Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

My attempt at re-writing the end of Blood of Olympus


4. Percy

The last place I had expected to turn up after falling into the gash in the earth, that I had created, was the Underworld. I had expected to tumble straight on down to Tartarus and spent eternity there fighting off Gaea and a multitude of other monsters. But here I am waiting in the queue, waiting to be judged. What would I get? Elysium, the field of asphodel or the fields of punishment? However before I could find out my fate (fate, had I not had enough of that for one life time?) slobber ran down my back in thick globs and I felt my shirt being gripped in the vice of sharp teeth. As I looked around me I noticed I was in the jaws of Cerberus’ middle head. I was carried through the door into the main waiting room, as ghosts around me protested that they had been waiting for days. I shrugged helplessly at them; I hadn’t decided to get picked up by a three headed dog when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t help but wonder where I was going when I saw the sign ahead of me, Elysium. For some reason I seemed to have gained a fast pass, like you get at theme parks. From the corner of my eye I saw Hades standing in the shadows almost invisible he gave me a nod of appreciation and thanks before turning on his heel and striding off, cape billowing behind him. I couldn’t help but snort he looked like some over dramatic professor.

Cerberus set me down, non to gently just outside the entrance, I could feel gazes of envy heavy on my back as ghosts walked slowly to the fields of asphodel or were dragged kicking and screaming to the fields of punishment. Taking a deep breath I stepped over the threshold; before I could even react a wall of bodies collided with me in a tight embrace. Looking around I saw lots of familiar faces: Beckendorf, Silena, Lee Fletcher and many others that I had once seen strolling round camp half-blood and one face I had thought I would never see again, Luke. Hugging back I sent Luke a look telling him I was sorry for what he had to do, and that I had forgiven him for what he had done.

After what felt like days of catching up and telling them what had happened with Gaea, I saw someone I really hadn’t expected to see here, for as far as I knew he was still alive, across the room was Nico hiding in the shadows like his father had done earlier that day. Standing up I apologised to everyone before crossing the large room. Nico looked up and met my eyes though anger seemed to be brewing in their dark depths. “Percy” he greeted rather coldly. I just smiled widely before embracing him in a hug, knowing how much Nico could struggle with his emotions. He seemed to be holding back sobs he fisted his hands in my shirt before letting go, hands dropping back to his sides and stepping away. “Why Percy? We could have found another way. Could have saved you, found a way where no one had to die.” Even as the words came out of his mouth Nico seemed to deflate, knowing there was no truth behind his words. “No Nico there wasn’t, and you know that someone had to die” He nodded his head, reluctantly. “Everyone says goodbye and that you’re a stupid seaweed brain, I let out a small chuckle at that of course they did couldn’t go minutes without insulting me. “Thanks Nico, tell them not to worry and to not try and bring me back, I’m happy here with old friends and ready to wait for more both old and new here, as there is nowhere else they could turn up” Again he nodded in response before turning slowly and heading to the entrance of Elysium. Turning back he whispered something in my direction before hurrying out of the door. It seemed to take forever for those four words to reach me though eventually they did. “I love you, Perce” Retreating back to the group of demigods I smiled, I may not love him back but it was nice to know he had let his grudge go; he could do what I couldn’t, overcome his fatal flaw.

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