james cobra the warrrior

This story I am writing is about cobra James

James a human with anger for bad people but loved people every day a ghost spirit came to James and said he could him to help others so he agreed the ghost and him became one he called the spirit cobra him and cobra helped a lot of people even one day the doctor cobra found a lot of stuff like old Tardis nearly dying out he gave them life and ask them to help build a hotel storage to trade with people by trading old with new helping the doctor and call heroes to stop the bad around every corner when the building was built lots of people came to see him and he helped them all he ask if they work for him they get a home warmth food and more people agreed I had people how help become army of protectors and people who worked in the factory and people who worked in the hotel. James found himself pleased the other what let him down was money then the spirit told about gold that hidden a thousand years ago and James went out to search and found it


2. the fight

an hour each time. so I told u about the factory I did meet many people thought the years enemy friends one day I found a sword someone called it Gemini I said like the sound of that they said the sword had a mind of its own I ask what do u mean they told me it cannot be controlled only by the person who the right blood truth about them I held the sword at first it tried to get away bout then it felt cobra in me and the sword split in to two I could fight with it control it and even make it fight on its own it was like wow so me and the sword became one so I got back to my safety hotel factory where I found someone been there. I was looking around something wrong but the men were fine my room was a mess like someone tried to find something then I met him nimrod I ask what u doing here he said I could help to get the doctor for him or he could use me .I said no way the doctor told what you did and I would call you then help you mark one of my computers came back on line  I said to mark get the others and lock nimrod up now so they did he escaped but never came back I heard he made the forge afterwards decided to get the doctor his own way that was the last of him on till the vampires most of them died by my blade and of cause blade and the doctor but it was weird in its own way who the hell did vampires start then I heard the worse news the hex's mum was one of them and got killed by nimrod my factory everything was going alright on till one night some creatures were around the area were the factory was they could not see it the doctor and came down in the factory I ask him what were they he said had no idea I found by mark they were klegion never heard of them they were traders from there planet looking for trade they heard about my sword and looking for it they said come out we want to talk I hide Gemini in my back and stood in front of them and said talk then. They said we want the metal you have I ask or what they said we find you people and kill them next thing I know cobra came in front and said you do not want to do that the leader said why before I know it cobra killed there leader and leave here never return all you all will die and Gemini split in to two swords the aliens ran far and wide never came back I put Gemini back in my sword back the doctor came and said wow you know how to defend yourself I said they would of never said that they will kill people have done nothing wrong to them and they come here I would do what I have to doctor for me my friends and all the planets me you and people can save doctor nodded and agreed for then we would we are safe but there is still trouble out there has we know .


Life on earth is very colour full of people enjoying their day being in work running round after kids enjoying life I was always looking the doctor tried to save her but could not one night I decided to help at

around what it would be like without heroes one night in dream it was pitch black no one on earth only I could the Tardis but it was empty I wondered what happened it look like the earth just killed itself on till I see the doctor people all walking dead that when I woke up I was sweating and the bed was wet I was like reality was going to happen all day I was worried the doctor came he said I is Wong James I told him , I said now that is something new I ask what does it mean he said no idea yet but have a look into it .

So we began to look and find info about my dream but nothing so far on till we got alarm of Mark to say something is wrong I called all the heroes I know and said to the doctor leave your Tardis here trust he agreed I got some guns Gemini what every we could carry and went out mark transported Us to were the alert was and we found some being trying to kill people and the planet we tried contacting them but it was no good so we decided to give the aliens hell and we did . We drove them of the planet never to come back we lost hundreds that day but people were happy they were alive thanks to us.


Never thought we do something to help people but we did after we carried on helping to be continued.....

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