Why do you hate me? (Austin Mahone Fanfiction)

Jemma was a innocent school girl, who had high grades in every lesson, she was a straight A student, People always hated her but what will happen if a new boy joins her high school and changes everyone's thoughts?

Carry on reading to find out
(Austin Mahone is not famous in this story)
© by me aka Haleema96


2. 2

Austins pov

I was on  my way to my new school. McJunior High School. I'm dreading it like no ones business, it's been 1 year since I've not been to school due to family issues and my name got taken off the school student list. So my mom wasn't happy with that so she put my name to McJunior High School and I got a place. Pulling my car into one of the empty parking bay, I grabbed my bag of the passengers seat, got out of the car and locked it, placing the key in my pocket. I made my way to my new school. Heading towards the main reception there I met a middle aged women greeted me with a warming smile.

"Good morning, my name is Austin Mahone, and it's my first day here" I told the kind lady," ah Austin, yes here's your timetable but before you go to your lesson please go to room A1.17 to Mr Smith" I nodded my head and thanked her and off I went to A1.17.


Jemmas pov

I was in Mr Smith's class waiting for the new boy. Finally my questions would be answered. Mr Smith was on his computer planning out his lesson plans whilst I sat in my place in my thinking land. My thoughts were soon interrupted when there was a knock on the door.

"That must be Austin" Mr Smith told me as he got up from his chair and went to open the door. My eyes widened as I see the most cutest guy ever. 'damn he's cute and hot' I thought

"Austin, I'm Mr Smith your Maths teacher and this is Jemma Jones your tour leader. She will be showing you around, dropping you off your class and she will be getting you from your previous class and taking you to your next class or to lunch" Mr Smith told Austin. My eyes didn't leave his beautiful face it's like I'm hypnotized in his looks.

"Hi Jemma, nice to meet you" god he sounds like an angle and his smile is to die for. " you to Austin" I return the smile.

"Jemma, can you please take Austin to his 1st lesson?" I was asked by Mr Smith "yes sir, c'mon Austin, follow me" I began to walk off with Austin next to me. "so what lesson do you have first?" I asked, Austin took out his timetable and looked at me before replying "I have English" he told me, "so do I" "really, cool". Me and Austin made small talk whilst we were walking to English. All eyes were on me and Austin whilst we were talking about random stuff. Austin is a funny guy, he's sweet too. As we approach to English Amy stops in front of me, hands on hips.

"Jem, where were you this morning I came to your house and your mum told me you already left for school and who's this?" shit I forgot to tell her. God I'm a bad friend. "Amz I'm soo sorry I came early because remember when Mr Smith assigned me to show the new boy around well this is Austin Mahone, the new boy" I turned to look at Austin and then I turned my head to Amy who was full on staring at Austin. 'awww someones got a crush on the new kid'. Austin wasn't paying attention to Amy as he was just looking around, trying to take everything in I guess. "Austin this is my bestest friend Amy" "Hi" wow Amy's shy for the first time. This is unbelievable. Just as I was about to say something the bell rang. "well Amy I'll see you at lunch yea I need to take Austin to class" I told Amy and off I went with Austin to English. Well my hell lesson as you all guessed.



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