The Bully Lover

She is a small town girl with a few bullies. She has a huge crush on the ring leader. One day she learns to box. She won't get bullied again. She will find light in the dark.


8. You're my brother?!

"Well Suzie I'm your brother." Zayn said. No no no no. I don't have a brother I'm an only child.

"No you're not my brother." I state in a panic.

"You were adopted. Our mother could only afford one of us and she didn't want a girl at the time. We are twins and your real birthday is July 16. ( I know that's not his real birthday ). "

Why would they lie?

Next day

I had confronted my "parents". They said sorry for not telling me, but I'm fine with it. Yesterday Liam was suspended for 5 days. And Zayn really is my OLDER twin.

I found out I had a broken rib and 3 bruised ones. Damn Liam learn not to hit a girl they hurt like hell.

Sorry this was so short it's just sorta like a filler. I did this really late at night so I couldn't write for long and I will keep writing. I will be posting my new book tomorrow. Go look at it.

Fan me. Comment. Favorite. Thank you to those who show they like this book.

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