"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered.

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.


7. Six

I hope you guys like the chapter, it took forever to write :p


I saw Calum and Ashton on the ground and Mark and Nathan beating them. They both had their hands tied. Ashton was trying to break free as Mark punched him repeatedly. Calum was trying to fight back and block Nathan's kicks. 

Without even thinking, I ran into the room and jumped on Mark's back. 

//Audrey's P.O.V//

I wrapped my legs around Mark's torso and my arms around his neck. I had my left arm under his chin, pressing into his throat, and my right arm over my left wrist, holding it in place. He stopped hitting Ashton, and stood up straight. I squeezed my legs tighter so I wouldn't fall. 

"Get the fuck off me." He groaned and tried to fling me off of him.

I squeezed my arms tighter and he started scratching at them, tearing at the skin and making them bleed. I kept an eye on Ashton, watching him struggle to get the rope off of his wrists. 

Someone's arms slithered around my stomach and yanked on my body. My grip loosened around Mark's waist, but I didn't let go. I squeezed my arms tighter and he continued to rake his nails down them. One last tug from the person behind me, and I slipped away from Mark. I was dropped to the ground and picked up in a matter of seconds. Mark had his hands above his head and he took shaky breaths. 

I turned around to see blondy giving me a dirty look as he set me on a chair and bound my wrists behind the chair. After Mark got his breathing relatively under control, he turned around to face me. 

"Ah, so it was you who put me in a head lock." His face was smug as he cocked his head to the side. 

He walked towards me and looked down at me. 

"What's your name sweetheart?" I could smell his rancid breath as he spoke to me. 

"Not going to tell me, okay, I'll get it later." He chuckled and crossed his arms.

"You don't talk much do you?" He asked, looking me in the eyes. 

I still refused to reply to him, which obviously upset him. He lifted an arm up and smack me, hard, across the cheek. My head swung to the side, but I refused to cry or show emotion. 

He bent down to my level and spoke again.

"Listen sweetheart, ignoring me isn't going make it better for you. You can try to act tough, but it only makes me want to fuck you more." He said cockily and stood back up again.

"You're a fucking pig." I spat at him, opening my mouth for the first time.

He chuckled and turned around and took a step. Suddenly, he turned around and threw a punch at me. It hit my right cheek and nose. I wimpered lightly as my face felt like it was throbbing and the blood poured from my nose. 

He continued to hurt me, throwing punches at my face as I hung my head, letting them cuff my ear. He also kicked at me, hitting my legs and side. My side hurt the most, the bruises from when Ashton pushed me down the stairs were still there, slowly fading. 

"Is that all you've got to say?" He asked after a few more punches, his breathing heavy and ragged, his face was red and a vain was popping out on his neck. 

"Go to hell." I sputtered weakly. 

He lifted his arm up again and I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact. But it didn't come. I waited a few seconds before opening my eyes. I saw Michael behind Mark, his hands on his throat, choking him. He shoved him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. He then grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up, before slamming him into a wall. 

I saw Luke trying to untie Ashton quickly, while keeping an eye on Nathan, who still kept beating on Calum, who, by now, had given up on deflecting his wild punches, and curled into a ball on the ground. 

Once Ashton was untied, he tackled Nathan and Luke untied Calum, who weakly stood up and limped over to blondy. Ashton got off of Nathan, and Luke took his spot. He sat on his stomach and started punching him repeatedly. 

Ashton went straight for Mark, who had Michael up against the wall and was yelling things at him. Ashton yanked on the back of his shirt, setting Mark off balance and tumbling to the ground. I watched as they started rolling around on the ground, throwing punches. I admired Ashton as he fought. Mark's punches were sloppy, wild, and uncoordinated, while Ashton's were timed and strong. He blocked Mark's fists and counter-attacked with his own. 

Calum had knocked out the blonde one, and was helping Luke with Nathan. Luke held him to a chair and Calum tied him up. 

