Departed Lives, Demanded Love

Ever since the death of her mother and sister Elena has fount it immensely hard to cope with her life. Her thoughts are filled with sadness and misery. To try and forget about it all she drowns herself in alcohol and smothers herself in smoke. Partying is her only escape from the pain.

Elena meets Ashton, who is just getting his life together after the death of his girlfriend and is determined to get her set on the right path again.


1. Chapter 1

I stumbled out of a room that I could no longer remember my purpose of being in. Once out of it and in the middle of a crowd in the hallway, it came back to me. I pushed through people who I could not make out. A hand ran up and down my body. I turned around trying to make out the face but the alcohol in my system changed me from 20/20 vision to legally blind. I slapped the hand and continued forward. I was probably moving much slower than I anticipated, but I had to continue to the source of this crowd. More hands managed to touch my body until I realized why, I had nothing but my lingerie on. If I was sober I would be feel humiliated and uncomfortable. But I was drunk to the point that I couldn't remember my current act. 

The sound of glass breaking and the crowd's screams awoken my memory again and I pushed through to the center. I continued to stumble and grab on to someone's shoulder to steady myself until I was in the middle of the circle. In front of me were to guys. One was lying almost lifeless on the ground and the other pulled back by three other guys. Glass was broken on the floor and pat my vision was blurry and I couldn't make out the details of his face, I knew Ashton was the one still standing. I tried to walk over to him but he pushed through the crowd and away from me. 

My head was pounding and it was beginning to get harder and harder for me to contain my concentration. I continued towards Ashton as best as I could. I pushed in and out of the breaking crowd. I caught a glimpse of his navy blue shirt turning into a room. I followed as quickly as I could. 

"Ashton," I hesitated, "please, talk to me."  His attention was out the window, probably rethinking the fight. I placed a hand on his shoulder to; Partially to steady myself and to get him to talk to me. My legs were beginning to shake and my eyes began to close. I fought the urge to close them and block everything out. I wanted to face this problem. 

"Ashton," I repeated. 

He turned and grabbed my hand at the same time to catch me. "Elena i'm trying to help you- do you know how I fount you?-I cant believe you would do that, even drunk." He continued to go on and on. My attention was quickly drained.


"Elena, can you here me." 

My whole body collapsed. I could no longer control myself. I laid on the floor and allowed my eyes to close. I gave in. 




Hangovers. If you've never had one, then you haven't experienced hell. I wanted to stay laying down the way I was, but I had to pee. Although, if I was to get up I know the pounding head ache I was experiencing would get worse. I tried to sit on my side as slowly as I could. I took slow deep breaths, trying to steady myself. So far, so good. I swung my feet over the bed and onto the floor. Then it hit me. I grabbed onto the edge of the bed and tried to steady myself. I looked around. My surroundings were familiar but no my own, Ashton's apartment. I moved from the bed and onto the wall. I leaned my weight to my right side against the wall. As soon as I was in the bathroom doorway it hit me. I ran to the toilet and hurled. It was absolutely disgusting. My mouth tasted worse than it did before and my hair was all over. I brought my hands behind my head and tried to grab all of it and pull it back. I felt a hand grab the remainder of my hair and take the rest. I tilted my head back a little to see Ashton. He stuck his hand in front of my own to get the pony tail I was grasping on. Once his hands were out of my hair I laid back against the tub. 

I had met Ashton last semester; We were both freshman at UCLA.  I would go out almost every weekend to get high or drunk after the accident. I was invited to an upperclassmen party, Landon Jennings, who turned out to be Ashton's step brother. I had got extremely wasted at the party along with Landon and his friends. Supposedly Landon and his crew had made it their goal to sleep with me at the party. I was carried into a room and once I fount out the purpose I began screaming. The guys ran out of the room and that's when Ashton fount me. After that we began to talk more. He began to see that I had a habit of going out and asked why. I explained to him my reasons. Ashton shared with me that his girlfriend had passed away a year ago and he was in the same situation as me at one point. After that Ashton stuck by my side to keep an eye out for me. 

"Thank you." 

"Your welcome." He wasn't looking at me. 

"Thank you for last night." He turned to stare and then sat across from me. 

"Do you remember what happened?" I tried to recall the night. Ashton's friend Nick threw a party and he said I could come along as long as I promised not to get wasted. I remember playing a few games of flip cup. I assume that after that I didn't stop drinking. But why was he mad about that? No. I didn't. 

"Ashton. I am so sorry." 

"It's not your fault. I told Nick you were not to be messed with." 

"Ashton you could have just left me or got me out of their. You didn't have to beat the shit out of him." 

"Let him rape you?" 

"But Ashton I wasn't screaming for help"

Ashton cut me off, "But you were intoxicated!"

I stopped talking. There was no reason for me to continue an argument I wasn't going to end. 



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