The Bully Lover

She is a small town girl with a few bullies. She has a huge crush on the ring leader. One day she learns to box. She won't get bullied again. She will find light in the dark.


9. Related

"Ok. So we go to school together and hang out together. What if people think we are dating?" I ask Zayn aka my brother.

"We will tell them the truth. I guess," Zayn started," fuck. Look who is walking over to you. That stupid ass bitch better not mess with my sis."

Who. What. I look over my shoulder and see Liam walking to me. Why me. Why.

"Hey can I talk to you?" He asks with those innocent puppy dog hazel/brown eyes that can put any girl in a trance. No stop thinking about him. He is suppose to be your enemy.

"Um...." I say looking at Zayn to see what he thinks. But right now he is to into glaring at Liam," Sure."

We walk away from Zayn. It looks like we are in a music room. Liam walks over to get a guitar. What is he doing?

"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't change…

I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days..."

By the end of the song I'm in tears. Was this for me?

"I wrote this song today. I felt like I had to do something for you. No not had needed. I needed to do something. So I wrote this for you..... No I wrote this a..about .." He looks up to me to see my reactions. All I can do is smile at him because I'm frozen. He lit up when he sees my smile. The bell rings for after lunch and onto the next period. We say bye and head off.

Wow is all I can think.

I'm so so so sorry I couldn't write for awhile. I had a lot of school and after school club stuff I had to do. Last week all week I had to stay after school til five and on Friday I had to stay til nine. I hope you like this chapter. Like comment favorite and fan me please.

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