

"That's all your going to say is sure?"

"Yes Calum,that is all that I'm going to say because I don't buy the apology."

"What don't you buy?"

"The fact that you all of a sudden feel bad for the things that you do to me."

"I'm just trying to be nice."

"Well stop and just stick to what you do best,being the school asshole."

"So what,people can't change?"

"I doubt that after 8 years that you ever would."

We were both seniors in high school and he's been like this since everyone could remember.He's always been the guy with the tattoos that has unlimited sex,does drugs,and bullies people.Of course I didn't believe that all of a sudden he'd changed.

"You know what,forget it.To think I actually liked you."

My eyes widened at the last sentence.Did he just say that he like me? The bad boy liked me?

"Wait you like me?"

"Wait-what-no I don't like you!"

He turned on his heels and walked away.A small smile played on my lips.I don't know why I was smiling but as I had explained before,I had a major crush on him and I still kind of did.So hearing those words both excited me and worried me.



I can't believe this.I try to be nice and she basically blows it off.Granted,she did have a point,i'd doubt my will to Change too.But hearing that I was the schools asshole kinda hurt too.

"Come on Ashton,I told you she wouldn't buy it."

"You just need to be constant.If you love her that much,It'll show over time."

I rolled my eyes.Yeah right like that would actually get me the dream girl that I wanted,Jenna.I split my separate ways and went home.I lived by myself in a small two-room apartment since my parents kicked me out a couple of years back.They found out that I did drugs and wanted nothing to do with me.I threw my house key on the kitchen counter and walked to my room.I took off my shirt and laid on my bed.

Jenna was the only thing on my mind.She's been the only constant thing on my mind lately.I wanted her so bad.I wanted her to look at me how she looked at Ashton.She has the cutest smile on her face with him but with me it was pure anger.I hurt me to know that she hated me.If she'd give me a chance,I could show her that I'm a lot better than what she thinks of me.

My phone rang.I looked at the caller ID to see Ashton's name appear on the screen.


"Hey,what are you doing right now?"

"I'm at home laying down,why?"

"Ok well Jenna's going to be at the football game tomorrow night with her friend."

"Ok and what does that have to do with me?"

"You can come and talk to her,maybe get her to give her a chance."

"I'd doubt she would but yeah sure i'll go."

"Great,i'll come by tomorrow around 5 so that we can go.Maybe me being there will help."



I ended the call and placed my phone on the space beside me.I sighed.I hope that this will work and we can actually have an actual conversation without her blowing me off.I wanted to mean more to her than just that douche who snapped on her at the party but a friend,a boyfriend even.But I have a long journey ahead of me If I want to have that title.


(A/N):I'm sorry if this chapter was short and crappy :( I didn't have a lot of time to write this so yeah.

I hope you enjoyed it.Thanks for reading lovelies! :)

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