The three other guys that I had left upstairs, in Ashton's room, had come down by now. They started throwing wild fists at Michael, Luke and Calum, who, like Ashton, blocked and hit when the others defenses were down. 

I turned to look at Ashton and saw him making his way over to me. Behind him, Mark lay motionless on the ground. Ashton quickly untied me and helped me up. In seconds, I heard a bottle breaking, and Ashton fell face first onto the ground. I looked to see one of the three guys, with half of a bottle in his hand. Luke struggled to make his way over here, his face bruised and bloodied. 

The guy charged me and I easily side stepped him. He skidded to a stop and turned to me, only to be met by my fist. It connected to his face with a satisfying crunch, but that didn't stop him. He started throwing his own fists, hitting me once or twice. 

I was in mixed martial arts for about five years, I quit a month before Ashton kidnapped me. I have lots of training, and know how to fight pretty well. I've never got to use the skills in an actual fight, but I've had enough practice to know what I'm doing. 

My knee connected with his stomach and he doubled over in pain. I took the opportunity to send a knee to his face. He stood back up again and I leaned back slightly, bringing my foot to his stomach and pushing, sending him stumbling back and he tripped over Ashton's unconsious body. 

He fall back and I brought the heal of my foot to his forehead, knocking him unconcious as well. 

I turned around, ready to fight someone else, when I noticed it was just Michael who had been gripping my wrist. 

He dragged me into the kitchen, where three out of four guys were tied up, and Calum was just dragging in the fourth. 

"Are you okay?" Michael asked as I sat on a bar stool. 

I nodded in reply. He went to help Calum tie up the last guy. I could still feel the blood dripping out of my nose, and my arms were all scratched and bloody. My vision was getting blurrier by the second and it was getting darker. I felt myself fall from the chair before everything went black. 


//Ashton's P.O.V//

When I opened my eyes, I found that I was on the floor in the living room. I stood up to see blood, but no bodies. 

Luke walked out of the kitchen and immediatly went to help me. He brought me into the kitchen and let me lean against the counter. 

"Where the fuck are they?" I asked, my anger returning almost immediatly. 

Michael and Calum stepped out of the way, revealing all six bastards that had forcefully entered my house.

"I want to know why the fuck you think you can enter my fucking house and start throwing punches at me. You also chased down my girl and beat the fucking shit out of her." My voice was low and anger flowed through my veins. 

"I told you Ashton. I want the fucking girl, and I always get what I want." Mark answered half conciously. 

"You're not gonna fucking get her! She stays with me! She is mine! You don't always get what you want Mark, stop being a self concieted asshole!" I yelled, my fists clenched by my sides. 

"I know why you're keeping her. You haven't even fucked her yet. You'll see Ashton, as soon as you fuck her, you'll be handing her ass over to me, like you did with the others." Mark had a smug expression.

"You fucking bastard! Remember when I said I'd kill you if I ever saw you again?!" I stepped closer to him, grabbing the knife off of the table and holding it towards his neck. 

His eyes widened a bit, but I didn't care. I was furious. The fucking dick is acting smug, even though he should know not to push me, I'm already on the verge of killing him, so what makes him think that being smug and cocky will save him.

I dragged the blade over his forearm, cutting it a bit. His expression stayed neutral, until I pressed harder. 

He winced under the sudden pain, but didn't say anything. 

"Let this be a warning, not to ever fuck with me again. You got that?" I asked angerly as I carved a sign into his arm.

I set the knife on the counter and walked back over to him. I untied him from the chair, but kept his wrists bound, and dragged him outside. I brought him to the edge of the road, and threw him onto the ground. Calum, Luke and Michael followed me outside with the other guys. 

"Where's Audrey?" I asked as soon as we got back inside. 

"She passed out in the kitchen, so I layed her on the table." Michael replied as he locked the door and covered up the broken window. 

