"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered.

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.


11. Ten

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Song 1) You're Gonna Go Far Kid, by The Offspring
Song 2) Something's Gotta Give, by All Time Low (This song is new and fucking amazing)
Song 3) American Beauty/American Psycho, by Fall Out Boy


//Audrey's P.O.V//

Luke followed me into his room, where I collapsed on the bed, wiping my cheeks, trying to rid them of tears.

"Hey, it's okay." 

I felt the bed sink next to me and then Luke's hand reassuringly rubbed my back. 

"I just- Ashton, he shot someone." I stuttered, taking shaky breaths inbetween words.

"I know it's a lot to take in, but Mark threatened you. He doesn't joke around when it comes to threats." Luke stopped rubbing my back, but let his hand rest in the middle.

"What do you mean?" I asked, sitting up to look at him.

"There, uh, was this girl. She was Ashton's. Like you are-"

"I am not "Ashton's girl"."

"Let me finish. Anyway, Ashton practically claimed her as his. No one could touch her. Well, one day, Mark came around and decided he liked her. Of course, Ashton acted the way he did when Mark came around the first time. Mark did the same thing to her as he did to you. He snuck into her room, raped her, and threatened her. A few days later, she, uhm, was found dead..." Luke refused to look at me as he talked, I could see the pain on his face.

"How did you know it was Mark?" 

"He fucking called and asked if we "liked his masterpiece". The girl was unrecognizable when Ashton found her." I watched as Luke choked back sobs, looking away from me as he wiped his cheeks.

"Luke, I'm so sorry." I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him in for a hug.

It's obvious Luke liked this girl. If he didn't, he wouldn't be getting so worked up about it.

"Do you see why Ashton acted the way he did?" Luke asked, not moving away from our hug.


"Please don't hate him for it. What happened does not define who he is. He's been through a lot. He may not know it yet, but he needs you. I know it doesn't seem like it, but he's been so much better with you here. It hasn't been the same since she died, until you came along." Luke whispered into my ear, rubbing my back again. 

Ashton needs me? 

"Luke, I'm sorry for your loss. I-I can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone so close to you."

And that's how I spent the next hour. Hugging Luke and talking to him about this mystery girl, who I later learned, was named Jayden. He talked about all the things that he did with her, and how she was closest with him, but Ashton had practically made her his. Luke had said Ashton liked her too, that's why he never did anything relationship-wise with her, and that's why Ashton was so protective of me. 



"Thank you, for, you know, being here."

I looked over at Luke as he spoke. His face was tinted pink and he avoided eye contact. Instead of replying, I smiled softly at him. 


The next morning, I woke up in Luke's room, thankful that we were on opposite sides of the bed and not cuddling. I flung the blankets off of me and stood up, stretching my arms out. I placed my arms by my sides and left the room. 

Once I got downstairs, I went straight to the kitchen and opened the pantry, looking for pancake mix. 

"What are you doing?" 

"Shit! You scared the bloody hell out of me." I screamed as I turned around to see Michael standing in the middle of the kitchen, in his boxers only. 

"Sorry 'bout that. But what are you doing?" He chuckled, approaching me as he spoke. 

"I'm trying to find pancake mix. Go put some clothes on." I replied, looking through the cupboards again.

"Oh, we ran out about a week ago." He smiled and sat on the counter, swinging his legs back and forth while ignoring my request.

"Then I guess I'll just have to make them from scratch." I grabbed the flour from the bottom shelf.

"What, you can make them from scratch?" He asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Well how else are you supposed to make them?" 

"From the mix."

"How do you think they make the mix?"

"Oh... from scratch."

"Jesus Christ, Michael."

I set the flour, salt and baking soda on the counter before grabbing the eggs, butter and milk. Adding the right amount of each ingrediant, I mixed them all together, while Michael talked about things on his mind.

"Personally, I think Kurt Cobain was killed by someone, you know, like John Lennon." He stated as I whisked.

"Kurt Cobain's death was nothing compared to John Lennon. John was killed by Mark David Chapman, who they thought was insane or delusional." I replied, looking at Michael as he thought about what I had just said.

"But I don't think he was actually insane. He pleaded guilty in the will of God or whatever." Michael said slowly, as if he was thinking while he spoke.

"He might have been insane. I mean, John Lennon signed him a copy of his album just a few hours before he killed him." I looked back down at my bowl, seeing it was still slightly lumpy. 

"Hm, maybe. Didn't he kill John and then sit there and read a book while he waited for the police?" Michael srunched his eyebrows togetehr in a confused manner.

"Yeah, but he said the novel was his statement." 

"That's weird." 

"It is."

I poured a small amount of the pancake mix into the pan and set the bowl on the counter before turning to Michael, who started talking again.

"I think I'm gonna dye my hair again." He ran a hand through his hair, messing it up slightly.

"What colour?" 

"I don't know, what colour should I do?" 

"Pink or blue." 

"Alright." He smiled, agreeing with me.

I flipped the pancake and let it sit for another minute before putting it on a plate. I poured another little bit of mix and let it sit for another minute and a half. 

"Do you want to dye your hair?" Michael asked as I flipped the pancake.

"Yeah I guess. But I don't know what colour." I replied, looking back at Michael as he swung his legs.

"You should do purple and blue. That'd look cool." He smiled widely at me.

"That would be cool." I giggled and put the pancake on the plate.

