Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


2. *Chapter 2*


It's been three weeks since the party and since I've seen Jenna.I tried to get into contact with Jenna but no one would give me her number.Shawn told me to stay away from her or else.I feel bad for snapping on her.But I kind of don't.If she didn't want to do anything but talk or whatever she "thought" we were going to do then she shouldn't have come to me,let alone talked to me.So it really isn't my fault.Ashton won't talk to me until I apologize so I decided to get it over with.

I walked up to her house and rung the doorbell.I looked into the nearby window and used the reflection to fix myself up and make sure that I looked okay.Wait,Why am I doing that?She isn't anyone special.The door opened a few minutes later and I quickly stepped back towards the door.

"Hey I just-"

"Go away!"

She started to close the door but I caught it with my foot.

"Listen hear me out.I'm trying to apologize to you."

She came out and folded he arms across her chest.


"Okay look I'm trying to apologize to you so the least you could do is not give me an attitude." I said getting annoyed by her snapping at me.

"I deserve to have an attitude with you Calum!You basically tried to force sex on me and then got mad at me for not giving it up.Oh and let's not forget the whole 'I never liked you anyway' thing."

"Okay yeah you have a point.Can I just get this over with so we'll never have to see each other again."


What was with this girl and her damn attitude seriously.I sighed before continuing.

"I'm sorry for getting mad at you for not having sex with me at the party.I was wrong and I should've asked you first." I fished and waited for her reply.

"Even though that sounds really rehearsed and it probably is,Thanks."

"Yeah whatever." I said.I turned and walked off her porch.I could feel her eyes in me as I walked down the sidewalk.I looked down and kept going,trying not to look back.


"So did you apologize?" Ashton asked as I walked in the front door of Michael's house.

"yeah." I said.I headed into Michael's kitchen and made some Vegemite toast.Ashton trailing not too far behind.


"I apologized and she said thanks and I left." I said while shoving a piece of toast in my mouth.

"That's it?You didn't ask for her number?"

"Asht-No why would I do that?" I said with a mouthful of toast in my mouth.

"Because I thought you li-You know what never mind." He said before walking out of the kitchen leaving me by myself.I hope he wasn't going to say I like her because that wasn't the case.I admit will admit that she's been on my mind since the party but it's nothing serious.

"Cal baby,will you come upstairs with me?I'm scared." I turned to see Danielle,the head of the cheerleading squad,leaning against the door frame.Her skirt stopping mid thigh and her shirt rising up to reveal her flat stomach and pierce belly button.I smirked as I walked over a grabbed her waist.

"Sure babe."


I closed the door and leaned up against it.Of course he wasn't actually sorry.This is Calum hood were talking about.But I won't lie,I've had a crush on him since the sixth grade when he first got that black lip ring.The way he pulled the lip ring in between his teeth before he smirked at me was such a turn on.He was so hot.

"Hey honey,Who was that? My mom asked as she walked towards me.

"Um it was a friend of mine.He wanted to know if I could help him tomorrow in class because the stuff were learning now isn't really the easiest to comprehend." I lied.She knew about his reputation.Shes heard all of the same rumors I've heard,he was a player,he did drugs and he was a drop out.I couldn't tell her who it really was,she would freak.

"Okay well have fun.I'll be in the kitchen making dinner."

I let out a breath and went upstairs to start my homework.

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