Why do you hate me? (Austin Mahone Fanfiction)

Jemma was a innocent school girl, who had high grades in every lesson, she was a straight A student, People always hated her but what will happen if a new boy joins her high school and changes everyone's thoughts?

Carry on reading to find out
(Austin Mahone is not famous in this story)
© by me aka Haleema96


1. 1

Jemma's pov

I was currently sitting in my 2nd lesson of the day, Maths. My top favourite subject. I love all my lessons but Maths is my most favourite lesson that I love. Everyone calls me a nerd, geek and all sort of names but they don't know that in life I want to have a great job not just a lousy, lame job. My thought's were interrupted when my Maths teacher, Mr Smith called my name to answer a question. In my class i'm the only one who answers the question's.

"Jemma, could you please come up to the bored and answer this question" I was asked to do so, I was more than happy to get up. But the one thing I don't like is when my class laugh at me and begin to call me names. Pushing all the negative thoughts away, I got up and made my way to the bored.

The question was:

Replace the ? by the correct Mathematics symbol to make the expression true
18 ? 12 ? 4 ? 5 = 59

'Easy as pie' I thought. Without thinking I wrote the answer on the bored.

18 x 12 ÷ 4 + 5 = 59

"Correct Jemma, you may sit back down" I was told, I made my way back to my chair and sat down, when i sat down my friend Amy smiled at me whilst girls and boys around me started to laugh at me and call me names AGAIN. You must be thinking that I should be used to this, well i'm not I've never been picked on so this is my first time. In my family i'm the oldest with my 3 year old brother, Brendan. 

The lesson flew by and before I knew it,it was time to go but before we left the room, Mr Smith had an announcement to make.

"Class tomorrow we have a new boy in our class, Austin Mahone. And I've chosen one person to show him around school and make him feel welcome. That person is Jemma Jones. You may all leave and Jemma everyday come to me and I will write you a note for your teachers telling them why your late. You may go"

"okay sir" I walked out of the classroom door and off I went to my next class with Amy. But I still have one question stuck in my brain 'Who is this new boy. Austin Mahone.' Well I will find out tomorrow.


Well guys what do you think of my first chapter? Cut the hate yeah i'm still learning and getting into the habit of writing fan fictions...

Love you all

Haleema xxx 


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