I ❤️ my High School Bully

Meet again
The date
I remembered
It's over
Take me back??
First I love you's
Authors note
How could you
I still love you
The proposal
The wedding
Happily ever after


1. Flashback*

Katelyns POV - "Hahahahahahah" it's all I hear

Coming from harry and his friends

They are making fun of me once again

This is the fourth time today.

It started with me tripping over the steps in our huge high school

Then I spilled milk all over my new black pants and with harry and his friends being such pervs they thought of it as cum so harry says "hey what were you doing on your way here pleasuring yourself?" I tried to defend myself but I couldn't say I spilled milk all over me that would make it worse. This was the last day of senior year. I will be out free in two hours.........

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