Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


1. Prologue

When I was young, I was a child filled with questions, asking them every second of the day. I was watching TV one day and saw a boy get down on his knee and said "will you marry me?' to a girl. She started crying and nodding her head furiously. Alarmed, I turned to my mum.
"Mummy, why is the girl crying? Did the boy hurt her?" Mum started laughing, which confused my little head even more.
“No darling. She’s crying because she’s happy. After all, the boy did just ask to marry her.”
That confused me even more. Marry? What on earth does that mean? Mum must’ve seen my confused face, and started to explain a bit more.
“If you want to marry someone, it’s because you love them dearly and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Just how your father and I are married.”

I remained silent, thinking about what Mum just told me. Someone I love and want to spend the rest of my life with? I thought hard, wondering who I’d like to marry. Suddenly it hit me.

I turned to Mum and grinned widely. “I want to marry Luke,” I stated.

Mum laughed. “Is that so?” she asked me, chuckling.

“Yes,” I said proudly. “And I’ll prove it to you Mum, just you wait.”

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