"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered.

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.


3. Three

//Audrey's P.O.V//

Once we were inside the club, I sat at the bar with the others and looked around. The room was warm and smelled strongly of alcohol. The dj was up on a higher floor and had computers and speakers surrounding him. There were flashing lights everywhere and people grinding and dirty dancing on the dance floor. 

"Two shots of tequila." Ashton ordered.

The bartender nodded and got two shot glasses. They were placed in front of Ashton and were full of liquid. He slid a glass to me and picked up his.

"I am not drinking." I told him and pushed the glass away.

He leaned into me and whispered harshly into my ear.

"You will drink everything that I tell you to." 

I sighed and picked up the glass and examined it. I brought it to my nose and sniffed it. It had a really strong smell. 

"Just drink it already, fuck." He spoke over the music. 

I nodded and brought it to my lips. Ashton counted down from three and we both downed our drinks. It stung the back of my throat. It tasted terrible too, but Ashton ordered four more, two each. After we drank those, he ordered us each a Jack Daniels and made me drink the whole thing. My vision was dizzy and my head felt heavy.

After I finished my Jack Daniels, Ashton pulled me to the dance floor. Outta your mind by Lil Jon started playing and Ashton turned me around so my back was to him. He put his hands on my waist and started moving my hips to the music. 

"Ashton no, I don't want to." I told him, my speech slightly slurred. 

"Remember, you have to do whatever I say." He spoke over the music. 

The lights flashed and the music was loud, but Ashton kept moving my hips. After the song ended, Luke was holding a beer bottle in his hand as he approached us. A gas pedal remix came on and Ashton whispered something to me that I didn't catch.

"What?" I yelled over the music.

"Grind on me!" He yelled back and gripped my hips tighter. 

His hands dug into my hips and I started moving my hips and grind my ass against his pelvis. Luke stood right in front of me and held his bottle to the side and started rubbing his body against mine. I continued to move my hips to the music and occasionally run a hand through my hair. 

Ashton's hands were running up and down my sides as we danced to the song. The song ended and Turn down for what came on. Luke had left us and Ashton brought me back to the bar. I sat down next to him and Calum, who told me his name in the car. 

"Drink this." Ashton gave me a glass that was full of an alcoholic liquid. 

I started drinking it and got half of it down before Ashton started tipping the glass up, forcing it down my throat. Once all of the liquid was gone, I set the glass down and coughed. 

"Ashton, I think I'm going to take her." Calum told Ashton and grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the stool. 

I almost fell but he caught me and lead me to the dance floor. Calum grabbed my hips and made me face him as we danced. Another dirty song came on and he started rubbing his body to mine. My mind told me to run, to leave all of these drunken idiots, but my body did something else. I turned around and started moving to the music. My back was against his chest and his hands rubbed up and down my sides. Ashton stepped into view and stood in front of me. He did what Luke did and pushed his body up against mine. 

I was now in between Ashton and Calum. The song ended and Calum pulled me to the bar, where he gave me two more drinks and then took me back to the dance floor. 


It had to of been a few more hours till Michael, the only sober one, got us all in the car and drove back to the house. Ashton was the least drunk, he was a little tipsy, but knew what he was doing. I, on the other hand, had been forced to take so many drinks, that I didn't even know what I was doing. I was sitting on Luke's lap and I kept shifting around for no reason. His hand rested on my bare thigh and just sat there, but he tensed up every time I move.  We finally got to the house and Ashton carried me up to my room. 

He layed me on the bed and took off my shorts to reveal my black, lacey underwear. Through my blurry vision, I saw him lick his lips, but he grabbed a pair of sweats that he got earlier, and slid them up my legs. He unzipped my shirt and took it off, leaving my chest fully exposed. He pulled a muscle shirt over my head before standing up fully and staring at me. 

"Why are you laughing?" He asked as I laughed uncontrollably. 

I sat up and continued to laugh, but slowly stopped as i tried to stand. Ashton pulled me closer to him and supported my body. Even with him holding me up, I still tripped over my feet, sending us both onto the bed. My back hit the bed, but Ashton placed his elbows on either side of me, holding himself up. 

I crawled backwards till my whole body was on the bed, and Ashton followed till he was leaning over top of me. He reached his head down and kissed along my jaw line. He moved down a bit and placed his head in the crook of my neck. He trailed kisses along my neck and collar bone. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck. He sat up and grabbed my wrists. Ashton pinned my wrists above my head and continued to kiss my neck, his hair tickling my cheek. 

"You're drunk, I think you should go to sleep." He told me in between kissing my neck and collar bone. 

I wanted him to leave me alone, to kick him even. To stop moaning. But my body wanted more. 

"No, you're drunk. This is where I draw the line." He told me sternly and sat up. 

He pulled a blanket over me and quietly left the room. Even in my drunken, energetic state, I fell asleep easily. 


I woke up to a dull pounding in my head. I opened my eyes to see sun spilling into the room, which made my head hurt even more. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head and tried to fall back asleep. I can never get back to sleep once I've woken up. I groaned in frustration and flung the blankets off of me. I sat up way too fast and my head started throbbing. I squeezed my eyes shut and gritted my teeth. Hangover. I have a major hangover. 

