Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


11. *Chapter 11*


The last couple weeks living with Jenna have been great.It's been nice having somebody else around than just yourself.Its been pretty awkward also because I kind of walked in on her naked tonight,not that I didn't enjoy it or anything,but It felt weird.

I decided to walk to her room and apologize.Jenna's door was closed so I knocked and waited for her to answer.

"Wait a minute."

I heard bumping and shuffling noises before she finally opened the door.


"Hey are uh,are you okay in here?"

"Oh yeah,was cleaning my room."

"Oh I thought you fell or something."

We laughed for a bit before the awkward silence filled the air.

"Uh so what did you want?"

"I just wanted to apologize for walking in on you earlier."

"It's fine even though I feel kind of awkward now that you've seen me,you know,naked."

"Well if it helps,I'm shirtless right now."

"Yeah but you have sweatpants on,Should I remind you that I was naked.As in I had nothing on."

"Yeah,I know.I definitely remember that part."

She laughed and hit my arm.

"That is not cool.You are such a guy."

"Do you wanna go downstairs and make some hot chocolate?"

"Yeah,lets go."

Jenna and I raced downstairs into the kitchen and started boiling some water to make the hot chocolate.She threw me two hot chocolate packets from the pantry.

"Where's the marshmallows?"

"Right here."

She slid a small jar of fluffy,white marshmallows across the counter at me.I poured the hot chocolate mix into two medium sized black mugs and mixed the hot water in,a marshmallow hit my face.

"Oh you better run!"

Jenna ran through the living room and the dining room,I wasn't too far behind.When I finally caught up with her,she shoved a handful of marshmallows into my face.

"Got you!"

"No,I believe I got you."

She giggled.I couldn't help but smile.She was literally the cutest girl I've ever had the chance of meeting.Her lips were centimeters away from mine,the urge to kiss her was unbearable.I leaned in and was soon turned down.

"Um no,I don't think your getting it that easily and there's hot chocolate waiting."

I laughed as I watched her skip over to the counter and grab her mug of hot chocolate.

"Netflix here we come!"


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