The Bully Lover

She is a small town girl with a few bullies. She has a huge crush on the ring leader. One day she learns to box. She won't get bullied again. She will find light in the dark.


3. The Nerd

Lurchet is cute for a nerd. He has puppy dog eyes and rosy cheeks, plump lips shaped like a heart and he's tall with black hair. He'd probably look cute with spiked hair.

Maybe I have a nerd cru-

I run into someone and by someone I mean Liam.

"Look I'm sorry for how I treated you. You didn't deserve it. My parents are making me do law and I want to sing. I guess I just take it out on people here. Thanks for setting me straight. I hope we could be friends? I think your getting popular around here for doing this, he motions to his broken nose and busted lip, to me."

"I guess I can forgive, but you didn't beat up me so you'll have to do a lot more begging for someone else. And as for the friends thing I'll think about it." I say and send a flirty wave with a flirty smile to him. I can here his hearty laugh behind me filling my ears.

* Lunch. *

I sit down with Zaea and wait. I see Lurchet sit down by himself. I walk up to his table and sit down. He looks up and I gasped.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Oh nothing." He simply states.

"Was this Liam's doing?" I ask in a worried manner.

"A little, but I asked for it."

"How was this your fault? I thought he was going to apologize. Instead he does this."

" I didn't accept his apology. He got mad and said that I would tell you that we were buddy buddy so you'd go out with him. I said I would not lie to you and he hit me. That's why I now have a new black eye don't you think it goes good with my wrap and busted nose."

" I am so sorry. I will go beat the bastard now if you want."

"No that will cause more worry that he will hit yo- one of us."

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