Once the pounding receded, I opened my eyes and looked around slowly. On the table beside the bed, two Advils and a glass of water were placed on the side of it. I grabebd them and put them in my mouth before downing half of the glass. I sat on the side of the bed for a moment before I finally stood up and went to investigate the shopping bags that sat in the middle of the floor. 

They contained new shirts, jeans, tights, underwear, dresses, skirts, shorts and sweaters. I grabbed a pair of white tigts, white underwear, a black tank top with a black bandeau, and a bra. I quickly changed out of the sweats and muscle shirt that someone put on me last night, and into the clothing I picked out. 

"Oh, you're up." Luke looked at me as I pulled my hair dark hair into a messy bun. 

"Yeah," I said sleepily. 

"Ashton wants you downstairs to cook breakfast." He told me bluntly before leaving. 

I followed him into the kitchen and immediatly got started on breakfast.


After breakfast, Ashton had us gather in the living room. I sat on Luke's lap, seeing as he yanked me down on top of him. 

"Okay, new rules. These one's are about Audrey though." Ashton narrowed his eyes at me.

"If any of you have sex with her, she can not be drunk, under the influence of drugs, or unconsious. You must be protected until I can get birth control for her." He spoke clearly and all the guys nodded.

"Excuse me! No one is having sex with me!" I spoke loudly. 

"Who's going to stop us?" Ashton got close to my face.

"I am not going to be having sex with anyone. If I refuse, it is rape." I told him, attitude evident in my voice.

He smacked me across the cheek, hard.

"What did I say about giving me attitude? We can do whatever the hell we want with you!" He yelled at me, causing me to flinch. 

Luke's arms tightened around me, making sure I don't get up and leave.

"I don't care what you say, we do what we want, and if we want to be pleasured, you better fucking pleasure us." He continued to yell. 

His face was red and his nostrils flared. 

"Remember our talk yesterday? If I want to do things to you, you better let me, or there will be consequences." His voice was much calmer now.

"Now, I promised the boys they each get a day with you, since we have days off. Luke has day one. You better do what he fucking tells you to." Ashton tipped my chin up with two fingers.

I held his gaze, but eventually looked away. Luke threw me over his shoulder and brought me to the room next to mine. The walls were dark blue and had posters covering them. The light grey carpet looked soft as I looked at Luke's feet as he walked through his room. 

He finally set me on the bed, but stayed standing. I looked down to my lap and played with my hands. My cheek stung a bit, but I refuse to cry. I could feel Luke staring at me. I didn't even have to look up. But I knew he was staring at me. 

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.

"I'm thinking." He replied bluntly. 

"About what?" I looked up to see him lick his lips. 

"I'm thinking of all the stuff I could do to you." His eyes were dark and he spoke in a low tone. 

My body tensed when he stepped closer to me. I bit my lip out of habit and stared at him as he got closer. In no time, he had me pinned to the bed and had most of his body on top of me. He brought his head close to my ear and whispered something that I could barely hear.

"Don't bite your lip. I already have a hard time controling myself around you. When you bite your lip it drives me crazy."

My breathing was heavy as he nibbled on the skin just under my ear. I continued to stare at the roof as he nipped, kissed and sucked all along my neck. 

"What do you even gain from this?" I whispered. 

He suddenly stopped and looked at me again. 

"What do you mean?" He asked curiously. 

"What do you gain from this? Yeah, we can have sex, but what will you gain? A few minutes of please and then what? It's not like you love me and do it because you love me, you do it for your own selfish needs." I continued to whisper. 

He blinked once, twice, three times before getting off of me and pulling me up with him. He pulled me by the wrist out of his room, down the stairs, down another set of stairs and into a tv room. It was huge. It had a projector screen, multiple chairs and couches, two mini bars, one full of alcohol, the other full of snacks, cups and bowls. He sat down on a couch and pulled me down with him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and layed down, pulling me with him. 

We ended up in a spooning position and he turned on the projector, surround sound and xbox. I layed still, not wanting to move closer to him. His grip around my waist made it impossible to move away. 

"Have you ever heard of The 100?" Luke asked me quietly. 

"No, what is it?" I shook my head no. 

"Just watch." He clicked play and the show started. 


Within fifteen minutes, we were in a sitting position and I was intensely watching the screen. I could feel Luke's chest vibrate as he laughed when I tensed at the most intense parts. He had his arms around me and had me pulled to his chest. It was comfortable, but the fact that I didn't know him bothered me. 

We finished the first three episodes before we decided to go back upstairs and eat. I followed him to the kitchen where Ashton and Michael were sitting on the counters. I immediatly went to get something to make, but Luke's arms found their way around my waist and he whispered in my ear.

"I'll make something, you go sit down." 

I nodded and padded across the floor till I got to the table. I sta down in a chair and crossed one leg over the other. Luke grabbed something out of the pantry and started boiling water over the stove.


After we ate, we sat in my room. Well, Luke sat on the bed and I put my clothes away. After that, I sat on the window bed and stared outside. I had my knees pulled up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. 




Alright guys I hope you liked the chapter! I'm so sorry I didn't update it on Friday, but I was really busy 
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