City of Mischief

Sometimes cleaning an age old mask can lead into a domino effect. Especially when it conceals something dark such as a dangerous demon. When a store owner cleans a golden and gray mask; it releases a demon. A demon that never should have seen the light of day. For Angel Investigations, they are greeted to a visit from a god warning them not to be in his way when dealing with this demon. Who is this god? Loki.


5. After Asgard; when he met her

“Miss Candy Lansy.”  Detective Kate said, with a raise of her eyebrow.

“Lanzy”.” Candy corrects Detective Kate.

Loki is watching people walk in and out of the room holding bags, samples, and carrying body bags to a table-bed.  They evolved from going into battle using a move-able bed to recover the wounded to using that same bed to retrieve the dead, Loki noted the change in the move-able bed’s purpose.

Candy is the one who found the crime scene first so Loki and Detective Kate are questioning her. They were questioning her in a vacant room that is down te hallway and sort of across from the crime scene. The door is ajar enough that Loki could see what is going on.

“You were the first to find the scene.” Detective Kate said. “I understand you knew the first victim.”

 “H-h-he was  my boyfriend.” Candy lied,while her fingers are dripping some droplets of sweat. She cleans her hands using a hankerchief.

“You share the same neck mark as the first victim.” Loki said, pointing out the partially exposed black symbol on Candy’s neck.  Candy is surprised by Loki’s quick deduction on the spot. “This is a rare marking that twins hailing from Austrailia during the 1972 sudden marking virus would have.”

Detective Kate furrows her eyebrows with her attention fixed on Loki.

“Agent Syles, how is this relevant?” Detective Kate asks.

Candy pulls her  jacket coller up.

“There was a serial killer a few years ago killing people who had the same neck mark.” Loki lied.  “We did an extensive background check  on the four victims.We found there was a rare genetic gene mark going around in twins at Australia thirty two years ago. It was all over the news."

"I don't remember any serial killer like that." Candy mentioned in a grumble.

“It was characterized by a cough, a fever,diliated eyes, random sweating, and the marking was puffed and orange." Loki continued, getting raised eyebrows from Detective Kate. Her eyebrows seceded back down. "These symptoms came up when the twins were nine months old.”

“Sounds like the whooping cough.” Detective Kate said.

“It was not the whooping cough.” Loki said, shaking his right hand. “Every one thought it was an infection when it was not.” He gestures to Candy’s partially visible marking. “Finding an unusual marking that is not a birthmark is rare these days.”

“They made a pill for it.”  Candy whispers.

That mark was made by Loki ages ago. It was meant for one generation of twins but somehow it passed through several households and randomly became infectious to other twins. Loki could not undo the problematic mistake because it was up to humanity to solve their consequence. Also that Odin did not want Loki to do anything further on the 'neck-marking' issue.

“And you experience random heat flares.” Loki said. “Explains why you are sweating in the middle of a cold front.” The way he mentioned it sounded casual. “I don’t understand why you are making a fib over the fact our first victim is your brother.He is not your boyfriend."

Candy clenches her purse strap.

"He is your brother." Detective Kate acknowledges, aloud.

 __                                       ___                                            ___



Seven years pass, and where do we find ourselves? This scene is no other than in New York City. We can best assume that Fauzeem had been dealt with, also that Doyle owe Loki a favour when-ever it comes around.Loki was using a burner phone--in a dark street--under the disguise of Harry Syles. The street lights were on, in the warm summer night. A few cats were seen stalking the alleys for rats.

“Hello, Detective Kate.” Loki said.

“Mr Syles, quite the time to call.” Kate said. “After seven years. At five in the morning."

"It's only been seven years?" Loki asks.  "I thought it had been four."

"And you’re famous." Detective Kate said, catching him off guard on the other end. We hear a short disappointed sigh from her end of the conversation. "You never picked me up at the restaurant.”

“I am not famous.” Loki said, chosing to ignore the last part.

“Are too.” Kate said. “I’ve dealt with the public view on the job, and, getting into the world of fame all over again is just...too much. Don't you remember about the last case we worked on?"

"I remember it well." Loki said.

"I still remember seeing a gargoyle creature leaning-over your body, and then, just solid blackness." Detective Kate said. "And the victims, all high profiled, were...not lucky cases."

“So you don’t want to hang out.” Loki said.

“Not today.” Detective Kate said.

"I was going to offer a make up visit to a restaurant  for not coming." Loki said. "But, that can be arranged for a later date."

That conversation was earlier that morning. Now, Loki stood by the laundry machine with a flat device called an ‘ipad’ playing a certain name defined ‘Temple Run’ where Midgardians had to run for their lives to escape death by monkeys or missing the wrong turn when running. All Loki had to do was get the coins and get to the ending.

R-r-Ring went the doorbell to the laundry room.

Loki could feel a joyful atmosphere in the air. It seemed odd. Not only did Loki hate it when something confused him, but it was not solving one question that bugged him. His gaze is shifted from the flat screen to the laundry machines. There he saw an odd woman with three dots under her eyes pretending to be reading a magazine while leaning back in a chair nearby a laundry machine. She had one eye fixated on his double taking out the laundry.

“I know you are watching me.” Loki said, swiping his finger right on the ipad screen.

The  joyful woman fell back in the chair. She quickly gets back on her two feet.

“Are you okay?” Lindy Salsman, the American woman, asks in a concerned voice.

The joyful woman puts her chair up and flashes a big smile.

“I am fine.” The joyful woman said.

“Are you sure?” Lindy asks.

“No need to be concerned.” The joyful woman said, waving her right hand lightly.

Lindy looks over to Loki.

“Um, you know her?” Lindy asks.

“I don’t know who you are.” Loki spoke in Korean.

Lindy turns away embarrassed and heads to her laundry basket.

“You speak in Korean?” The joyful woman asks, startled and puzzled at once.

Lindy picks up her laundry basket.

“Of course I can.” Loki said it as though the fact was obvious. “Don’t see another reason why not.”

“Cool.” The joyful woman said.

Loki looks up, raising a brow. He could recognize a few of her key features to Sif from Asgard.

“Who sent you?” Loki asks, taking a step back and puts his ipad device into his coat pocket.

The joyful woman at first frowns, and then, shrugs.

“Nobody.” The joyful woman said, causually.  “And by my defense; I didn’t want this.”

“Come on, someone from Asgard couldn’t have just lucky found me.” Loki said, snapping his fingers. His projection, right across from the two, that had been taking out the last laundry sizzles away letting the clothes fall into a basket. “You must have been sent for me. How did brother find me this time?”

She sighs, with a shake of her head.

“Um dude.” The joyful woman said. “I didn’t intend to find you.”

“Find me?” Loki repeats.  “So Thor did send you!”

The joyful woman’s hands balled up into a fist. Her eyebrows met each other.

“If I had been sent by Thor then next time you would see he has a broken nose.” The joyfulwoman said in a hateful tone at the mention of Thor.  Loki’s eyebrows were up at once, utterly confused how a woman could find Thor so hateful.  “Let’s get that clear between us.”

She sways her hand forward at the last part. She is lying about one part that Loki could tell.

“Someone sent you.” Loki said, as the joyful woman’s face falters. “Stop lying and tell me who sent you.”

She rubs her forehead making a certain comment along the lines  ‘over my dead body’.

“I am not lying.” The joyful woman said, with a groan.

Loki turns away while holding his laundry basket and heads out the door.

“Word of advice; don’t search for me.” Loki said, in a warning type of voice and spoke it in the way that made him sound better than anyone in this building.

Loki didn’t know at the time that little mystery Demi-God would become someone he would want to solve.

Or someone to save.


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