My time in the mental hospital

So, i'm a hospital for the mentally ill right now. So I though i'd maybe give you guys a insight. Hope you like it.


1. My time in the mental hospital

Hey guys.  I'm in a mental hosptal because my anorexia, depression, bullimia and my self-harm. Which I feel very safe to talk about openly on Movellas. Since, afterall, it's my idea of home. *cue cheesy smile*.  So, anyway, i'm going to give you guys a better outlook on this place. I know most people hear the words 'mental hospital' and think of a asylum. It's not actually like that. It's a small building in LA. There's nurses and also two nuns. The nun's get us more involved with god. There' doc's and the manager and assistent manager. They're from something called 'the mentorship project'. I'm in the psychotic ward because there's not a 'mixed issues ward'. It's calm here. It's nice. The foods okay, they don't let me not eat. You have to eat. Personally, I find it annoying: though I know they're only looking after me. They let me on the internet for 1-1 1/2 hours. I'm allowed visiters, though some others cannot. Depending on your mental state. The beds are like normal hospital beds, and there's TV. I always wake up with a bad neck though. We aren't alowed to take pictures, but we are alowed to phone family with the telephone at reception. We're alowed out, but there's a wall so we don't get out. My nurses name is Caroline, and my favourite nun's name is Madaline. She's french and like, the most christian person ever. My fanfiction Asylum has a nun in it inspired by her. Though the rest is just like: AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM! yay. Anyone else watch that? I do. So, yeah this is really short, but hopefully it gives you a nicer outlook on hospital's for the mentally ill. I love you guys so much! One of the reasons I can tell you i'm in here is because I know I can trust most of you guys! By the way, i'll be out of here in a week hopefully. 

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