Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


44. Chapter 43

Luke’s POV 
After laying down for 5 hours straight with the occasional bathroom break, we all finally decided to go make ourselves some food. 
“I hate hangovers,” Michael grumbled. Calum grunted in response, slouching down against the kitchen wall. 
I clumsily poured myself a bowl of cereal, sliding the milk and cereal box over to Michael once I had finished. We ate in silence, not bothered to talk to each other. I grumpily shovelled spoonful’s in my mouth, not bothered by the milk splattering all over the kitchen counter. 
“Why’d you seem so worried about Tashy and Ash going on a date today?” Cal asked curiously, who had already finished his bowl of cereal. I shrugged, stirring my spoon around, watching the milk spin round and round. 
“You like Tashy don’t you?” Michael asked, raising his eyebrows. 
My face turned pink, quickly shaking my head back and forth, instantly groaning at the pain in my head. 
“Unless you like Ash, which could be a possibility, but I don’t think that’s very likely,” Cal said thoughtfully. 
“Why do you think I like Natasha? She’s just a friend. Nothing more,” I said gruffly, shoving my bowl of cereal away. 
“Are you sure about that?” Michael smirked. 
“Yes, I’m sure,” I snapped, crossing my arms angrily. But after 20 minutes of them annoying me, I finally cracked. 
“Fine. Maybe I do. So what if I do. She hates me now anyways,” I mumbled. 
“No she doesn’t. She’s just angry at you right now,” Calum said comfortingly. 
“Why is she angry at you anyway?” Michael asked, confused. 
“I have no idea,” I admitted. “Ash seemed pretty pissed too.” 
“You must’ve done something at the party,” Cal said absentmindedly, taking his phone out of his pocket. 
“Yeah, probably,” I muttered. Suddenly, the front door burst open, causing all our heads to snap up. 
“And then she was like, oh my GAWWWD, THAT'S LIKE, SOOO AWESOME," Ashton said dramatically, as Natasha's laugher rung through the house. Oh, that laugh, the laugh that I love and simply adored. 
"Shut UP Ashton, she definitely didn't say that," she giggled. 
"Yes she did," Ash giggled back, gently giving Natasha a friendly shove. 
Suddenly, Michael cleared his throat, interuppting their conversation. 
"Did you get me some food?" He asked hopefully, eyeing the brown bag in Ashton's hands. 
"yes you idiot, we did," Natasha chuckled. "We also got Calum some." 
"Aw, thanks Natasha," Cal grinned. 
"Uh, did you get me some?" I asked quietly. Neither Natasha or Ashton looked me way, or even acknowledged my presence. "We bough enough food to feed a whole army, so there's plenty of food for everyone," she joked, sliding the bag over to Michael and Calum. 
Cal looked at me in confusion, while Michael just dug into the bag. 
"damn, thanks you guys," he grinned. 
"Natasha and I are going upstairs now," Ashton called, dragging Natasha along with him. She giggled, trying to pry his fingers off her wrist while wriggling around, trying to get free. Eventually, Ash threw her over his shoulders, running up the stairs with her squealing. 
I watched them with narrowed eyes the whole time, not realizing that I'd been squeezing a burger in my hand. 
"woah, take it easy on that burger Luke," cal joked, taking it out of my hands. I sighed, flopping down onto the counter. 
"She hates me," I murmured, sighing in sadness. "Why does she hate me? Did I do something wrong?" 
"Just wait till tomorrow. She'll most definitely be talking to you then," Cal said sympathetically, patting my shoulder. 
I sighed, burying my head in my arms 
"I hope so."


I wanna finish this story soon but I don't know how to

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