"W-what are you d-doing?" My voice came out shaky and my sentence faltered.

"If you don't obey me, I will punish you. And if I feel like doing things like this," He kissed my cheek.

"And this," He kissed my jaw line.

"And this," He planted his lips on my neck.

"You will let me." His voice came out muffled as he spoke into my neck, his hot breath caused me to shiver.


1. One

Of course Im the sober one tonight. I thought to myself as I walked back to my house. The cold wind went right through my thin sweater and nipped at my skin. I felt my teeth chatter as I turned down the road and crossed the street, heading for my house. 

I opened the door and a rush of a warm air hit me, along with the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

"Mom! I'm home!" I called out and took off my dirty red converse. 

"Back from Adriana's already?" My mother peaked her head of the kitchen. 

She had her light brown hair in a messy bun and had specks of flour in it. She had little make up on and had a small bit on flour on her left cheek. She had her favourite purple apron on and was currently mixing a bowl of batter.

"Yep, she had to do some cleaning around the house so I decided to leave. You baking?" I asked as I observed her franticly mixing the chocolate chips into the bowl. 

"Yeah, care to help?" She asked as she entered the kitchen again. 

"Sure." I replied and took off my sweater, revealing my Guns n roses tank top. 

I quickly washed my hands with a vanilla and pineapple smelling soap and dried them on a tea towel hanging by the stove. 

"What's the occasion?" I asked as I grabbed a tray and sprayed it with a non sticking spray. 

"Your dad is having some co workers over tonight and I wanted to make something special, seeing as this could mean he could get a promotion." She smiled proudly as she dumped the contents of the bowl onto the counter.

"Really? That's awesome! Do I have to attend the supper too?" I asked curiously and grabbed a handful of dough and started rolling it around in my hands. 

"Yes, I'll be expecting you and your brother to be on your best behaviours. And please wear something semi fancy. Not that I mind your taste in clothing, it's just really important that we look presentable." She switched to her stern voice.

"Don't worry about it. How about I wear a nice tank top and a cardigan or something over it. Maybe a pair of tights."I suggested, hoping she'd agree.

"That sounds wonderful. Okay, let's put them in the oven and then I'm going to need you to go to the store with Parker to get some supplies. I'll make a list for you while you clean up." She motioned to my flour covered shirt.

I nodded and grabbed a tray and opened the oven. I set it on the top shelf and let my mother put hers in beside mine. She said a quick thanks as I ran upstairs to my room. I changed my shirt to a Nirvana cut off and looked out my window.

"Oh great, it's raining." I spoke aloud and shrugged on my favourite leather jacket. 

"Parker! We gotta go to the store!" I yelled through my twin brothers door as I knocked on it.

He flung the door open with a grumpy look on his face. His dark brown hair was sticking up everywhere and he had no shirt on, showing his tanned stomach.

"Gross, put on a shirt." I put on a look of disgust and covered my eyes. 

"Let me get ready." He grumbled and closed the door again. 

I went back downstairs and took the piece of paper that my mom left on the counter. She left about $100 for the groceries too. 

I played with the ends of my dark brown hair until Parker entered the living room, jacket in hand. 

"I'll drive." He told me before putting on his shoes and walking out the door.

"Someone's grumpy." I mumbled and slipped on my converse. 

I closed the door and walked down the drive way. 

Once in the passenger seat, Parker pulled out and headed for SafeWay. 


It was just about two pm by the time we got back and dads co workers would be here by five. I decided to clean up my room and play on Tumblr for a little while. I sat at my desk with my back to my bed and opened my laptop. As soon as I logged on, Adriana facetimed me. I accepted the call and minimized the window. 

"Hey! You excited to be sober tonight?" She asked in a giddy voice.

"Stop bragging," I giggled and scrolled through my feed.

"When are you leaving your house then?" She asked as she shifted in her seat.

I could see her light blue walls in the background and her closed door that had a few Bring me the horizon posters on it. 

"I was thinking around seven. The party starts at eight-thirtyish so maybe I could go to your house and we could get ready together. You have all my party clothing stuffed into the back of your closet so why not?" I suggested.

Her parents are rarely home and never go into her room so she keeps a lot of my things there for me. My dad works from seven till five on weekdays and my mom has a baking class over on Tuesday's and Thursday's. But they have weekends free so that's when we spend family time together. I never hide anything in my room because you never know when they could come in. 

"Yeah that sounds good. I'll see you then." She replied and exited off of the chat.

I continued to play on Tumblr for a few hours till I decided to get ready for dinner. I went for a quick shower and blow dried and curled the ends of my hair once I got out. I did winged eyeliner and a few coats of mascara, along with frosted lip gloss. I put on a plain white tank top with a cream coloured, long sleeve shawl and dark grey tights. I painted my finger nails a peach colour except for the ring finger, I did black and white zig zag on that one. 

Once they dried, I applied a cherry smelling lotion and red velvet perfume. 

"Audrey!" My dad called from down the hall.

I opened my door and stepped out before closing it again. I stalked down the hall and into my parents room.

"You look nice. I like your outfit." My mother smiled at me as she passed me to go down stairs. 

"Yes dad?" I asked as I sat on their bed.

"Your mother told you what's happening right?" He asked as he sprayed on a small amout of cologne.

"Kinda. Just that your co workers were coming over and Parker and I had to behave." He chuckled as I spoke.

