What Makes A Good Movella?

After being asked to write a chapter on this in another one of my Movellas, I decided I couldn't condense all of the things into just one chapter! So here is the full Movella to help.

I offer tips, tricks, ideas and feel free to comment questions about Movellas! I'm very open to any type of comment.

If you want me to review any of your Movellas, I have another called 'Must Read Movellas', so I will upload a chapter on your Movella up on there!


1. Hullo!

Oh hello! I didn't see you there, admiring this super cool looking movella.

I appreciate that your trying to see what this actually is, so if you just take a minute for me to explain then everything will be sorted out. Okay?



I'm the author of this helpful Movella (Jade.P if you can't tell), and I created this after being asked on another one of my Movellas. The question was: "What makes a good Movella?"

How can you condense everything, every tip and trick and thought, into one measly chapter? It would be miles long!

So instead of that I have made... *drum roll*


I've been on this website for over a year, which is short compared to some people, but I really enjoy helping people out. So what better to do that and help the community develop then this little gem of a book?

I can't guarantee my advice will be useful, but I'll try my best.



Wait! Before your attention goes wandering off again, I want to get you involved.

Yes, YOU! The one reading this. Uh-huh. I want you to help.

If you have any questions or thoughts or anything you want me to cover, then simply ask! Comment in the comment section of this Movella, comment on any of my mumbles to do with this movella, and I will gladly answer!



Now, I try not to self-advertise on other people's movellas but I know people want their movellas read.

I have an entire Movella dedicated to reviews of people's movellas for others to see. (cough, cough, over 700 views at the time of writing, cough, cough). Sound good?

Go ahead and comment on that Movella or comment below and just say its for the 'review movella' or 'Must Read Movellas' which is the title of the Movella.

To access Must Read Movellas, go onto my page and you'll find it in my list of Movellas.


All good? Fantastic!

Now you may let your attention wander off, preferably to the next chapter or into the comments below...



Toodle-oo and see you on the next page!


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