Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

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19. *Chapter 19*

"Last night was insane,but that party was amazing." Michael said.

"Yeah but now I have a huge ass headache." Luke said,rubbing his head.

"Same for me." Ashton said,picking up a red cup still filled with alcohol, "ugh this stinks."

"It's over now so let's just worry about cleaning up and I'll go get you guys a aleve." I said.I dropped the big trash bag I had in my hands and walked to my kitchen.

"It smells amazing in here." I said,opening up a cabinet and grabbing the aleve medicine bottle.

"Thanks." Calum said,turning to smirk at me.He picked up the circle skillet from off of the stove and showed me what was in it.

"Are those cheesy eggs?" I asked.I couldn't stand to eat eggs without any flavor.

"Yup,it sure is." he said.

"With cheese,butter,and pepper?" I asked.

He took out the pepper and sprinkled some onto the eggs.He turned back around and smiled at me, "now it is."

I laughed as I walked out of the kitchen and handed the boys their medicine.They went into the kitchen and got them a drink to help wash down the pill,leaving me alone.

The whole pregnancy think is scaring the crap out of me to be be honest.My period comes along in the next two days,so hopefully it happens.I never thought I'd say that.I'm just praying that I'm not pregnant.

"Jenna,its time to eat." Calum called from the kitchen.I dropped the trash bag and made my way in there.The smell of bacon and cheesy eggs hitting my nose made me forget all about my pregnancy crisis.Calum handed me my plate.I walked into the half cleaned living room and sat down,the boys joined me a few minutes later.

We ate in silence.After a while,I noticed that Calum had never came to eat with us.

"Where's Calum?" I asked.

All of the boys shrugged their shoulders.

"He's probably still In the kitchen." Luke said in between chews.I set my plate on the coffee table and went to go see if he was.When I peered in,he wasn't.I caught sight of him sitting on our patio outside.I stepped out there without even putting on shoes and joined him.

"Hey,its like 40 degrees out here." I said,pulling up a chair beside him and sitting down.

"I know." he said before taking a bite of his bacon.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.He seemed fine earlier,so I didn't understand what was the problem now.

He sighed before looking at me,his face growing serious.

"What if you end up actually being pregnant? Your moms gonna hate me and kick me out.Jenna I'm sorry." he said.

"Well we'll figure that out when I find out which is sometime next week.Let's just pray that my period comes." I said,looking up at the sky.

"I'm kind of eating right now." he said,pretending to gag on his food.

"Sorry,but I'm just being straight forward." I said,not even turning my attention to him.

"So what do you wanna do today?" I asked,trying to lighten the mood from the brief pregnancy talk.

"You mean besides worry about the fact that I might have gotten you pregnant and your mom is going to murder me? Nothing."

"Or we could go to six flags and have some fun." I said,a huge smile spreading across my face.

"It's December and it's cold."

"Well I don't plan to stay cooped up in a house for two weeks." I said.

"That's true," he sighed, "I guess we could go."

"Great! I'll go tell the boys."


(A/N): I'm sorry I haven't updating in a while.I hope you guys enjoy the update! I'm sorry if it's boring🙈

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