Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


17. *Chapter 17*

"I think we should stop." I breathed into the kiss.I could feel Calum shaking his head.

"No,I definitely think we should keep going." he said,grabbing my waist firmly.I smirk and pulled back.I smiled at Calum before walking away from him.I looked over at amber.She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I looked around for Jamie.She was grinding on Ashton.I rolled my eyes as I walked over to her.

"You and Ashton watch the house for me." I whispered into her ear.

"Why?" She yelled over the music.

"I'm gonna go hang out with Calum for a while." I said,a smirk playing on my lips.She smiled back and continued to dance on Ashton.

I wanted Calum so bad that I couldn't wait.In the few heated kisses we shared,I knew I wanted him and tonight would be the night I got him.

I made my way over to Calum,but not before having a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist.

"Hey beautiful." The voice sounded very familiar.I turned to see Luke looking down at me a smirk playing on his lips,biting down hard on his bottom


"Hey Luke." I said.I could feel his hand slid down to my butt,making me squeal.

"Why don't you say we take this upstairs." he said,leaning down to suck on my neck.It felt so amazing,but I didn't like Luke in that way.He was a cool guy,but I wanted Calum.

"I'll see you later,okay?"

"Oh yeah." he said,kissing me on my lips.I smiled as he walked away to go talk to Michael.

I fixed my self up and made my way over to Calum.I grabbed his hand and led him up to my room.

I closed the door and was immediately slammed up against it.I could feels his hands traveling up from my legs to my shirt.I loved the way his hands felt on me.

"You don't need this anymore." I sighed into the kiss.I tugged at the hem of his shirt,signaling for him to take it off.

"And you definitely don't need this on anymore." he chuckled to himself.He helped me slid off the dress I had on,so that I was left only in my bra and panties.He picked me up and carried me to my bed,laying me down gently on the bed,and his lips pressed to my neck.


I opened my eyes the next morning and sat up.I could feel the blood immediately rush to my head.I had the worst migraine of my life.I removed the comforter and felt a cold chill hit my body.I looked down and gasped,I was completely naked.I looked over to my left to see a shirtless,and most likely naked,Calum fast asleep.

"Did we? No,we didn't.We couldn't." I whispered to myself.I found some nearby underwear,bra,sweats,and a hoodie on the floor and threw them on.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.I noticed I had big black and blue spots on my neck.

"No no no no." I mumbled to myself.I liked Calum a lot,but I didn't intend on having sex with him,that is if we did have sex.If we did,Did he use protection? The last thing I need was a kid,seeing that I was still a kid myself.

"Hey beautiful." a husky voice said.I felt strong,muscular arms wrap around my waist and a head lay itself on my shoulder.It was Calum.

"Hey Calum." I said nervously.

"Well last night was definitely the best night of my life." he said,smirking at me through the mirror.I turned around so that I was facing him.

"Did we have sex last night?" I asked bluntly.

"We surely did and can I just say that it was the most amazing sex I've had in my life." he said,leaning in to kiss me,in which I blocked.

"Calum,did you use protection last night?" I asked,getting straight to the point of this whole conversation.

"I-I honestly don't remember" he said.


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