"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered.

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.


2. Two

//Audrey's P.O.V\\

I woke up to darkness. Pitch black. I linked once, twice, three times, but still darkness. I went to lift my hand, only to notice both of them are bound behind my back. I wiggled my legs only to realize they too, were bound together. The events of last night, I think, settled in my mind. Fear gripped me tightly as my stomach churned, not only from hunger, but from realization. 

"Ashton she's waking up. What do I do?" Someone spoke loudly, pulling me from my teriffiying thoughts. 

"Make sure she doesn't do anything, although I doubt she can. We're almost there anyway." 'Ashton' told the other guy in a strict voice.

The guy's grip on me that I didn't even know of tightened as I realized we were in a car. I licked my dried and cracked lips to find that my mouth was not taped shut. Even with the opportunity, I stayed silent.

The car skidded to a stop and a door opened and closed. Again, another one opened, but this time I was being lifted out. With my hands behind my back , my legs tied together and a blindfold covering my eyes, one of them flung me over their shoulder and started walking, letting me bump up and down. I heard the jingling of keys and another door opening and a blast of warm air hit me. The door slammed shut and I was carried a total of seven more seconds till I was placed on a couch, or a chair. The blindfold was then removed from my face and I had to close my eyes from the bright light. I squinted at the figures in front of me until the light became berable. I looked back and forth between the two guys. One with light, sand coloured brown hair, the other with an unnatural bright red hair. 

I opened my mouth to speak when the one with brown hair shushed me.

"Don't even try. I already know what you're going to say. No I don't want anything from you, I'm not going to hurt you," He narrowed his eyes at me, "unless you give me a reason to."

I clamped my mouth shut as he continued to speak.

"You are here because you saw some certain things that you shouldn't have. You aren't going to leave till I leave. By that I mean, you are not leaving this house until I am long gone from this city, maybe even the state, or the country. Don't bother screaming for help, we're in the middle of nowhere, no one will hear you." He spoke through gritted teeth.

"You are not going to sit around and do nothing all day. You will be cleaning till I say you can stop. I have two other girls who stay here volluntarily, do not hurt them, though I doubt you are capable of that." His words made my blood boil.

"What makes you think that?" I spat at him, letting anger lace through my tone.

"You think you're strong huh?" He asked in a mocking tone.

"Yeah actually, I think I am." I told him with a smart ass tone.

"Michael, go to the kitchen and make me something to eat please." He looked at his red haired friend who nodded and silently left the room.

"If you're so tough, then can you take a hit?" He asked, not giving me a chance to reply as the palm of his hand connected with my cheek. 

"What was that for!?" I shrieked at him, tears pricked at my eyes.

"For sassing me. I really don't appreciate it. Now, I'm taking you to your room. Then I will untie you and lock the door behind me. You have to earn your privileges to roam the house. If you obey, I might just let you walk around with your hands behind your back. The only time I will let you out is when I need a mess cleaned up. Don't disrespect anyone in this house or I will deal with you. By the way, call me Ashton." He brought his face close to mine as he spoke, his hot breath hitting my stinging cheek. 

"Do you understand me?" He gripped my mouth in a way that you'd do to a child that had something in their mouth.

I nodded, unable to find the words to speak and he let go of me. He grabbed my upper arm and yanked me up. He threw me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs and into a room on the right side of the hallway. He set me on the bed roughly and untied my legs and arms before walking out of the room, slamming and locking the door behind him. At that moment, I let the tears fall. I sobbed as I got off the bed and sat on the carpeted floor. I brought my knees to my chest and let the tears fall onto my clothed legs. I could taste the salt in my mouth as I sat on the floor, crying. Through my teary eyes, I noticed a bathroom. The door sat ajar and the light was on.

I slowly got up and made my way there, still letting the hot tears roll down my cheeks. I closed the door behind me and locked it. I searched around for some face wash when I came across a women's razor. 

Three months clean. I remembered as I stared at it, debating what to do. In the end, I broke it and took the razors out of it. I threw the broken remains away and put the extras in a small drawer. I sat on the edge of the bath tub and stared at one of them. After two minutes, I sighed and put it with the others. I stared at my tear streaked face in the mirror to see my cheek was only red and not bruised. I washed my face with cold water before opening the door. I walked around the room a bit before I found the light switch. 

