Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

My attempt at re-writing the end of Blood of Olympus


1. Leo

Leo woke slowly, only to find himself wrapped in a sphere of salty sea water; steam rolling off his arms after his experience of being a human fireball, while tumbling through the sky with an angry Earth Goddess, not something he wanted to be repeating anytime soon. A roaring wave of confusion washed through his mind, shouldn’t he be dead? Garbled sounds worked their way through the protective barrier of water, sounding vaguely like screams of terror and to the confusion Leo already felt, should Gaea not be dead and the rein of fear over? Then it hit him like Coach Hedge’s baseball bat hit its enemies, hard and fast. The seven had interfered with his master plan and had put themselves in harm’s way. Huffing in annoyance he pulled multiple wires out of his tool belt and began to tie the frayed ends of the copper wires together as his hands twitched nervously. Frustration built up inside him, he needed to get out of the bubble prison he was in and help out his friends before Gaea destroys Earth as it is known. Metal bent and formed together to create a small jagged chainsaw, he pulled more material out of his belt and formed cogs and a small engine to get the chainsaw going. Yanking down on a copper chain it roared to life; small cogs turned the copper chains round with a small chugging noise; praying to the Gods it would work Leo moved the blade towards the edge of the water and pushed. Success! The small jagged blade sliced through the water as easily as a knife through warm butter and created a small opening for Leo to crawl through. “You can’t keep Leo Valdez from a fight with dirt face” he screamed as he launched himself from the gap.  Though he soon realised this was a bad idea as the bubble prison was suspended 200 feet in the air. “Crap” Any golden dragons called Festus flying around here?” Leo screamed as he plummeted towards the ground.

As Leo fell he noticed another bubble prison above him, though this one was much larger. It began to vibrate violently. Red and orange beams licking up the sides and painting it like a sunset, before it exploded like a bomb and a golden dragon emerged from it; water cascading down its metallic sides as its ruby red eyes searched for its favourite mechanic. “Festus! Buddy down here!” Snaking his way over to Leo Festus saw the danger he was in and quickly sped up, he flew under him just before the Earth swallowed Leo whole, literally. Where Leo would have hit the ground there was a perfect Leo sized hole ready to swallow him into Gaea’s domain. “Yeah Buddy” he whooped in glee as locked his legs around Festus’s underbelly. They charged towards a horde of dracanae; which were slowly being reduced in number by Annabeth as she slashed and parried with her dagger. Leo let out a battle cry as Festus released a torrent of white hot flame, burning the dracanae until they were nothing but a pile of blackened remains; though they didn’t remain that way for long as they burst into golden dust and disappeared heading for the depths of Tartarus.

Annabeth nodded in thanks before wading her way through thick mud towards Piper who was attempting to charmspeak a giant but alas to no avail. Looking around him Leo could begin to imagine what it would be like if Gaea won this battle. The world would be left to utter ruin and destruction and soon after there would be nothing left. Hopefully, that wouldn’t happen even though Leo’s master plan had failed massively although it wasn’t his fault. If only they hadn’t interfered yes Leo may be dead but Gaea would have no longer being a problem. Things were beginning to look up, some of the Greek and Roman demigods had joined forces and were no longer in the middle of a civil war while a larger war went on around them. Though that couldn’t be said for all of them, to his left there was a group of purple shirted demigods battling two demigods in camp half blood shirts. Leo  pointed Festus in their direction before shouting “Stop fighting between yourselves and fight the real enemy” The Romans sneered in his direction  nonetheless they disengaged with the Greeks and walked away before engaging a swarm of empousa that quickly begin to reduce in numbers. Before running off to also engage with the enemy the Greeks shot him grateful looks. “Thanks Leo” one called out over his shoulder, Leo didn’t recognise him but nodded back anyway.

Festus began to spiral out of control as the winds became stronger; Leo looked around for the source of the turmoil and found Jason and Percy stood at the top of half-blood hill. Well not that he could see Percy but you could tell he was there as there was a large whirlpool swirling next to Thalia’s pine tree. Jason stood beside it sword in hand as electricity sizzled around him, striking the ground and incorporating itself into the whirlpool creating a deadly swirling vortex of sea and lighting, flashing periodically as the lighting crackled and flashed itself into and out of existence waiting to strike down an enemy at any minute. 

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