Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

My attempt at re-writing the end of Blood of Olympus


2. Jason

Lightning crackled as it span in rapid circles tied together with Percy’s sea water tornado, a swirling ball of deadliness ready to strike Gaea at her weakest moment. Thin layers of water warped round in a dome, lightning encasing it reaching out and zapping any monsters that dared get close enough; water suffocating them if they got past and braved the pain. Even now, Jason could see Percy was beginning to lag; he had been holding the whirlpool for over ten minutes and Jason was starting to have trouble bringing down the huge bolts of lightning. Combining their forces had helped them and the monsters were mostly kept at bay. Clusters of both Roman and Greek demigods slew them from the back making their way over to Jason and Percy. “You will not defeat me; not now for I am too powerful the world will fall to ruin because of you Percy Jackson”

Snapping, his head round to Percy, Jason sent a look of confusion his way; what had Percy done to destroy the Earth? Yeah he had gotten a nosebleed which had dripped blood onto the floor, which had set Gaea free but that could have happened to any of them. Percy turned his head away and lowered his head to the ground in guilt. “Yes you know what you have done Perseus Jackson, known it would have ended that way yet you saved him and therefore saved me and doomed everyone you love in the process; all because of that fatal flaw of yours” Shifting his gaze from the floor where it rested guiltily; Percy met Gaea’s eyes through the swirling vortex of water and lightning, and strengthened his gaze, steely determination in those sea green eyes. “I have told you before and I will tell you again I will not let my friends die” Jason shot Percy a look that clearly screamed don’t do it at Percy. "Percy no! You will get yourself killed if you do this we can work out another way-"

“Don’t you understand Jason? There isn’t another way! One of us must die for Gods sake we’ve all heard the prophecy enough times to know that” Percy interrupted. Jason could clearly see his point and couldn’t help but run that wretched prophecy through his head.


                                                    Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

                                                        To storm or fire the world must fall.

                                                         An oath to keep with a final breath,

                                                    And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.


Percy charged towards Gaea taking the whirlpool of death along with him Jason couldn't do anything but follow him, adding as much lightning to the whirlpool as he dared; hoping to every God he could think of that both of them would come out of this alive as they were sure brewing up one hell of a storm. Gaea made her dirt face even uglier, which Jason didn't think was possible, as she got in to a battle stance ready to engage with them and ready to start her rein of ruin over Earth.  

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