Bad Boy | A punk calum hood fanfic

"I didn't do bad boys but he was an exception."

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


1. *Chapter 1*


News Anchor:Four Australian boys were arrested and released on bond after they were found smoking weed on school grounds earlier this afternoon.

I shook my head as I got ready to hang out with my friend,Jamie.I got in the shower,brushed my long brown hair and got dressed.I threw on light blue skinny jeans,A white band tee crop top,white vans with a red and black plaid flannel tied around my waist.

"Does this look okay to you?" I said is I turned to ask Jamie for her opinion.We were going to the skate park to meet up with her boyfriend for a while.

"Yeah you look great!now lets go!" she smiled as she grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs and out of my house.The skatepark was two blocks away from my house so we decided to walk.

"Do those boys they were talking about on the news go to our school?" I asked curiously.They looked so familiar and I used to have a crush on the black haired one a couple of years ago.

"Yeah they used to." She said putting emphasis on the 'used to'.Oh was all I could say."They started doing drugs and skipping school a lot and soon they just stopped going."

I nodded."the guys Michael and Calum got tattoos and Luke,the hot blonde one,got a lip piercing!He looks so hot with it.Oh and ashton,well lets just say that I want puberty to hit me like it hit him." she laughed.

We reached the skatepark to be soon greeted by her boyfriend,Liam.She reached out and kissed him and he looked over and spoke to me."Hey Lana." he said with a smile.

"Hey." I said back.He talked to Jamie for a while then left to go skateboard again.Jamie and I sat on the concrete and started talking.

"I'm going on vacation to Hawaii soon you should come with me." she said.

"I'd love to let me just call my mom an-" I stopped when I caught eye contact with Calum,one of the infamous bad boys.He was smoking with the rest of the guys.He removed the cigarette from in between his lips and smirked at me.I felt my face burn like a tomato.I couldn't take my gaze off him no matter how hard I tried.

"You didn't mention that he got a lip piercing to me Jamie." I said to her not even breaking the contact I had with Calum.His eyes were so dark and mysterious.My eyes traveled up and down as my eyes caught glimpse of his piercing.I loved the way it wrapped around his plump bottom lip and his biceps were incredible.

"Oh yeah he got that a couple of days ago.But Lana listen to me,He's no good for you so stay away from him." she said.Her voice got muffled as all I could pay attention to was him.I wanted to know him so bad.

"Um excuse me,Do you like what you see?" I looked up to see him,Calum,towering over me.

"I-I I'm so sorry,I just-You guys look really familiar like I've see y'all before." I stuttered.He was breathetakingly attractive.He laughed.

"Yeah well I'll see around princess." he smirked and winked at me before leaving.I felt my cheeks burning once again.

"Like I said stay away from him and his little gang." Jamie said in my ear snapping me out of my trance.


The next day,I was walking out of school and to my car when my friend shawn approached me.

"Hey,you remember Cassandra right?" he asked.I nodded.

"Yeah what about her?" I asked.I was confused as to why her name was brought up.

"Okay well she's having a party this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to go." he asked.A smile plastered on his face.

"I don't know shawn,I'm not really a party type of girl." I said.I really wasn't.I was more of the hangout with a small group of friends and watch movies type of girl.When it came to parties I found myself increasingly awkward,especially when it involved guys and alcohol.

"Come on jenna.I could use a friend."He said.He poked his lip out and I couldn't say no to that.He was so adorable when he did that.

"Ugh fine,but just this once." I caved in under the cute,pouty face shawn gave me.

"Great,I'll pick you up at 8:45 pm tomorrow night." he said with the hugest grin I'd ever seen in my life.

"Okay bye shawn." I laughed.

"Bye Jenna!"


I stood against the wall with the guys and scanned the room.This party was a bust.Michael lit a cigarette and passed it around.

"Let's leave.This party sucks." I said to Luke who'd just started talking to some blonde girl.

"She'll be here.At least that's what Cassandra told me anyway." he said back before turning his attention back to the random blonde girl.

