Why do you hate me? (Austin Mahone Fanfiction)

Jemma was a innocent school girl, who had high grades in every lesson, she was a straight A student, People always hated her but what will happen if a new boy joins her high school and changes everyone's thoughts?

Carry on reading to find out
(Austin Mahone is not famous in this story)
© by me aka Haleema96


3. 3

Amy's pov

Jemma's been with the new kid, Austin quiet a lot. It's been getting on my nerves because I feel left out now. Jemma doesn't talk to me properly like she used to do, only hi's and hellos and that's it. I miss my best friend. I'm going to talk about it to her when Austin isn't with her. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. Even my other friends Miranda, Stacy and Amber have realised that she's always with Austin. I was pulled back into reality when Stacy called my name.

"Earth to Amy...." she called "huh sorry guys you were saying" shit I feel bad she has to repeat everything again, "Amz babe what's wrong you seem like someone's taken your sunshine away you" if only she knew. Stacy's always a bit slow at clicking on to what's happening. "Sorry I was thinking about Jemma" "I know right she's changed already she's forgotten us since that Austin kid has gotten here" finally she clicks on. Miranda's busy on her phone probably texting her boyfriend, Max.

As the bell rang informing us to get to our next lesson we see Austin and Jemma in front of us, laughing. It takes me all my strength to go up to them and shout at Jemma. I can't believe how selfish she is.


Jemma's pov

I feel so bad for my friends. I haven't spoke to the since Austin started. Austin knows everything that people call me. He tries to stop them but I tell him not to. I don't want him involved in all this.

Austin was telling me a joke about his prank he pulled on his teacher back in Florida and I have to admit it was one of the funniest stories ever.

"you did what?" I exclaimed wiping my cheeks, Austin looked up at me and give me a genuine smile. Over the past few weeks everyone's stopped calling me names thanks to Austin. I turned around after the bell rang and there I saw my 3 best mates who I have never seen since Austin got here. Amy looked at me and I could see the pain, hurt and anger that I've caused. she will never forgive me what have I done. Pushing all the negativity away in my brain of I went to my next class. Maths. Austin's in the same class as me and so is Amy. God help me.


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love you all

Haleema xx



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