Tap, Tap, Tap.

-book one of the internet series- Tap, Tap, Tap. Her fingers draped across the keyboard. Late at night her mind finding words to tap to this unknown face. To this 'friend'. Tap, Tap, Tap her fingers go, writing out her deepest secrets, feelings to this unknown. Her hair draped over her eyes as she waits trying to stay wake for his next message that arrives, she hears the ping and she's on again, Not caring for the time.
Tap, Tap, Tap the fingers go on the door. She slips her laptop under her covers as her door opens, revealing her mother and father. Making sure she's no longer Tapping away. Tap, Tap, Tap the rain goes on the glass as she lays awake thinking of 'him' was is luck or misfortune? Would her tapping and loose trust be the death of her?
Tap, Tap, Tap.
(cover by Crown of Shadownight)


11. Today


The day

The one fateful day

She wakes, early

For the only time since she could remember

For the last time forever.

Slips out of bed

New dress on

Make up on

Shoes on

Our Rose is ready

For her



'Charlie Hail'

It's set up so well

A round of applause to him

For the set up of a life time

Or for him of the week.

He needs to get away fast

He has another


To meet at a bar later tonight

But under the name of

'George Fall'


'Charlie Hail'

She sits

She waits

In the coffee shop

With no name



Waiting for


To arrive.

A man walks through the doors to this greasy spoon cafe

And heads our little Rose's way.

A knife in his hand

A look of determination on his face

To end her internet supreme

This man

This man of 21

His real name neither

'George Fall'


'Charlie Hail'

His name is 

'Harry Kale'

And he's now a murderer

As he runs out of this greasy spoon cafe

The floor stained Rose red

Rose red




Never to reach 17

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