Tap, Tap, Tap.

-book one of the internet series- Tap, Tap, Tap. Her fingers draped across the keyboard. Late at night her mind finding words to tap to this unknown face. To this 'friend'. Tap, Tap, Tap her fingers go, writing out her deepest secrets, feelings to this unknown. Her hair draped over her eyes as she waits trying to stay wake for his next message that arrives, she hears the ping and she's on again, Not caring for the time.
Tap, Tap, Tap the fingers go on the door. She slips her laptop under her covers as her door opens, revealing her mother and father. Making sure she's no longer Tapping away. Tap, Tap, Tap the rain goes on the glass as she lays awake thinking of 'him' was is luck or misfortune? Would her tapping and loose trust be the death of her?
Tap, Tap, Tap.
(cover by Crown of Shadownight)


12. News

It spirals

Out of control

They are on a hunt 

"For who would do this to this poor innocent girl"

Her parents cry

Day in

Day out.

The loss of their daughter

Just too much

Her sister cries

Doesn't go to school

The loss of her older sister

Of her guider

Just too much.

Her brother

Just turned 10


But doesn't believe 

That his older sister is gone

'Harry Kale'

The name rings in their heads

The name all over the newspapers

Paired with pictures of their deceased girl.

'21 year old murders 16 year old!'

Many newspapers scream

Photographers outside their house.

Trying to get pictures


But they don't understand.

Her mother sits in her room

Tracing the diary she had

'Rose Dawn - born 1988'

Her mother's neat handwriting said in the cover

Tears splattered onto the pages

Her mother was crying

Because the loss of her daughter

Was just too much.

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