"Not just my co workers, my boss too. That's why this is so important. So it would be great if you could be on your best behavior." He smiled at me and fixed his tie in the mirror.

"When am I not?" I giggled.

"True," He turned to look at me, a hint of amusment played on his face.

"Okay let's go downstairs." He told me and headed for the door.

I followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen. At that moment, the door bell rang and everyone froze. My dad went for the door and Parker and I rushed to help my mom set the table. I put my phone in the waistband of my tights and carried out a plater of cookies we made earlier. 

"Right this way Mr. Koszycka (Pronounced Ko-Shits-ska)" My dad guided his boss and his wife into the dinning room. 

The door bell rang again and this time I ran to answer it for him.

"Hello?" I opened the door to see three men standing in suits and ties.

"Hello ma'am, your father there?" One of them asked formly.

"Uh yes, your here for dinner right?" I asked in the most polite tone I could muster.

"Yes we are." Another one answered.

"Come in then." I smiled and opened the door wider. 

I led them to the dinning room and they each sat down. I took my normal seat at the table, between my mom and brother. 

"Ah gentleman, I would like you all to meet my wife, Caroline, my son Parker and my daughter Audrey." My dad was the only one standing as he introduced us.

I plastered on a toothy smile and looked around. His boss didn't seem too pleased with things, but his wife looked ecstatic.

"This is a lovely house you have, I can't imagine how much it would have cost." She spoke as she looked around the room.

"Thank you, we worked hard for what we have." My mother replied sweetly. 

"So, Caroline, what do you do?" Mr. Koszycka turned to look at my mom. 

"I teach a baking class in the kitchen and I'm in a reading group." She said proudly.

"Oh you bake? That's wonderful." Mrs. Koszycka exclaimed.

"And what about you two? How's school going?" He turned towards Parker and I.

"I've actually graduated but I'm taking a year off to work before college so I can save up some more money." I told him politely. 

"Smart thinking. I almost didn't get into college because I didn't save money." He replied.

"I got all of my credits within the first two semesters of grade twelve so for third semester I did extra credit and worked a lot so I'm currently waiting for an acceptance letter." Parker spoke proudly.

"You look like you could get in on a scholarship. Do you play sports?" One of the three other men asked him.

"I used to play football but I injured my ankle about a year ago." He told them, a hint of sadness in his voice.

"That's terrible." The woman looked at him.

Parker just nodded and looked at mom, hoping she'd change the subject.

"Let's dish up. We have chicken breasts, stir fry rice, steamed vegetables and for dessert, chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies." My mother smiled proudly at her work. 

"Yes let's eat, that sounds delicious." Mr. Koszycka smiled at all of us and started loading his plate.


Dinner went well, I'm pretty sure dad's going to get the promotion. Once everyone left, I helped with the dishes and clean up.

"Can I spend the night at Adriana's?" I asked my mom once we finished loading the dishwasher.

"Sure, be back before supper tomorrow." She smiled and kissed my forehead. 

I thanked her and ran upstairs. I texted Adriana, telling her I was just leaving.I changed my shirt to the same Nirvana cut of that I wore earlier and put on my leather jacket. I shoved my phone into my waist band and went to my parents room. I said a quick goodbye and ran down the stairs. 


I hugged my jacket closer to my body as I walked down the street. Adriana lives on the other side of town so it really sucks walking to her house when it's cold. The sun had already set, making the air chillier. I entered the alley way I usually cut through and continued to walk to her house. 

"Please help! Stop!" A mans voice pierced through my ears. 

I stopped at the corner of a building as the man yelled for help. I peered around to see two men. One holding a knife, the other one on the ground, cowering. I covered my mouth and put my back to the wall. 

"Shut up!" The other guy yelled. 

I decided it would be best to silently continue through the alley way and to get help. So I slowly, but quietly started walking passed them. Staying out of the light as much as I could, I looked back and forth between the dark alley ahead of me and the two men. 

As I looked at the men, I didn't notice the garbage bags sitting in front of me until it was too late. I felt my foot connect with it and I stumbled slightly, but caught myself before I fell. The noise was loud enough to draw both of their attention towards me. I held my breath, hoping the one with the knife would let it go, but he didn't.

"I see you," Was all it took for me to take off running into the dark alley. 

I could sense him running after me as I pounded down the gravel. I turned left and right but he still chased me. My heart pounded in my chest and my lungs burned as I ran. My breath came in short gasps, making it harder to breath. I risked a look back to see him almost right behind me. I let out a small scream and continued to propel myself forward. As if he came out of nowhere, I rammed into someone, knocking both of us to the ground. I scrambled to get up as the guy behind me yelled.

"Get her!"

I pushed myself off of the person I fell on and stood up. I went to start running again, but the person grabbed my ankle, making me face plant to the ground. A groan of pain escaped my lips as one of them jumped on top of me. They rolled me over so I now was laying on my back. I tried to push them off but the fall knocked the wind out of me, leaving me breathless and gasping for air. I felt as if I was going to die. I was in desperate need of air and one of them was shoving a blindfold over my face. I don't know if the blindfold caused this or not, but darkness took over and my body fell limp. 


New story! I hope you like it! It's going to be a 5SOS story!!!!!!! I think I'm going to post every Friday, alright? (:


I'm sorry the first chapter is boring, but I promise the next chapter(s) will be better !!! I'm serious, they'll be better (:

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