City of Mischief

Sometimes cleaning an age old mask can lead into a domino effect. Especially when it conceals something dark such as a dangerous demon. When a store owner cleans a golden and gray mask; it releases a demon. A demon that never should have seen the light of day. For Angel Investigations, they are greeted to a visit from a god warning them not to be in his way when dealing with this demon. Who is this god? Loki.


3. Bitter dislike

Doyle and Cordelia end up going after a demon called Timber.Angel had a case to do with a family being targeted by two vampires. Angel Investigations was not only small; but there were other members. These other members took care of different cases that were more dangerous than a lurking demon that terrified the homeless and attempted to hurt a family. 

Currently, these two were talking about Loki coming in without leaving his name.

“He didn’t leave a name.” Cordelia said.

“Dat’s rude.” Doyle said. “Not leavin’ a name ta call him sounds pretty lazy.”

Dealing with Demons and monsters at night and working as an actor at some hours in the day had become easy through the years for Cordelia.

“He was wide awake.” Cordelia said. “And more pale than Angel.”

“Dis pale man entered Angel’s office like a breeze and didn’t come out.” Doyle said.

“He somehow came out without me seeing him.” Cordelia said, her eyes wary for a monster called Timber.

“And knew yer name.” Doyle said.

“Yes.” Cordelia said.

“What armor was he wearin’?” Doyle asks.

Hard footsteps that would usually belong to a large deer are heard down the hall with pools of water here and there.  Doyle and Cordelia hide in the dark with their weapons waiting. There were some homeless people who lived in here and had requested help from Angel Investigations to get rid of Timber.

“Metal.” Cordelia said.

“I mean dah color, Cordy.” Doyle said.

The footsteps were coming closer.

“Gold.” Cordelia said. “And how did you know he was wearing armor?”

“Five years ago tere was a man who entered me apartment.” Doyle said. “All dah locks were intact. He had dis golden armor ya would only see from dah lord of dah rings, and hair curled back as dough he was preparin’ for a dance.”

“Matches the man’s description.” Cordelia said, with a nod.

“Dat was Loki.” Doyle said, mentioning Loki’s name with much bitterness to it.

Cordelia looks over the corner of the tunnel corner and saw Timber’s face is that of a cat. His eyes were a cloudy kind of gray not the friendly light green or welcoming orange. Timber had a human torso complete by a shirt with armor.  Yet Timber had the body of a strong horse that people can probably argue it was a stallion’s body.

“Aww.” Cordelia said, finding Timber’s cat face cute.  “He looks so—“ Timber’s cat face turn from cute to intimidating as he reveals his fangs and the wrinkles on his fur slid up some detail upwards that it made some frightening  features stand out. The cute face dwindled down into a fearsome one. “Scary.”

“Not all Limberedoms are cute.”  Doyle remarks as Cordelia turns away from the corner and went out of Timber’s eyesight.

Randomly, a black cat with lagoon green eyes appeared near the corner. To be more specific this cat is at the corner of a hallway passage. Cordelia notices the black cat with its tail swaying back and forth. Something seems strange about this cat that didn’t seem fazed by their weapons in hand.

“Are cats supposed to be in sewer tunnels?” Cordelia asks.

“Not dat I know of.” Doyle said.  “If tere were cats in dah sewers ten tere wouldn’t be so many rats.”

The cat continues watching them and seemed it wouldn’t leave at all.

“Okay, street smarts.” Cordelia said, as the wrapped up rope that is hanging on her shoulder leans on the medieval weapon. “What’s the distraction plan?”

“Me.” Doyle said.

Our scene transitions to a later time at night. Timber lay in the puddle of water apparently dead and died. Cordelia and Doyle were conducting ‘rock, paper, scissors’ so they can decide who will pull the big wheel barrow out of the tunnel. Doyle ends up winning the game and Cordelia losing the game.

Our scene is now in a present time; not at the time when Doyle and Cordelia were playing the game.

“Is Loki from the powers up there?” Cordelia asks, waving her hand up in the air towards the ceiling.

 They were walking own the tunnel towards the exit. Keep in mind there’s a tarp over the dead body that is in a large wheel barrow with Doyle tugging it.

“Not one of dah powers dat be.” Doyle said.  “He is a Norse God.” The cat is apparently no where in sight, surprisingly. “A really arrogant one dat is.” We see a black tail from the corner of some tunnel across from them. “Ya know he called Demons as the evil thin’s dat run amok at night.”

“Are you sure he said that?” Cordelia asks.

“Dat god told me ‘Demons are demons’.” Doyle said with a tone that didn’t sound forgiving towards the person who told him that.  “And I kicked him outta my apartment.”

Cordelia has a confused look on her face.

“So he didn’t have a spare key.” Cordelia assumes.

“I wouldn’t give a insultin’ Norse God a key ta my house.” Doyle said. “I hadn’t met him before ten. So I didn’t welcome him inta my house.”

“There must be more to this.” Cordelia said. “I know you wouldn’t just kick a man out for insulting you.”

“He turned dah carpet inta a mouse.” Doyle said as he tugs the wheel barrow with his left hand. Timber’s weight on the wheel barrow did not seem to be a problem for Doyle. “And it chewed on me chair!”

“Why didn’t you get a broom to chase the mouse out?” Cordelia asks.

“It was me carpet.” Doyle said it in a way that he liked the carpet. “I don’t want ta replace a carpet, ya know.” Doyle shook his right hand up and down in midair. “He turned dah mouse inta a carpet before I kicked him out. Dat arrogant god sneaked inta my house usin’ some form of magic.”

 We watch  Cordelia and Doyle carry on the conversation as they strolled right out of the leaky almost light tunnel.We see Timber’s body is covered by a big tarp but his fine sharpened claws were dripping some form of blood. Once they had left the tunnel and were not in ear shot; we see a cat walk up to the entrance. The dark creepy cat stops at the surface where the street ends and the tunnel begins. An odd black cloud surrounds the small feline sitting on the entrance. The smoke clears away to reveal a cold calm Loki in the shadows.

“There is a fine line between demons and monsters.” Loki said as the two were in the distance. “Monsters have no interest in souls.”

There is a ‘creator’ bond between Loki and Fauzeem; it allowed Loki to feel when Fauzueem is near. The feeling is strong but it was not enough for him to know which direction Fauzeem is currently at. Loki hated not knowing something that he had to know this instant. It became apparent that using the disguise of a crow might work out better than searching through land based creatures.

Tonight did not feel right.

Tonight Loki could feel victory from Fauzeem. The feeling was random at the time it came in. The only times when Loki felt this was when he had done something unheard of using his magic on others. This victorious feeling was not a sign of good news.It meant Fauzeem had been successful doing something that Loki did not know.  

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