I scanned the room once more when I laid eyes on her.She had straightened her hair from the usual long curly hairstyle she had.She had on skintight black skinny jeans with a a white top that showed off her stomach,which she also had a belly button piercing.She was with shawn.I had to get him away from her.

"Hey Casey,come here!" I shouted at a really pretty brunette girl.

"Hey cal." she said.She started rubbing her hands on my chest and slowly moving them down towards my pants.She was obviously drunk.I removed her hands from me and moved back.

"Look I need you to go talk to that guy shawn so that I could get his friend to myself." I said making it very clear that I didn't want her.

"Yeah whatever." she sighed and made her way over to him.Soon they started talking and moved away from her.She stood by herself drinking so I made my move.

"Hey princess." I whispered into her ear making her jump.I grabbed her waist and turned her around to face me.

"H-hey um calum?" she said.

"Yeah I'm calum but I never got your name." I said smirking.Her cheeks turned a bright red.I was making her nervous.I liked that.

"I-it's jenna." she yelled back over the music.

"That's a gorgeous name for a very gorgeous girl." I said staring into her eyes.She smiled."do you wanna dance?" I yelled.She nodded.I grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor.I turned her around to where her back was against my chest.I ground my hips into her and she started to sway her hips.We moved along to the crowd of people that had grown since she'd arrived.

I started kissing her neck.She let out a soft moan that couldn't be heard.I sucked harder making sure to leave a mark.I wanted her and I wanted to make sure that the other guys in here knew that.

"Calum." she moaned.I moved back up to her lips and kissed her roughly.She tangled her hand in my hair and tugged at it.I groaned at the motion.

"Wanna take this upstairs princess." I moaned against her lips.She nodded.She had to be drunk.From what luke had told me,She was a good girl.She didn't mess with boys like us.But I guess that was all gonna change tonight.

We led her upstairs and once we'd gotten to a empty room and closed the door,I slammed up against and started kissing her roughly again.She kissed back while pulling my shirt off.She pushed me back so that I had fallen on my back into the bed.She climbed on top of me and we started kissing again.

I flipped her over so that I was on top and she was under me.She took off her top as I helped.I kissed down her neck to her chest.She let out a moan.

"Calum I-" she started.I moved my way down to her stomach and started to unzipped her pants.

"You what princess?" I breathed onto her stomach.I slip down her pants and threw them on the floor.I traced my finger over her lace underwear that matched her bra.I started kissing her thigh when she jumped up.

"I can't do this." She said.She started putting her clothes back on and fixing herself.I stood there with confusion which quickly turned into anger.

"FINE GO BACK TO YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND.I DIDN'T REALLY LIKE YOU ANYWAY!" I yelled.I watched as her eyes teared up and she started backing away to the door when her friend shawn came in.

"Whoa I'm so sor-Jenna are you okay?" He turned his attention to me."What the hell did you do to her?!" he started walking towards me,rage in his eyes.

"Shawn stop lets go please." I heard Jenna say.Shawn pushed me back into the wall and connected his hand to my face.

"Shawn stop please!" Jenna shouted.I punched him back and he fell to the floor.He punched me two other times before Lana ran over and pulled shawn off of me,tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Stay away from Jenna or I'll beat your ass again." he threatened before being basically dragged out of the room by Jenna.Time went by before ashton and Michael came running upstairs.

"What happened?Someone said they heard fighting from in here." Ashton said running over to me.

"I messed up.We were about to have sex and she freaked and started getting dressed and I snapped on her.Her friend shawn walked in and thought that I,I don't know what he thought but he started punching me." I explained.Ashton and Michael shook their heads in disappointment.

"You should be ashamed of yourself calum." michael said."you snapped on her all because she wouldn't have sex with you!"

"Look I know I messed up but-" ashton cut me off.

"But nothing you need to find her tomorrow after you sober up and apologize.That is if you like her as much as you claim you do." he said.

"Yeah yeah sure whatever."

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