Glacier's Birthday Idea/Plans!

My birthday is coming in a few months and you get to help me plan it! (Base Theme is Mafia/Phoenix Wright)


4. Mafia Rules

When every one has chosen their alias and whatnot they all go to the 'Dance Floor', the mafia can talk with each other but they should try to fit in with the other people. When the power goes 'out' everyone needs to stay still, the Storyteller shall calm everyone down and talk to each player. Once she (or he) goes round to everybody she tells them the lights will be on in a second, during the time the lights are out the mafia gang must go around a kill up to 2 people, while the mafia is doing this everyone must move around so the mafia isn't obvious. The storyteller will get the lights to come back on and will show you who died (Dead bodies will be on the ground). She will ask the Jailer if she (or he) wants to jail anyone, and the town will vote on who to jail, along with the people in jail the dancers will vote for the person to exile.

~Any Ideas to Help This Game?~

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