is this the end...

Imagine having a life not worth living. Hoping that as tomorrow comes it will be different... Regretting waking up this morning. Being one step away from taking your own life but you cant bring your self to.

After something happens that finally pushes Amelia Davies over the edge one boy takes it in to his hands to stop her.He falls in love with her but she cant trust anyone after the past

Is it true love or is it a sick joke...


1. The Attack !

Amelia's p.o.v:

Slowly my eyes started to flicker open, my eyes adjusted to the blinding light illuminating the room. Suddenly Doctors and Nurses flooded into the room surrounding me taking readings and writing notes. I guessed I was in hospital,The pain was excruciating throughout my whole body. I was so confused what had happened?

"Wh..."  I squealed and my voice broke. "What's happened?" I  quietly stammered. 

"Hello Amelia, you're in hospital after you where attacked, you will recover you have a broken wrist, and have had 12 stitches other than that just cuts and bruises." A Nurse spoke calmly. 

"Oh just a broken wrist 12 stitches and a couple or bruises," I said sarcastically, with my voice still recovering. 



It was a dark winter Friday night, it was only about 7 o' clock,but was pitch black. I'd just had a huge falling out with my parents, well my mum I should say.I never talk about it he (my dad) abused me and one day he took it so far I was in hospital on intensive care for weeks. After that day my mum never let me see him ever again not like I wanted to, She bought me a flat a long way away from him. 

I barely ever get to see my mum but its just for my safety so my dad doesn't find out I wouldn't like to know what would happen to my mum if he knew maybe he'd do to her what he did to me.However this time she came to my flat to meet me we had a huge falling out. I was on my way to the local shop planning to get absolutely wasted. I didn't care ever since I was born my life was one big regret constantly being reminded I was useless, no talent a waste of space.On my way to the shop I could hear muffled noises thinking nothing on it probably a bunch of kids I thought to myself.

The footsteps got louder. Minute by minute. Second by second.I quickly started to realise it wasn't just kids but by then it was to late. There must of been about 5 of them big tall muscular men, all dressed in black.I caught a look at one of them dark hair brown eyes. They circled me then pushed me against the wall hitting me and kicking me seconds felt like minutes.The pain was unmanageable I fell to the floor, the last thing I remember is my eyes slowly starting to shut I begged for it to be over but it wasn't.

*end of flashback*

Most of the Doctors had left the room there was still a Nurse.

"What happened ?" I asked.

"You where attacked your mum rang us she said she found you in the street lying lifeless, we have to run some tests you may be able to go out later today!" She said."we've contacted your father he's in the waiting room he's just arrived." 

Suddenly I felt very ill I was so worried. What would he do to my mum for seeing me? What will he do to me? I couldn't control it the tears fell down my eyes unwillingly. 

"Is there a problem ?" The Nurse asked. 

"Don't let him in!" I screamed frantic.My hands where shaking I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown." Just don't get him out"

The nurse left the room, I could hear muffled noises from the corridor.

"I'm sorry sir but you cant enter the room!" She said.

" I will do what I want its my daughter!" He screamed back.

Suddenly the double doors of the room swung open banging against the walls to either side.He rushed over to me. I was terrified. He grabbed my arm gripping it tightly I tried to get him of but his grip was to tight. 

"Who do you think you are!" He screamed in my face,slapping me.Seconds later my mum rushed in. " I told you never to see that cow again!" he screeched.

"She's my daughter !" she furiously replied. His fists clenched and he punched he she fell to the ground whilst he continued to beat her.Eventually police arrived arresting Carl (my dad) I tried to stand but my legs give way under me and I fell to the floor I crawled over frantically screaming for Doctors to come to her assistance. They came and rushed her away.I followed them as they took her away on a hospital bed.

"Madam you can't come in here!" A Nurse said holding me back.

"Will she be okay?" I asked.

"I can't say anything right now!" she relied.

"Argh just tell me !" I was angry and worried.

~ 30 minutes later ~

"Miss Davies" Immediately I stood up " you can enter now!"I burst into the room."Mum are you okay?" 

"I'm fine don't worry I can go out later today just cuts and bruises!" She replied. 

"well you're coming to stay with me !" I said comfortingly.



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