The day we first met

Sixteen year old bethany white has a serious illness called leukemia and while her whole world is falling apart shes meets a boy named Adam that turns her life from dark to colour


1. no time for dissapoitment


After been diagnosed with leukemia two years ago my whole life changed, my parents managed to separate, and my brother died of a sudden death nobody knew what happened it was a heartbreaking time for any family but my illness has taught me to be strong. Not to let anyone stand in the way of what is right or what is wrong. sometimes i sit their and ask myself why did this happen to me? did i deserve this? But when i asked my parents they said " god gives people illnesses because he envies the good ones before the bad ones who have done wrong. my reply to this was well god is a dick. I haven't felt very normal since all this happened i stopped going to school i managed to befriend all of my actual friends as i stopped having contact and i just stopped going out. I felt so abnormal. I did have long hair then I had to cut it off. Anyway back to the story.

"Beth come down stairs please" I'm coming dad i trotted down the stairs wondering why the hell on earth he was waking me up at this time in the morning. what is it dad its nine am. We finally have new neighbours i think you should get dressed and take these round. Why flowers Dad it might be a bloke, Well bethany its just politeness now go get changed you lazy bug. I strangely looked out at the window at who it might be i didn't want some douche from my school and his parents moving in but it seemed they werent. As i walked out the front door a fresh of the cold kissed my neck sending shivers down my spine. i walked into the front garden and stared at the door for five minutes until a voice from behind spoke "can i help you? i turned around and in utter shock the most perfect human being i have ever met stood right in front of me his ocean blue deep eyes burnt into my neck i almost melted. "erm hi im adam i've just moved here with my parents ? and you are he repeated twice before i came out of my daze. Hi im Bethany, but you can just call me Beth. " well its very nice to meet you beth would you like to come in? sure why not oh and heres some flowers my dad sent them round i did say not to but he insisted. well thank you very much Bethany he winked i wasn't very impressed by the thought of been called bethany. I walked the front door everything seemed perfectly organised it was big house. I followed Adam through into the kitchen " Mum dad this is Beth. hey i said awkwardly their answer was grateful i had come to see them" well hello their beth would you like to stay for breakfast. Erm i possibly couldn't i said shyly i didn't want to seem rude so i said yes. " Beth " adam called come up here i rushed off when his parents weren't looking to avoid the awkwardness of going upstairs.

As i walked up his room already look impressive. i stood awkwardly in the doorway " aren't you coming in it's not like you're leaving anytime soon is it his jokes made me smile like mad. I sat down on the nearest chair. " Beth are you ok you've gone white Beth ? His voice faded in my head then i fell unconscious

Beth Beth come on wake up do i need to get your dad? Beth can you hear me? Then everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital straining myself to get up. A hand was holding mine Adam is that you? Adam? " no love its your dad god you have thing for that boy don't you " He's laugh always went through me but without my dad i would not be here right now my dad was my hero my life and everything i ever needed. Has mum come? " no love your mum couldn't make it she is working away in new york i'm very sorry. It's okay disappointments are always the things i get off that women. If she was to send me a cactus as a present it still wouldn't hurt as much as the abandonment she has placed me under and sly laugh came from my dads pursed lips. " disappointments are all that life is made of Beth and as soon as everyone grows to know that maybe the world would become a better environment. promises mean nothing these days Beth and one day you can teach your children that.

But i didnt want to teach my children that. But then a thought came across i might not have children.


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