Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


15. *Chapter 15*

Calum and I drove to Ashton's house.When we got there,Michael was there and so were Luke and Niall.Calum literally tackled Michael when he saw him.

"Alright,get off me." he laughed.

"I'm just glad to see my friend.You're like a brother to me,man." He said as he got up and extended a hand out to Michael.

When they both were standing upright.Michael's gaze immediately shifted to me,a smirk forming on his lips.

"And who is this extremely hot girl?" He asked.

"Back off Michael.This is Jenna," Calum said,obviously not pleaded by Michael's forward comments.Calum rolled his eyes as Michael hugged me,his hands sliding to my waist and a little up my waist.

Calum muttered something under his breath and shook his head.It was too low for me to hear,but I know it wasn't good.Why was he caring so much that Michael was flirting with me?

Ashton came out of the kitchen with a glass in his hand,walking over to Michael,Calum,and I.

"So what is this I hear about a party tomorrow?" He asked before gulping down a good portion of his drink.

"Calum thought I'd be a good idea to throw a party tomorrow because my moms out of town." I said.

"Wait,why are you doing it your house?" Ashton asked me.

"Well because I kind of live with Jenna." Calum casually said.Michael looked shocked.

"You live with this hot girl? Have you guys banged yet?" Michael asked,snaking his arm around my waist.I laughed nervously while Calum turned a bright red.

"Aww your blushing." Ashton cooed.

"Shut up Ashton." he said angrily,covering his cheeks. "I came to ask you if you don't mind buying the alcohol."

Ashton nodded," yeah I'll buy the drinks." he answer before finishing his drink and walking into the kitchen again.

"So,are you bring a date to the party?" Michael asked me,the smirk still there.

"She said she wasn't Michael so back the fuck off." Calum answered before I could even open my mouth.

"Chill out,please Calum." I whispered to him.

"I'm sorry." he whispered.I didn't say anything back.Calum was being extremely overly protective over me.I'm praying that isn't like this at the party tomorrow.

"Do you wanna hangout here for a while or do you wanna head home?" He asked me,wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"I guess we could hangout here." I replied.He smiled down at me as we walked over to the couch and sat down,Michael on my right.


*day of the party*

Calum and I got up around nine,which is fairly early for him and I,and made breakfast.

"These pancakes and eggs are amazing." he compliments as we ate.

"Thanks,but I'm still mad you wouldn't eat waffles." I said.Calum told me he had never tried a waffle a day in his life like who hasn't? Waffles are amazing.

"I don't like them.They are good to me." he said as he shoved a large piece of pancake into his mouth.

"How if you've never tried them?!" I shouted.

"I just know." he replied.

I held up my hand to him.I continued eating what was left of my pancakes and started in my eggs when the doorbell rang.I hopped up and ran to the door.

"Jamie,You're back!" I screamed as I hugged her.She hugged me back and we started to jump around in circles.

"Yes now You and I need to talk about that guy." she said with a smile,which soon faded when she caught sight of Calum.

"Why the hell is he here?" She scoffed.

"That's sorta what I wanted to talk to you about." I said as I walked back into the kitchen and sat down.Jamie joined me.

"Explain him,now." she said,looking Calum up and down as he ate.

"I have a name." he said.

"Yeah I know,and I don't like it nor do I like you." Jamie scoffed.

"Okay,calm down so I can explain everything." I said.Jamie rolled her eyes.

"Okay,Calum and I became pretty close shortly after you left for your trip.Due to unfortunate circumstances,Calum moved in with me." I said.I didn't want to throw Calum's personal details out there like that,I'd be rude.

"Whatever,so what your telling me is I have to live with his face whenever I come over here?" She asked,shooting a dirt look at him.

"Yes,and you're gonna like it.Calum's a great guy.You'll really like him if you take the chance to." I said.Calum smiled at me before getting up and putting his plate in the sink.

"Ashton's coming over here with the drinks soon,so I'm gonna go ahead and get in the shower." he said.

"Wait,you mean to tell me him and his little gang are coming too?" She asked.

"Yes,and you're gonna be nice." I scoffed back. "Now tell me about this guy you've been seeing!"

She squealed as she started telling me details upon details about this mystery boy.


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