I made about twenty more pancakes before putting bacon on the stove. Michael and I talked as I cooked the food, making sure there was enough for everyone. I had Michael wake everyone up as I set out plates, forks and knives. I pulled the syrup out of the fridge and placed it on the table. About a minute later, Calum, Luke and Michael walked into the kitchen. They grabbed a plate and started dishing up.

"Michael, go put some fucking pants on." Luke chuckled as he looked Michael up and down.

Michael just flipped him his middle finger.

Two plates were left. Mine and Ashton's.

"Where's Ashton?" 

Right as I asked, Ashton walked into the kitchen, the glass door swinging closed behind him. I watched as he grabbed a plate, added two pancakes and a few pieces of bacon before sitting on a stool by the counter. I observed him as he ate. His hair was messy and sticking up everywhere, dark circles were evident under his eyes, which were slowly opening and closing as if he's falling asleep. 

"Rough night, Ashton?" Calum snickered as he looked at Ashton's tired face.

"Shut the fuck up." Ashton snapped, sending a glare over to Calum.

"Jesus, it was a joke." Calum rolled his eyes and stuffed a piece of pancake in his mouth.

I watched Ashton as he slowly ate his breakfast, not bothering to look my way. Soon enough, all the boys were done. Except Ashton. As all the guys left, Ashton sat at the bar and ate slowly. He finished his bacon, but barely ate half of his first pancake. 

"Ashton, are you okay?" I asked, eyeing him carefully. 

"Yes, I'm fine." He snapped again, looking up at me with a harsh glare.

"Okay, sorry." I mumbled, looking down at my hands.

When I looked up again, Ashton had gone back to eating. I glanced at the plate of pancakes, only to see it empty, along with the plate of bacon. Letting out a small sigh, I picked them up and placed them in the dishwasher.

"Did you not get anything to eat?" 

I looked up to see Ashton staring at me.

"Uh, no." I replied shyly, keeping my voice quiet.

"You can have my last pancake, I'm not going to eat it." He pushed his plate forward slightly.

"Uhm, thanks." I gave him a small smile, to which he didn't return.

I sat beside him at the counter and took the plate from him. Using the fork and knife, I began to cut up the pancake. 

"I'm sorry... For you know... Snapping at you."

I looked at Ashton for a few seconds before opening my mouth to speak.

"I know you were just worried about me. I do look like shit." He awkwardly laughed as he cut me off. 

"But, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you." Ashton's eyes were anywhere but on me.

"It's okay." I finally spoke.

His eyes darted to mine. He stared at me until pulling his gaze away again. 

"But why do you look so tired?" I asked him after a few more seconds of silence.

"I didn't sleep."

"Why not?"

Ashton shrugged his shoulders before pushing himself off of the chair and exiting the kitchen. 


//Ashton's P.O.V//

Ignoring Calum and Luke's pleas for me to sit with them, I bounded up the stairs and straight into my room, letting the door close behind me. I let my head fall into my hands as I sat at the foot of my bed. Once again, my eyes started to water. Memories of Jayden clouded my mind.


"Jayden please just wait up." I called after the blonde girl, who was running for the swings.

"Come on Ashton, you're faster than that." She laughed as she jumped onto the swing.

Her laugh is beautiful. She is beautiful. 



"Can I tell you something?"


"I-I think I like you."

"I like you too, Jayden."

*Flashback ended*

"Ashton, can we talk?" 

I looked up from my hands to see Luke peeking his head into my room.

"Yeah, sure." I nodded and sat up straighter.

Luke closed the door behind him and made his way over to my bed.

"Man, you look like shit." He laughed awkwardly.

I couldn't bring myself to laugh with him, so I just offered a small smile.

"What's wrong?" He asked finally sobering up his laughter.

"Nothing." I replied in a monotone.

"Do you really expect me to believe that bullshit, Ashton?" 

"No." I sighed, running a hand through my hair subconciously. 

"Now, tell me why you're upset." He moved so he was now facing me. 

"I'm just thinking about Jayden." 

I watched as he stiffened at the mention of her name. We all liked her. But mostly Luke and I.

"And about how I shot Mark." I added, sighing loudly. 

"I'm glad you shot him. What happened with Jayden was not okay, and I don't want it to happen with Audrey." Luke's voice was hard and confident, making me feel small and weak as mine wobbled and broke.

"Luke, she reminds me so much of Jayden. So much." I whimpered, almost hitting myself for being so weak. 

Instead of replying, Luke patted my should comfortingly. Audrey and Jayden are so much alike. Same music taste, same style, same facial features, except Jayden had icy blue eyes, while Audrey has green and brown eyes.  They're not exactly hazel. They're green, but with light brown around the pupil. They're beautiful honestly.Audrey has dark brown hair, Jayden had dirty blonde hair.

"You know what's bothering me the most though?" I looked at Luke as I spoke.


"I think I might like Audrey."


//Audrey's P.O.V//

Riley entered the kitchen just as I finished loading the dishwasher.

"Hey Audrey." She smiled at me.

"Hey. Uhm... Can I talk to you about something?" I turned to face her as she grabbed a cup from the cupboard.

"What about?" 

"You remember the day you caught me trying to escape?" I asked, watching her nod her head slowly.

"Well, I was wondering if you know how the boys knew I was escaping." I eyed her carefully, studying her facial features.

"No, sorry. I don't know how they knew." She gave me a sympathetic smile before filling her cup up with orange juice.

"Oh, okay. Thanks anyway." I gave her a fake smile before leaving the kitchen.

Bouncing up the stairs, I quickly entered my room and closed the door behind me. Grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, I entered the bathroom. Locking the door behind me, I started the shower. 

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