Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

My attempt at re-writing the end of Blood of Olympus


3. Nico

After dropping off their precious cargo Nico and Reyna had noticed the Greek and the Romans coming together to stand against the vast amount of enemies they had to face. After slicing of a gorgons head Nico turned to look up at the sky, last time he had glanced up he could see Leo shooting across the sky with Gaea, while engulfed in bright red and orange flames. Though this time there was no such turmoil, two broken spheres of water hung suspended in the air; what had Percy done? Nico whipped round looking for Percy only to find a horrifying sight; Percy running head on at Gaea with a whirlpool surrounding him. Wait was that lightning? Nico couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Jason running behind Percy seemingly ramping up the power by sending lightning bolts into the raging currents. Letting out a loud shrill whistle, which shocked a few of the demigods around him, Nico waited. Suddenly, a black hole appeared infront of him, erupting from the darkness was a huge black hell hound. “Hey girl it’s fine calm down” Nico shushed as Mrs O’Leary slobbered and whined looking round desperately for Percy, one of her best friends. Scrambling onto her back, Nico set off through the chaos to find the rest of the seven; he melted in and out of the shadows as he desperately searched for a sign of any of them. 

“Take that” screamed a voice above Nico; he looked up only to find Leo flying overhead on that dragon of his. “Leo” Nico shouted hoping Leo would hear him; luckily he had as he banked Festus and landed him half a meter away from Mrs O’Leary. “What’s up?” he questioned as he jumped of Festus’ back “Well aside from the chaos everywhere, have you seen what Jason and Percy are doing?” Leo nodded in response. “Can you find Annabeth and Piper and get them to go to the base of half-blood hill as soon as possible? “ Again Leo nodded before jumping back on Festus and flying off. Now all Nico had to do was find Hazel and Frank and hoped to every God he knew that his plan would work. Fortunately, for Nico, Frank and Hazel were fighting back to back as they executed battle moves of death upon a mixture of monsters. Leaping as high as she could Mrs O’Leary pounced on the monsters below her flattening the ones unfortunate enough to be stood under her giant paws and tearing through the rest with her razor sharp teeth. “Guys” Nico shouted over the sounds of swords meeting claws and the roars of pain let out by both demigods and monsters alike. “Percy and Jason are in real trouble and we need to help them, now” He glanced pointedly in the direction of half-blood hill; they got his meaning and turned to look only to gasp in shock at what they saw. Who could blame them? Nico was having trouble believing his own eyes. The once green whirlpool streaked with silver now had swirling chunks of dirt imbedded in its depths Percy had been forced to his knees due to the pure pressure he was trying to hold up. Jason stood beside him though barely, his knees appeared to be buckling underneath him as he continued to bring down a terrifying storm of lightning bolts. 

“How do we get there?” Frank questioned as he searched around him looking for a route of escape amongst the hordes of monsters. “Jump on” Nico replied patting the space behind him on Mrs O’Leary’s back, Frank’s eyes filled up with shock but he and Hazel quickly jumped up onto the offered space on the large hellhound’s back. Running towards the shadow cast by a disabled onager, Nico spotted Leo and Festus once more though this time with two extra passengers aboard the dragon’s golden back. Once more Nico felt the similar sensation of the shadows wrapping around him as they travelled to the base of half-blood hill.   

Re-emerging from the shadows Nico ran his plan over in his head once more. What if it didn’t work? No. He couldn’t think like that for once in his life Nico was going to have to be as optimistic as possible. “What’s the plan Nico, what can we possibly do to help them now?” It was Annabeth that had spoken the hope leaking out of her stormy grey eyes. “Well about that” Nico started sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head “I’m not sure if it will work but we have to try right” He looked up and slowly met everyone’s gaze hoping to find his answer in their colourful depths. They all nodded some with less conviction than others but at least they all believed in him.

“Time to put this plan into action” he murmured to himself as he gave Piper the signal. She sent a small nod his way before ascending half-blood hill, anxiously making her way towards the battle that was raging on at the top. She headed towards Thalia’s pine tree before starting the next stage of the plan. “Come on Jason don’t give up now, get up and fight back” from his sunken position on the floor Jason began to rise without knowing why, he looked dazed but lifted his sword to the sky and called forth more lightening, stronger and brighter than anything he had summoned since the battle had started. “Percy you too, you can’t give up now you’re so close just keep it going” Percy rose from his place on the ground to a standing position like Jason had done just seconds before; a grimace was stretched tight across his face but the whirlpool seemed to gain in size and move at a faster rate. Piper continued to persuade them to carry on and to not give up, when they were so close to defeating Gaea. Encouraging them through there pain so they could fight a little longer, so they had enough time for the others to help. 