After I turned on the light, I sat on the window bed and looked out. It was true, we were in the middle of nowhere. All I saw was a starry sky and trees. I looked around the room to notice the queen sized bed with a dark brown frame sat opposite from the door and the window bed was right beside it. A desk sat on the right of me, facing the wall with a chair turned to look at the bed. A small candelier sat in the middle of the ceiling, illuminating the room. The walls were a dark grey with white trim and the curtains for the window were white. 

I reached for my phone to check the time, only to notice it wasn't there. It must have fallen out back in the alley or they took it. Of course they did. 

I sighed and continued to look out the window when a knock on the door caused me to jump.

"Go to sleep. You have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow." Ashton's voice sounded through the door. 

I sighed and got up from my spot and turned off the light. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked around at the shadows. Eventually, I got tired enough and laid back, letting sleep consume me. 


"It's time to get up!" Someone yanked on my arm, forcing me upwards. 

My eyes shot open to see Ashton staring at me.

"Huh?" I asked and yanked my arm from him to rub the sleep from my eyes. 

"I said, it's time to get up. Michael and I are going to the airport to pick the others up, you need to start cleaning up." He told me with a glare and left the room with the door open. 

I groaned angerly and pulled myself out of the bed. I walked to the bathroom and pulled a brush through my tangled hair. I wiped the smeared makeup off of my face and walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway to see an impatient Ashton. 

"Claire and Sarah will be here too but you are the one cleaning." He narrowed his eyes at me before walking down the stairs. 

I followed him into the living room to see two girls sitting on the couch, staring at me. One had a baggy pair of sweat pants on with no shirt, and the other had shorts and a tight crop top on. 

"Ashton, who's that?" The shirtless one asked in a whiny voice.

"Just the house maid." A hint of amusement in his eyes. 

"So, I want the kitchen and living room cleaned. You have three hours." He told me harshly before grabbing some money and walking out the door. 

I rolled my eyes and entered the kitchen. A few dishes sat in the sink and on the table and milk was spilled on the counter and the cereal box was left beside the pantry. I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and started it. Then I wiped the counters and put the cereal away. I then vacuumed and mopped the floors before heading to the living room. 

By then the girls had left, probably in their rooms.  I picked up the books and magazines that were spread across the couches and stacked them nicely on the coffee table. I straightened the cushions and grabbed the vacuum. I quickly vacuumed the room before sitting down, looking at my outfit that was partly dirty. My Nirvana shirt had a small hole on the bottom, right side and my leggings had dirt all over them. 

I got up and stalked back to 'my room'. I sat on the bed and looked around before my eyes landed on the bathroom. I briskly walked in and opened all the cupboards and drawers. Blow drier, straightner, curler, face wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Satisfied with my findings, I locked the door and turned on the water. 

After my shower. I sat on the window bed and looked outside at the forest that sat behind the house. After a little while, I heard the front door open and voices sounded through the house. I quickly closed the bedroom door and returned to my seat. I stared out the window, into the trees, not bothering to answer when someone knocked at the door. It opened and Ashton's voice reached my ears.

"If you cook for us, you can eat here. If not, you will not be eating any of our food." I turned to look at him as he spoke.

I nodded and got up, heading towards the door. Ashton didn't move, even when I stood right in front of him and asked him to move. 

In one swift movement, I was pushed against the wall, with Ashton's body on mine. His hands gripped my wrists as he held them above my head. He switched both of my wrists into one of his hand and used the other to caress my cheek.

"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered. 

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.

"Got it?" He looked into my bright green eyes.

I nodded, unable to speak. His grip loosened on me, but as if he decided against it, he gripped them again.

"You know, I never got your name, love." He smirked at me, his face dangerously close to mine.

"Audrey." I spoke quietly and not as confident as I wished. 

"That's a lovely name." He dropped his head to my neck again and started leaving kisses all over the right side of it. 

"I know you like this." He spoke confidently. 

"I want you to tell me you like this." He spoke through gritted teeth this time. 

I stayed silent, not wanting to say anything. He started sucking harshly on my neck, and it felt good, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

"Tell me you like this." He growled and gripped my wrists really tight. 

"I-I like it." I stuttered. 

"Say my name and tell me you like it." Ashton continued to suck on my neck and kiss it everywhere.

"I like it, Ashton." I spoke quietly. 

"Ashton? We're getting hungry down here!" A voice I haven't heard before, called from downstairs. 

Ashton let out an impatient groan and lifted his head to mine and placed his forhead against mine. 

"We will finish this later." He growled and kissed my cheek and trailed a few kisses down my jaw line before finally letting go of my wrists.

