Tap, Tap, Tap.

-book one of the internet series- Tap, Tap, Tap. Her fingers draped across the keyboard. Late at night her mind finding words to tap to this unknown face. To this 'friend'. Tap, Tap, Tap her fingers go, writing out her deepest secrets, feelings to this unknown. Her hair draped over her eyes as she waits trying to stay wake for his next message that arrives, she hears the ping and she's on again, Not caring for the time.
Tap, Tap, Tap the fingers go on the door. She slips her laptop under her covers as her door opens, revealing her mother and father. Making sure she's no longer Tapping away. Tap, Tap, Tap the rain goes on the glass as she lays awake thinking of 'him' was is luck or misfortune? Would her tapping and loose trust be the death of her?
Tap, Tap, Tap.
(cover by Crown of Shadownight)


2. Waking

Waking hours, she gets up. Dressed to go, the dark circles under her eyes hidden by layers of make-up. She's ok now. Hidden behind her mask. Skirt hitched up, far above school regulation. But she doesn't care. Maybe today she will meet the one she taps away to.

Late at night.

When she should be asleep.

Kisses her mother and father on the cheek, In her disguise, She sets off her patent feet tapping along the charcoal pavement as she makes her way to school, The long way.

She pulls out her phone and starts tapping away again.

Tap, Tap, Tap. 

Tapping to the tune of her music, The powerful music drowning her hearing. Her face turned down towards the bright light of her phone. Unable to hear. 

Turning this way and that, dodging people in her way. Getting to school she logs off and puts her phone into her pocket. Walking through, reapplying her mask until she reaches her classroom. Blazer on, bag slung over shoulder she makes her way over to her.


Tap, Tap Tap.

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