The Bully Lover

She is a small town girl with a few bullies. She has a huge crush on the ring leader. One day she learns to box. She won't get bullied again. She will find light in the dark.


2. The Talent

Fight. What the hell.

"Omg, Liam's on top of Lurchet." Zaea said. Lurchet is the biggest nerd in the school.

I got out of the car and walked up to the middle of the circle of students. What do I do.


"Remember you have to stick up for what you believe in." My instructor reminds.

"What if it hurts you or someone else thinks it's wrong?" I ask.

"You do what your heart tells you to."

Flashback over

What my heart tells me to. I walk up to them and yell,"Hey Liam get your ass off of him!!!!"

Liam looks and smirks when he sees me.

He comes over here and says," Oh look who we have here, loser loner. Let's fight."

"Oh it's on." I say. He has no clue what he's getting in to with a professional boxer.

He throws a punch and I dodge. I throw a punch and hear a crack. His nose starts to bleed. The crowed goes oooooo. He kicks at my leg, but I jump on him. He falls to the ground with a thud and doesn't get up, but groans.

"Any of you goons want to take me on?" I ask his group. They all look scared and shake their head no I add," that's what I thought." I go help the pore lad that got hit. He has a busted nose and a sprained wrist that I can tell. He looks at me with his cute puppy dog eyes. "Are you ok?" I ask. He nods. "Why did you help me?" He asks me. "Because Liam was in the wrong and deserved what he got. Your a nice guy he is not." I simply state.

I help him up and take him to the nurse.

"He has a sprained wrist, and a brused nose." I tell her.

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