He waited for me to walk in front of him and then shut the door behind us. As I was walking through the hall, his hand connected with my ass and he squeezed it. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to see a cheeky smile on him, but a dark look in his eyes. I rolled my eyes and started walking faster. 

He stood in front of me once we got to the bottom of the stairs. He finally started walking again and we ended up in the living room. Two guys I haven't seen before sat on the love seat and stared at me. 

"Luke, Calum, I'd like you to meet Audrey. She saw some... things... and is now staying with us." Ashton smirked deviously at me as he spoke. 

"I see you already got to her." Michael motioned towards the hickey that I assumed I had on my neck. 

"Yes, but I've decided she's the house maid, and our toy. I have yet to sit down and have a real talk wit her about the rules, but she knows I'm in charge." His voice was confident and he stood tall. 

"I am not a toy." I exclaimed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"She will cook for us, in order to eat here." He explained to them, ignoring my comment

"So, we will be in here while you go make something. Come get us when you're done." Ashton sat on the couch and looked up at me.

I nodded slightly and rolled my eyes before entering the kitchen. I found some meat sitting in the fridge that was thawing, and some hard shells in the pantry. I put the meat on the stove and found some lettuce. I chopped up most of it and set it in a bowl. I occasionally checked on the meat as I cut the lettuce. I found some pre shredded cheese and put it in a bowl.

I added the sauce to the meat and let it cook for another little bit before taking it off the burner. I placed the shells on the table and seven plates. I poked my head into the living room to see them all watching Breaking Bad. 

"It's ready." I said quietly. 

Ashton and Michael looked at me before getting up and walking into the kitchen. The other two followed them and stopped once they saw what I cooked.

"I love tacos!" The Asian-looking one yelled and grabbed a plate and two hard shells. 

They all dished up and sat at the table. The girls then entered the kitchen and each grabbed a plate and one shell. I looked at the table and noticed all the seats were now full.

"No where to sit?" I then realized Ashton was staring at me.

I shook my head no and looked at my feet.

"Then you can sit on my lap." I stiffened as he spoke. 

I looked up through my hair to see that he was serious. I nodded and grabbed the last plate on the counter and a shell. Once I filled it up, I slowly walked towards Ashton, who had finished his first taco and had his chair pushed out a bit. I set my plate on the table and stood for a second, until he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto him. He secured his left arm around me and shifted me a bit. I grabbed my taco and ate slowly. 

Once I was done, it was only Ashton and I in the kitchen. I got up and placed my dishes in the dishwasher, like everyone else did. 

"We're going into town to get you some clothing, and then we're hitting the clubs." Ashton whispered from behind me.

"Go to your room and I'll have one of the others bring you something to wear to town, something not so... dirty." His breath tickled the back of my ear and neck.

I nodded and he slapped my ass before walking away. I let out an inward groan and left the kitchen. 

Once in my room, I found some makeup and started on my hair. I curled the ends and sprayed it a bit with hair spray. I was just about the grab the cover up when the bedroom door opened. The blonde one entered the bathroom, holding a pile of folded clothes. 

"Uh, thanks." I murmered and took the clothing from him. 

"My name's Luke." He said quielty before leaving. 


I looked at my outfit in the full body mirror that was against the wall in the bedroom. The black crop top was tight and had a front zipper that was the length of the shirt. It pushed my breasts up, giving off major cleavage. The light grey, distressed shorts were just long enough to cover my ass. My pentagram belly button piercing was the only thing that I'd willingly wear out of these. I could barely walk in the shiny, black platform pumps. Ashton walked into the room and gave me a once over.

"You look amazing." He bit his lip and raked his eyes all over my barely covered body. 

"I can't wear this." I spoke loudly. 

"Why not?" He asked, not looking impressed.

"It's too revealing." I told him strictly. 

"We're going to a club for christs sake! Of course it's revealing." He exclaimed.

"You're going to wear it whether you like it or not." He lowered his voice and glared at me. 

I huffed and rolled my eyes as we walked out of the room. 

"I thought we were going to get me some clothing first?" I questioned as we got to the front door. 

"We changed our plans. We're going straight to the clubs." He told me as I set the heels on the floor and stepped into them. 

Even with them on, I was still a few inches shorter than him. 

"Let's go." He grumbled and swung the door opened. 

We piled into the car, with me sitting in passenger, beside Ashton.

I'm hoping you guys are liking the story (: 
If I could get any feedback, that'd be great 
And if you want to be in the story, I'd gladly put you in 
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