Glacier's Birthday Idea/Plans!

My birthday is coming in a few months and you get to help me plan it! (Base Theme is Mafia/Phoenix Wright)


3. Now there is a Masquerade part to it/Example

So everyone is in a mask, when the first game starts you pick a piece a paper from a bowl, come up with a backstory, choose your alias, and get some 'allies'. Here is an example of how it should go.

Kicster:*Picks piece of a paper up, comes up with name and backstory.*

Dystopia (Don't know you IRL but featuring you.): *Does same thing as Kicster but makes allies with Gravity and Wolflover, and gets oracle.*

Merecat:*Does same thing as Kicster*

There! The only ones I know up there IRL are Kicster......

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