City of Mischief

Sometimes cleaning an age old mask can lead into a domino effect. Especially when it conceals something dark such as a dangerous demon. When a store owner cleans a golden and gray mask; it releases a demon. A demon that never should have seen the light of day. For Angel Investigations, they are greeted to a visit from a god warning them not to be in his way when dealing with this demon. Who is this god? Loki.


2. Warning

Eventually Brownson regained consciousness while slumped over with his back meeting the counter wall and his head tilted over. His eyes flutter open to see a strange odd and pale man making the mask float in mid-air. First the gas, now this dude? Brownson made a groan as he pushes himself forward. As though Brownson had made a bird call; this caught the strange man’s attention. The strange man turns his head towards Brownson.

 “Who the hell are you?” Brownson asks. “Are you a cop?”

“No.” The pale man said. “I am Loki of Asgard, bundled with a glorious purpose to fix a problem.”

“Sorry pal.” Brownson said, pointing his thumb to the ceiling.  “The chandler was fixed last week.”

All right let’s call this pale man as the name he referred himself.

“I wasn’t talking about the chandler.” Loki said as the mask fell to the floor.  “I was referring to the demon you set free.”

Brownson scrambles up and then leans against the counter.

“There’s no demon here.” Brownson said.

“I know.” Loki said, approaching Brownson. “What did he offer you? Revenge? Eternal satisfaction?”

“I am calling the police.” Brownson said, taking a phone.

“Go ahead.” Loki said. “And tell them how you let loose a demon.”

“Demons don’t exist.” Brownson said.

“Yes they do.” Loki said, and then he adds a sarcastic laugh. “I would be prepping a trick on my brother if these demons were not real.” Loki turns the glass into spiders. “It is not fun to learn a demon my father had sealed for me is on the run.”

Brownson drops the phone.

“Who are you?” Brownson asks, fearing Loki by now.

“I am Loki.” Loki said.

“I know, but who the hell are you?” Brownson said.

“I am the son of Odin.” Loki said, changing the spiders into birds.

The birds went to the door similar to a crowded pillow. With a stroke of his hand the birds form became flat and transformed into glass. All that was left of the mess was the products all over the floor. The case that once shielded the mask is discarded on the floor. Brownson gapes at the window as Loki turns away from the glass.

  “God of mischief and lies.” Loki finishes.

“You’re a wizard.” Brownson said as Loki was close to him.

“I curse you and your family with stuttering and a knack for the supernatural.” Loki said. “This curse will last three, or, twelve generations.” We see a green glow from his fingertips. “Until they learn not to ignore signs.”

  We see Loki aim his hand at Brownson. We see Brownson’s eye burn—in a effect similar to Jonny Blaze when the Devil was marking him as ‘his’ ghost rider—with a light green glow shielding the destruction begin down to some part of his character. Brownson falls to the ground with closed eyes. Loki goes over to the counter that had a piece of paper. He picks up the paper to see what it read. The look on Loki’s face is disgruntled.

“Why is it that this mortal’s name comes up in the middle of this?” Loki asks out loud.

Loki uses his magic to burn the paper up into nothing but dust. Loki turns away from the counter then heads out of the store. It was Loki’s mess that should have been taken care of five centuries ago. A mess that should have ended differently.

_____                                                       ___

.  .  .One day later  .  .  .

.  .  . 9:38 AM  .  .  .  .

 “Uh hello?” Cordelia said, raising an eyebrow at Loki. “You need help?”

Loki turns his head over his shoulder, right towards the door.

“Two doors for one building.” Loki said, turning his head back towards Cordelia. “Two buildings within one. I thought you would have gained a new headquarters by now.This building is redundant.”

“I never met you.” Cordelia said, with a little smile.  “I am Cordelia Chase, the—“

“Secretary.” Loki said. “I know. I’ve met your ‘boss’. I need to speak with Angel about  .  . . Important matters.”

 Cordelia presses a button on a machine and then leans forward.

“Angel, you have a visitor.” Cordelia said. “He says it is important.”

“I’ll like to speak with him.” Angel’s voice is heard over the machine.

Cordelia presses a red button on the machine, and then looks up. However Loki was no longer there.The door to Angel’s office had closed like a breeze had gone through. Our scene goes into Angel’s office. Angel is leaning back into the chair looking fairly surprised at Loki’s arrival. It was so sudden.

“What are you here for this time?” Angel asks. “Is Odin still determined to get this Acalic back?”

“Not this time.” Loki said. “I came here to warn you.”

“Warn me?” Angel questions him leaning forward. “When did this escalate to a warning?”

“When a mortal let out Fauzeem.” Loki said. “He is a demon you should not attempt to capture or to interfere with. If your demon ‘associate’ has visions of a demon with a shadow that is nothing of this realm, or the demons you are used to; I suggest you don’t go.”

“Who is Fauzeem?” Angel asks. “Before I consider your warning.”

“A demon you would never want to face.” Loki said.  “He feeds off your wants, your fears,and your greed. Then he uses it against you."

“So he’s a feeder.” Angel assumes.

“I made the mistake to create him.” Loki said.  “Out of sheer childlishness.”

“So you made him when you were a kid.” Angel said. 

“Childs play.” Loki said, with a wave of his hand.  “Didn’t know what I was doing at the time.  But what I do know; I was playing around with higher forms of Asgardian Magic.But what I did create was a harmful monster. A man, but a dangerous monster who became a demon.The hate I saw in him was not from me, but, from him.”

"And you named him Fauzeem."  Angel said. "I don't want know about your childhood; but kids make a bit more creative names such as Bobette."

"Boba fett is a fat slug alien." Loki said. "And it was a better choice than Kahtorio."

"Okay," Angel said, shaking his hands.  "You got me there."

"And he's very ugly." Loki didn't seem to be kidding when commenting on Fauzeem's features."And he can become black shadows and gas to escape." Loki said. "Weapons made by mortals are useless on him."

"So you tried." Angle assumed.

"My brother and I had some difficulties." Loki said. "But we managed to subdue him. His confinement was dealt with by my father." Loki slides forth a paper with a phone number on the table. "Call me whenever your team comes across him."

"And if we don't come across him?" Angel asks.

"Then it is likely someone playing favoritism on you." Loki said. "Fauzeem doesn’t tend to leave his dwelling. That is his weakness."

Angel looks down towards the paper, and then up. Yet Loki was not in the office.

"He's way better at walking out." Angel remarks, taking the paper off the table. "Actually, Loki done it longer than I have."

Angel was half tempted to start a ‘who can leave more silent’ competition.

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