Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


16. *Chapter 16*

Jamie and I talked about the guy while We got ready for the party.

Calum and the guys,as in Michael and Luke,had been downstairs setting every thing up.

Calum was also brought up in the conversation.

"So,How long is Calum living here?" She asked as she slid on a black pencil skirt,that looked amazing on her may I add.I shrugged at her questions.

"I don't know,but probably when we all graduate in the next couple of months." I said as I slid on a short black dress with the back out.I never really wore stuff like this,but we were having a party for crying out loud so why not.

"Are you sure you want to keep him here? Does your mom even know?" She asked.Why was she being so judgmental? I know he had his reputation,but from what I've come to know is a really hot guy who just needs love in his life.I mean don't we all?

"Yes I'm sure and yes my mom knows,now stop being so damn judgmental." I snapped back.She looked at me with widened eyes and then quickly looked away.

"Sorry." she snickered.

"What's so funny?" I asked.She just kept on laughing while I combed out my long brown hair and applied my mascara.

"The drinks are here." I heard a familiar voice shout.It had to be ashton.Soon after,loud talking filled the air.The people must be here for the party.

"Oh nothing." Jamie nonchalantly said,smirking at me.After Jamie and I finished fixing our hair and makeup,we took a step back and looked at each other.

"You look gorgeous!" She squealed.

"You too!" I shouted back.We jumped around in a circle squealing.We pulled away a few seconds later.Jamie and I fixed ourselves up and then headed downstairs into the chill,dimmed atmosphere.

"Let's get ready to party!"


The first floor of my house was more crowded than I thought it would be.There were people everywhere I looked,drinks in their hands and blunts in their mouths.I internally freaked out at the sight,but soon remember what Calum told me.I had to trust him.He was probably more used to this than I was anyways.

I couldn't find Calum anywhere,so Jamie and I grabbed a drink then walked through the swarm

of people and started to dance.

"This party is amazing.I'm actually starting to like this Calum guy." Her speech slurring more and more with each sip.

I looked past her to see amber all over Calum.He was smiling while she sat in his lap,his hand caressing her thigh.This angered me because I was actually catching feelings for him,but it was whatever tonight.I need to have a little fun.

"Yeah it is." I said,swaying to the music.I had to stopping being so awkward and loosen up.I disconnected my brain and let my heart take over.I danced with her until I felt a pair of warm hands touch my waist.I looked over at the spot where Calum was and noticed he wasn't there anymore,just a pissed amber eyeing me.

"Hey baby girl." a deep husky voice whispered into my ear.I turned around I see Calum,the guy I was hoping to see.He was wearing a white v-neck and some black jean topped all off with a black snapback turned backwards.He looked me up and down,biting his lip and playing with his lip ring.I can't even begin to tell you how big of a turn on this was for me.

"Hey." I said,a smirk playing on my lips.I knew that Amber was still watching so why not give her a show.This wasn't me,but I liked it.I liked knowing I could piss amber off and make Calum bite his lip just by looking at me.

"You look so damn hot right now it's not even fair." he whispered into my ear.I could smell a heavy wave of alcohol on his breathe,which is just what I wanted.

"Really?" I asked.I hovered my hand over the front of his pants and played with his pants zipper.

"Yeah so,how about we go upstairs?" He breathed out.He grabbed my hips and pulled my closer to him.

"I don't think so." I said seductively.I rubbed my finger up and down the fly of his pants.He let out a moan,which couldn't be heard over the noise.I could feel him getting hard,so I stopped and walked away.I turned around to catch one last glimpse of Calum.He stood there speechless,watching me walk away from him.His teeth biting down on his plump bottom lip.I smirked to myself.

"This is gonna be a fun night." I thought to myself.

I walked into my kitchen and grabbed yet another drink.I caught glimpse of Jamie and some guy grinding on each other.I smiled and walked away.She was having fun and so was I,what could be better?

I ran into Luke a couple of minutes later,whom was also drunk off his ass and not to mention high.

"Hey babe." he said,coming up behind me.He grabbed my waist pulled me back into him.I smirked.

"Let's go dance,shall we?" He asked me into my ear.I looked over to see amber talking to Calum,but he was obviously paying no attention to her except staring at me.

"Yeah,lets go." I said,with a smile.I had to admit teasing Calum was fun.I turned around and started swaying my hips back onto Luke.He grabbed my waist and grinded into me.I liked the way it felt to be frankly honest.I continued to let Luke do this,while basically watching Calum push amber to the side and walk over to me.

"Luke,I'll take it from here." Calum said.Luke nodded,shot him a grin,and walked away to go occupy amber.

"You know,this isn't fair." he breathed against my neck.I liked seeing Calum like this,not aggressive but very direct.

"I know." I said as I turned and grabbed a handful of his hair.He pushed me back into a wall and started kissing me roughly.A kind of kiss I'd never had before,but I was pleading for.

Calum's hand slid up my thigh causing me to smile into the kiss.I didn't know how far this was going to go,but if I was going to he honest,I didn't want it to stop here.


(A/N): I hope this was long enough for you Julia!☺️😁ANYWHOS as you guys can tell,things are heating up very quickly between Calum and Jenna like can you get me a fan ahahahaahaha sorry for the bad joke lol.



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