Glacier's Birthday Idea/Plans!

My birthday is coming in a few months and you get to help me plan it! (Base Theme is Mafia/Phoenix Wright)


2. Mafia Game Roles

Witch-Neutral-Can revive one person-can make some kill themself or someone else-

Jailer-Good-Watches People in Jail and has a vote in who to jail-Can investigate any amount of people in jail-Can choose to kill up to 2 people-stays wake during power outage to check on people in jail-People know the Jailer-

Body Guard-Good-Protects one person each night if they want to-Can partner with escort-

Escort-Good-Can partner with bodyguard-Gets one hint to who the mafia is-

Godfather-Bad-Knows Who Mafia is-Can order the mafia to do his bidding-

Oracle-Good-Knows who the godfather is and can talk with the dead-Can control one person-

StoryTeller-Has to Tell her role-Tells the story-Knows every ones roles-


~Adding More But That's All For Now Folks~

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