The day we first met

Sixteen year old bethany white has a serious illness called leukemia and while her whole world is falling apart shes meets a boy named Adam that turns her life from dark to colour


2. Is this real it? or are promises actually true?

When i got home a bunch of flowers were placed nearly on the front doorstep of my house. " Beth i heard him shout out of his window how quick he ran out of his house to see me was amazing. Dad i might go out for a while is that okay? " yes yes thats ok. Adam hopped into his car. i walked to the door opened it and gracefully sat in their. Hey adam i didn't know you smoked you should quit that you know it could kill you. " yano i didn't know that Bethany white he pulled his hands through his hair and grinned as he drove off. " so Beth are you ok? i was really worried the other day ? i nearly had to do cpr " he grinned again. i muttered under my breath " wouldn't of been such a bad thing would it? No i guess it wouldn't Beth. We pulled onto a field  as we walked further along the grass their was a beach. we ran down the hill so we didnt trip. We spent most the day laughing and talking but as long as we did that i felt like i was falling in love. it began to get cold and dark and another down side of leukemia was that i could get a cold so easy. the unexpected happened Adam wrapped his muscly arms around me with his jacket. Adam ? " yes Beth?" i have leukemia im sorry i didnt tell you i didn't want you to think i was abnormal or you have to pity me because i'm ill. Just because im ill it doesn't make me different. " Listen i haven't looked at you any different in fact your more beautiful than ever Beth its been like 6 days since i met you and i think im falling for you. His eyes looked dead on in mine. His hand caressed my cheek. Then thats where it happened. The sparks. The love. After making out for five minutes or so he removed his lips from mine. Our first kiss. That was Amazing Bethany white. Its late i should take you home. The car Journey back was all smiles but no talking. 

Walking into my house never felt better. i slid down the front door my lip bitten and my eyes welling up. I feel beautiful again. i let out a girly scream and climbed upstairs. when i got into bed he was on my mind every minute every hour and he was even in my dreams. The thoughts were wild but romantic. My future became clear. I wanted him in it for as long as i had. im going to make this work. I promise i whispered to myself. Im not ill when i'm with him. I'm just Bethany white before she was ill I'm me again i am me again.

I didn't get a wink of sleep but i still felt refreshed. What has he done to me. I feel like a different person. I liked this new feeling. I was up early and made breakfast for my dad before rushing out to see Adam. Hello mrs whitbread could i possibly come in and see adam? " He's asleep she laughed but sure wake him up" i kicked my shoes off and ran upstairs jumping onto him. while sat on top of him he sat up giving me the biggest most romantic kiss i have ever experienced it nearly blew my mind.

We both stood up he took his shirt off, i traced my undying fingers down his chest his body was a turn on and while his smell lingered in the air it also turned me on. He pulled me onto the bed sliding my  t-shirt off. " your the most beautiful person i have ever seen. I have never done this Beth but im glad this is with you. Every kiss he placed on my neck or my cheek made me burn with sensation his breath was everlasting. every touched glazed me with his love i was stuck to him. 

We lay side to side wrapped up in the blankets like they were tents. What just happened? he said panting like he needed breath. Love, sex, i giggled. " your right it did gorgeous and i wouldn't mind more of that loving he giggled nuzzling into my neck. We cant i burst out laughing we have things to do today. " i was thinking how about a day here and maybe a night. I was shocked by the forwardness but then realised what did it matter i was with him. Adam? "yes beth" i dont feel ill when im with you, you make me feel like actually me? if that makes sense? " yes it does and good that was my aim i promise you now i will stay with you through everything beth ill look after you. I promise.



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