I speed walked to the kitchen and saw Audrey on the table, breathing lightly. I sighed and picked her up, sliding my arms under her legs and around her mid back. I carried her to the bathroom upstairs, and tried shaking her awake. 

"Audrey, wake up." I repeated about seven times till she stirred in my arms. 

"Ashton!" She looked surprised to see me. 

"Are you okay?" She asked worriedly. 

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just going to clean you up." I told her and bent down to grab a medical kit from under the sink.

I opened it up and pulled out the small bottle of rubbing alcohol and opened the cap. I grabbed a cloth and poured a generous amount on before looking at her.

"This is going to hurt." I said bluntly.

She rolled her eyes but nodded. I pressed the cloth to her arm and held her arm, making sure she didn't pull away. After I cleaned it, I wrapped it up with a tensor bandage, before repeating the same process on her other arm. 

I dabbed at the blood on her face, till it was all gone. Her face was bruised and swollen, but she still looked hot. 

"Okay, we're done." I said in a monotone before standing up and put away everything. 

"No, don't put that away, you have injuries too." She pulled the small medical bag from my hand and opened it again.

She cleaned my wounds and cleaned all of the dry blood off of me, not bothering to be soft about it either. A few times I pulled away from her, and she'd reply with "stop moving!"

After she cleaned up the blood off of the back of my head, she put the stuff away and we walked out of the bathroom, using the door that was connected to my room. I turned on the light to see dirty foot prints on the floor and my bed, drawers and closet open.

"What the fuck!" I yelled in frustration, tugging at my hair. 

Audrey sighed and went over to my bed. She put everything back in place and made the bed.

"Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to go get the mop and clean your floor?" She asked, her hands on her hips. 

I rolled my eyes and went to grab the mop that was in the kitchen, downstairs. 

//Audrey's P.O.V//

After Ashton's floor was cleaned, he started taking of his clothes, till he was in his boxers. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of navy blue jogging pants and stepped into them, pulling them up. 

"Are you going to go get changed, or just stare at me?" He asked cockily. 

I rolled my eyes and left his room, walking towards mine. I closed the door and quickly changed into a pair of black, spandex tights, a sports bra and a dark grey crop top. 

Once I was back in Ashton's room, he called me over to his bed. 

"Come lay down with me." He smiled, showing off his dimples. 

I exaggerated a sigh and made my way over to him. I sat down on the other side of the bed, away from him.

"That's too far." He whined and sat up and pulled me towards him.

"I like this better." He said quietly, his arms around me, holdin me against his bare chest. 

 I rolled my eyes as he picked up a remote and turned on his tv that was attached to the wall. He clicked the Netflix icon and started scrolling through things to watch. He finally decided on Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl. He set the remote down on his bedside table, that was stacked with books and magazines. 

Ashton layed back, against his pillow, pulling me with him. The movie started with a little girl on a ship, singing. After a while, she pointed out a burning ship. 

The movie went on and soon enough, we were at the part where Jack Sparrow comes in with his sinking boat. 

"I wish I could be a pirate." Ashton said randomly.

"Why?" I asked, knitting my eyebrows together in confusion. 

"Do you see how cool they are?" He laughed lightly and motioned to Jack Sparrow walking down the board walk. 

"And if I was a pirate, I'd be sassy and witty like Jack Sparrow." He continued. 

"Have you seen the other movies? Do you know what happens to pirates?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"No, I just thought this looked interesting." He chuckled, smiling widely at me.

I rolled my eyes but laughed lightly before turning my attention back to the movie. 


Once the movie was done, I looked up at Ashton, only to see he was asleep. His breathing was slow and calm. 

I slowly removed his hands from my waist and got off of the bed. I turned off the tv and covered him with the blanket before leaving his room. I went back to my room and looked at the time. 

12:38 pm

I skipped down the stairs and into the living room, where Luke and Michael were sitting on the couches, watching tv.

