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Emily has a crush on Luke Hemmings on the end of her block.


1. The Boy On My Street

When I saw him everything was a rainbow he has beautiful blonde hair a cute face and everything. His name is Luke Hemmings he just recently moved to the end of my block and I wanna say hi but I'm so nervous whenever I try my face turns 1,000 degrees. Emily always had a crush on her new neighbor Luke and she never even really said hi. Luke didn't even now she existed, one day at the park Luke walks towards her.

"Hi I'm Luke I'm new " he said with a warm smile

"Hi I'm Emily " she felt her face getting hotter and hotter

So they hanged out for the rest of the day

So can I get your number


So they texted for the rest of your days

So I been meaning to tell u something

Yea anything girl :)

Ummm I... I like u

Me too ;)


U do.


Wanna date Emily

Sure :)

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