One Step

the diary of isla bray as she goes through struggles in life.


1. 12 - 03 -12

hello, it's isla.

today was quite a strange day. a strange day indeed. to start off, i woke up half under my bed. not sure if i fell off my bed and started rolling around or if i passed out while doing my homework. also i woke up far earlier than usual because bandit was slobbering all over my face. that was the main reason i had a shower in the morning even though i had one last night. 

after i had showered (all my conditioner had ran out even though i bought it a week and a half ago which annoyed me) and changed into my new plaid shirt and my jeans that i wear basically everyday, i set off to the shops to buy some conditioner and things that i "needed".

on the way to the corner shop, i found a 5 dollar note, which bought me a bag of maltesers. when i was inside the shop, you'll never guess who i ran into! (i'm talking to myself why am i saying you?) well anyway, i ran into nick. when i first saw him, i knew he was familiar but i couldn't remember who he was because he had dyed his hair red and had finally had a growth spurt.

when i recognised him, i made sure he wouldn't see me because i hadn't seen him since that day years ago. while i was staring at him from afar, i couldn't help but notice how much red doesn't suit him. and it's not dark red, it's as bright as you can get. and the douchebag probably wonders why people always stare at him. hes too dumb to realise that red stands out. 

anyway, when i arrived back at my house, i heard mum screaming at will for some reason. when i opened the door, there was paper all over the floor and a ten year old boy pushing the paper in different directions. "that is my drawer!!!" he was screaming, putting paper into "his" drawer. i don't even understand what papers a ten year old would need to keep. 

"will calm the f-" i almost swore and then remembered that mum was in the same room, "down." 

"you calm down!" he screamed, yelling the 'you' louder than the rest. 

"what papers do you even need?" i had said, picking up some of the paper off the ground. i knew i'd need to help sooner or later.

"my video game cheats!" when he said that, i rolled my eyes, put the paper down on the bench and walked to my room. then i surfed facebook and tumblr for a little while until i got a message from cara. 

// cara lilly
  guess what!!!!!! //

then i replied 

// me 
  what!!!! //

// cara lilly
  mike asked me out!!!!!!! //

mike is a blond boy who is atleast six foot, plays lacrosse, and is a massive d-bag. but cara is head over heels for him, and i guess i'll have to accept that she "loves" him. 

// me 
  did u say no? //

// cara lilly
  i know you don't want us 2 be together but you're gonna have to get over it bc we are the definition of true love!! //

i ignored her message because i was sick of her talking about him, started to think. mike had been dating kiara just days ago, what made him go for cara? of course she has been dropping hints that she likes him to everyone, but mike is like, popular. cara isn't unpopular, but she isn't up there with the populars. he might've asked her out because he truly likes her, but it is far more likely that he asked her because she had connections with some popular teens from other schools. 

after i exited the facebook tab, i decided to listen to my favourite band tomorrow morning light. as weird as their band name was, their music was actually the best. once i had listened to moon in the morning on repeat three times, i decided to look on their tumblr tag. when i clicked on it, the first post said that they were releasing a new album next month! i didn't believe it at first but then five others said the same. since they haven't released any music for two years, i was absolutely thrilled to hear the news!! i can't wait for it!

if this album sucks ass, i might have a mental breakdown honestly. 

anyway that was my day today. goodbye to myself! 
love, isla

12 - 03 - 12

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