"Is this Supernatural?" I asked as I sat down in the open space between them.

"Yeah, you like the show?" Michael replied, not taking his eyes off of the tv.

"I love it." I smiled at turned my attention towards the tv.

It was the episode where Bobby is poisoned and slips into a dream state, so Sam and Dean take a dream potion and enter Bobby's dreams to save him. I had seen the episode before, and it was by far one of my favourites, besides the one where Sam and Dean investigate a hotel where a little girl has an 'imaginary friend' which turns out to be her grandmothers dead sister. 

After that episode ended, Michael started the next episode, which was titled Mystery Spot. It's the one where Sam is stuck in a time loop and has to witness Dean's death in different ways, over and over again.

We were about thirty minutes into the episode when Ashton came downstairs, his hair was messy and he looked tired. 

"What are you guys doing?" He asked, his voice thick and husky.

"Watching Supernatural." Luke replied, not looking at Ashton.

"Oh, Audrey, do you wanna go to the mall with me?" Ashton asked casually.

"Uhm... Sure." I nodded and stood up from my spot.

"Let me go get ready though." I told him before skipping up the stairs and into my room.

I closed the door and went to my window. I opened the curtain and looked outside. The sky was grey and it was raining out. Not by much though, just a little bit. But from the looks of it, it was going to rain more. 

I kept my black tights on and put on a white sweat shirt that said Explicit on the front. I added a pair of blue and white socks before grabbing a pair of low top converse. 

Someone knocked on my door just as I set my shoes down. I opened it and Ashton stood there, his head tilted to the ground and his hands in front of him. 

"I was wondering... uhm... if you could maybe... cover this up." He motioned to his bruises on his face.

I smiled and nodded before pulling him into the bathroom. I made him sit on the counter as I pulled out the makeup bag Luke got me when I first got here. I pulled out my cover up and started covering his bruises. His cheek bone and eye was bruised, but after putting on a decent amount of cover up, you could hardly tell it was there. 

"Alright they're gone." I told him.


He hopped off the counter and looked at himself in the mirror.

"But people are going to know I'm wearing makeup." He whined.

"No, it's not noticable. You only point it out because you know you have it on." I informed him before starting on my makeup.

I covered up my bruises and added a small amount of mascara before turning my attention to my hair. I decided to put it in a messy bun, seeing as it won't stay straight if I straighten it. 

Ashton and I left my room and made our way downstairs. I put on my shoes, as did Ashton, and he opened the door. I rushed to the truck as Ashton took his time. 

"Why are you in a hurry?" He asked, a confused expression on his face.

"It's raining and I'm cold." I replied, getting in the passenger side.

He started the ignition and pulled out of the drive way. We travelled down the long road which took forty minutes until we finally came out of the forest. It was only another twenty minutes till we got to the city. Ashton had the radio blasting and Come as you are by Nirvana had just started playing.

"Do you like Nirvana?" Ashton asked casually, trying to start a conversation.

I nodded and looked at him. He had a dark grey cut off shirt with a side ways fading American flag on the front. He was wearing black skinny jeans with the knees cut out. He also had a plain black sweater on, unzipped. His hair was curly like usual, but he had put a dark grey and white bandana on and was wearing sunglasses.

"You're staring at me." He smirked, not taking his attention off of the road. 

I rolled my eyes and looked away. I decided to pay attention to the music instead. The song was almost over though.

Once the song ended, Heart-shaped box also by Nirvana came on.

"Wow, this station is playing a lot of Nirvana. They usually never play Nirvana." Ashton commented on the radio station, which happened to be 34X fm. 

"I used to listen to this station all the time." I admitted, looking out the window as I said it. 

"What happened then?" Ashton asked, seeming concered. 

"You took me." I said bluntly, no sign of emotion in my voice. 

Ashton didn't say anything else, instead he turned the music up louder. I continued to look out the window as a new song came on. Californiacation by Red hot chilli peppers came on. This was my second favourite song by them, my first being Under the bridge. 


