City of Mischief

Sometimes cleaning an age old mask can lead into a domino effect. Especially when it conceals something dark such as a dangerous demon. When a store owner cleans a golden and gray mask; it releases a demon. A demon that never should have seen the light of day. For Angel Investigations, they are greeted to a visit from a god warning them not to be in his way when dealing with this demon. Who is this god? Loki.


4. Something new something different

“What kind of shadow does Fauzeem have?” Angel asks, over the phone.  “You didn’t specify his shadow.”

“I forgot.” Loki said. “His real form makes the shadow of a man with a crooked back, monstrous wings joined to huge claws,long unusual spikes stick out from behind his neck,and an average Midgardian would think a huge a gargoyle is stalking them.”

“Sounds ugly.”  Angel remarks.

“I intended him to be a hunchback gargoyle.” Loki replied.  “A guardian,  not a monster.”

“What did you expect?”  Angel asks, as Loki could imagine Angel taking a cup of blood coffee out the blood coffee machine.  “Did you expect a cute version of a hunch back gargoyle as a baby like Pegasus’s in the cartoon Hercules movie?”

 “A little.” Loki admits.

“So you attempted to make a cute baby version of Goliath.” Angel said over the phone. “I didn’t know gods had a sense of humor.”

Loki takes the phone off his ear then presses on the red upside down symbol of a phone.

“I keep telling father we need to get a goddess to reassure Midgardians we are not always serious.” Loki said, rolling an eye as he puts the phone into his coat pocket.

It was daylight when Loki discovered why Fauzeem felt victorious the night before. Loki went to the scene of a crime; a crime that had all the tell-tale signs pointing straight to Fauzeem. He walked into the crime scene under the disguise of a man who can be mostly associated to detective work. It made blending into the crime scene easier. Loki’s boot crushes piece of glasses into little fragments. The furniture was turned over and a trail of blood circled around the room.

“At least that hasn’t changed.” Loki said, looking down the glass-less wide frame window that made it easy to see a deadbody on the pavement from above. He could see the yellow tape that has small signs of black blocks of text.Compared to Britain’s blue and white crime scene tape; this tape made the crime scene more attention grabbing.

Loki knew how Fauzeem left the scene of his crimes.

The feeling that Fauzeem was watching from a safe distance made unspeakable fury grow in Loki. He did not like to play games with the demonical creation that is able to become human and then his horrid real form. The victim of this nasty crime, along with ten other people, was near the table. The victim looks so young, so tragic, and so dead.

Loki saw a white feather laying on her chest perfectly clean not tainted in blood.

Loki looks down to the dead Midgardian.What did he offer?  Of course; he offered the chance to make those who demean her pay, Loki rationalizes in his head, Did she feel temptation at his offer? Did she feel fear when he took control? He saw the Midgardian’s eyes were closed instead of being open. He picks up the feather from the dead body. Fauzeem never left the scene of his crime with the victim’s eyes open.

“Who the hell are you?” Detective Kate Lockley asks, right as she entered the room.

Loki puts the feather back on the body.

“Special Agent Harry Syles.” Loki lied, standing back up.

Loki takes out a leather bound wallet item then flipped it open and let her see it. We can see there’s nothing on it but to Detective Kate there was  ID, name, and badge on it.An irritated expression grew across  her face. Loki turns to his right towards Detective Kate Lockley.  

“I was requested to be on this case with you.” Loki said, putting the leather bound item into his coat pocket.

“This crime scene was JUST found.” Detecive  Kate said. “You cannot have been requested to be on my case.”

“What if I told you this is the work of a serial killer?” Loki asks, approaching Detective Kate.

“You’ve gone mad.” Detective Kate said. “The Lab Squints haven’t started collecting evidence.”

Lab Squints, Loki mentally notes to himself, I should ask someone what it means.

“Evidence of the crime doesn’t need to be collected to know there’s a serial killer.” Loki argues.

“Give me the proof.” Detective Kate said.

Loki magically makes a file appear in his coat then he takes it out and hands it to Detective Kate.

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