Nico and Leo advanced up the hill after Piper, and Annabeth did the same on the camp side with Hazel, coming up behind Gaea. Frank had turned into a golden eagle and was hidden at the top of Thalia’s tree ready to intervene when he was needed; effectively Gaea was covered from all angles and hopefully they would be able to take her down with a surprise attack. “Shut up you stupid child!" Gaea roared "Your charmspeak will not work now; I am too powerful to be taken down by these two weakened demigods, no matter who their fathers are!” Piper faltered though soon continued with her charmspeak trying not to let Gaea get to her. Annabeth crested the hill and Nico could see her hair over Gaea’s shoulder, Hazel not far behind her;both ready to launch into battle when Nico gave the signal. Seeing a rustling of leaves above him Nico looked up to see Franks golden feathers hidden deep within the green pines, nestled against the trunk to give himself as much camouflage as possible. Signalling over his shoulder for Leo to come closer, Nico crouched down to try and stay out of dirt face’s sight for as long as possible. “Remember what you have to do?” Nico asked as Leo crouched down in the short grass next to him. “Yeah” Leo replied apprehensively, “Is this plan really going to work?” he added on before he could change his mind” Nico shrugged in reply and shot Leo a sheepish grin “I don’t know any more Leo, but we got to give it a shot right?” Receiving a nod in reply, Nico crept forward once more; his hair beginning to whip around him as the wind speed picked due to the speed of the whirlpool Percy was holding. The air seemed to crackle with electricity; sparks running along Nico’s skin as he crawled further forward, making the hairs on his arms stand on end.

Just meters away from Percy and Jason, Nico gave the signal. Annabeth and Hazel charged from behind, though before they could get within five meters of Gaea tendrils of mud rose from the ground and wrapped around their waists, effectively stopping them in their tracks. No matter how hard they tried to escape; whether that be cutting them down or wrangling out of their grasps, they were immediately wrapped back up in their sticky brown grasps, dragging them down into the Earth below them. Frank dropped like a bomb from the tree; after free falling for a frightening few seconds he opened his golden wings and flew towards Gaea. Once again the earth formed into slim sticky tendrils however this time their target was the golden eagle circling above. Frank managed to evade the tendrils for longer than the girls had, as he was able to swerve out of their way as his wings cut gracefully though the air, eventually though he was caught. Turning back into normal Frank after the tendrils had him in its sticky grasp. Nico and Leo were now the last hope and Nico could only pray that it would work. Before Nico could even begin to move and take down Gaea Percy launched himself into her grasp and rolled down the back of half-blood hill passing Annabeth and Hazel on the way, who could only look on in horror at the events that had just occurred.

Nico charged forward with Leo and Jason at his heels, “Percy no!” Jason screamed out but it was too late, way too late.  Percy stood at the base of the hill with the whirlpool raging around him, lightning still crackling, fed by Jason’s fear and anger. “I will not let my friends die” screamed Percy; the clouds above grew darker, so dark it looked like a thunderstorm would start any second adding to the chaos below. The waves off Long Island grew in height and ferocity, crashing down with a sound like a clap of thunder, winds whipped up to incredible speeds, picking some unlucky people off their feet. Percy stood proud and strong in the centre of the chaos, and then he charged once more. All the power he had built up came crashing down on himself and Gaea, Nico could only look on in devastation as he saw what was happening. Annabeth, Hazel and Frank approached from behind, tears in Annabeth’s stormy grey eyes. Nico looked back to see the muddy tendrils curled in on themselves in pain, dying as there leader lost power and began to succumb to death.

Suddenly, silence fell upon camp half-blood, all the fighting seemed to come to a standstill as an Earthquake rumbled its way through the fray, towards the centre of the destruction. Below Percy’s feet a gap the size of the big house appeared and swallowed him and Gaea whole. Once more chaos erupted below as the monsters were slain by victorious demigods. Though victory could not be felt for all because even though Gaea was gone, their greatest hero, Percy Jackson, had fallen with her. 

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