After many more songs, mostly Blink-182 and Metallica, we arrived at the city. Ashton drove for a little bit more until we got to the mall, where he parked a little ways away from the left side entrance. 

"What are we doing here?" I asked Ashton as we walked through the sliding doors.

"Well, I'm getting a new tattoo. I don't know about you." He smiled at me before grabbing my hand and leading me through the mall.

Ashton dragged me into a tattoo and piercing store, dodging the man that was just leaving.

"Hey Ashton!" A man with tattoos all over his arms and neck walked up to Ashton.

"Hey Charlie." Ashton smiled at the man.

"New tat?" Charlie and Ashton did a handshake before Ashton returned his hand to mine. 

"Yep." Ashton nodded his head in reply.

"Who's your friend?" Charlie motioned to me.

"This is Audrey." Ashton introduced me.

"I heard about a girl named Audrey getting kidnapped. I never saw a picture of her, but I did hear about that kidnapping down in Colorado." Ashton's smile disappeared and his face paled slightly, his hand tightened around mine.

"Oh. I haven't heard about that." His voice was still strong, but it lost its happy tone. 

"Something wrong Ash?" Charlie noticed Ashton's change of demeanor. 

"Yeah, I'm just a little nervous." Ashton gave Charlie a small smile and dropped my hand.

"Ashton Irwin nervous?" Charlie faked surprise but laughed after. 

"Let's just get this done." Ashton sighed but laughed lightly before following Charlie to a seat.

"Do you need your girlfriend to hold your hand?" Charlie asked while laughing.

"Oh I'm not his girlfriend," I said at the same time as Ashton said "yes I do." 

I sighed and sat on the stool beside the chair.

"So where are you getting this one done?" Charlie opened a box that had tattoo machines, ink and other little tools in it. 

"Well, I'm still working on covering my arms, so I want this one on my arm." Ashton pulled off his sweater as he spoke, and passed it to me.

I took the sweater and set it on my lap. 

"So what exactly am I putting on your arm?" Charlie asked as he grabbed a tattoo machine and started setting it up.

Ashton dug into his pocket and pulled out a piece of folded paper. He handed it to Charlie who opened it up and whistled.

"Damn, that's gonna be a nice one. No colour though? Just shading?" Charlie set it on his side table and grabbed a cartridge of ink. 

Charlie quickly wiped Ashton's arm with a bacterial wipe before starting the machine. He looked at the picture before starting on Ashton's arm. I watched as he dragged it across his skin, leaving a line of ink and small dots of blood.

I watched as he wiped up the extra ink and blood before starting again. 

At one point, Ashton flinched lightly before reaching out with his other arm and grabbing my hand. He squeezed slightly as Charlie wiped up more blood and ink. 

It was cool, really. I've never witnessed someone getting a tattoo, so seeing it now, I was mesmerized. 

Charlie finished the outline before he went onto shading it. It was then that I realized the tattoo was going to be two roses with thorns and a few leaves. It looked really good before the shading, but I know it will look amazing after it's done.

Charlie was just finishing the shading when Ashton's phone rang. 

"I'll get it after." He told Charlie, willing him to continue.

Charlie nodded before touching up certain spots on Ashton's arm. He wiped off the excess blood and ink before wrapping it in a cotton tensor bandage and putting his stuff away.

"Thanks Charlie." Ashton smiled at him and handed over fifty dollars. 

"No problem Ash." Charlie chuckled before going to do whatever in the back room. 

Ashton lead us out of the store and into the mall. 

"That only took an hour and a half." I pointed out as we walked slowly through the crowds.

"Are you sure you don't want a tattoo?" He asked, stopping to look at me.

"Yeah I'm- actually, you know what, I want a tattoo." I told him, watching as his eyes widened in excitement as he dragged me back into the parlor. 


That took so long to write but I hope you like it (:

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