Just a Reject (Luke Hemmings)

~Sometimes, the things that make your life worth living, are also the reasons why your life isn't worth living~


38. Chapter 37

Natasha’s POV

“Let’s go ice skating,” Ash suddenly said, causing everyone to perk up, excited.

“Yes, lets,” Mike said excitedly.

“That’s a great idea,” I said, agreeing.

We all quickly finished our sandwiches, piling into Ash’s car when we finished.

After a couple minutes of driving, we finally arrived at the ice rink, all of us cheering as we ran towards the entrance.

We quickly rented our skates, putting them on.

“Damn Tash, your feet are like, 6 sizes smaller than mine,” Ash grinned, looking at me cheekily.

“That’s because your feet are massive,” I huffed.

“Your feet are like 4 or 5 sizes smaller than Mike, Cal and mine,” Luke teased, poking my feet.

“Shut up, before I decide to shove these skates up your ass,” I threatened, causing them all to laugh.

We all wobbled towards the rink, trying to not fall over. All of us succeeded except for Ash, who tripped over twice.

“Why am I the only one who tripped over,” he whined, causing me to smirk at him.

“Well you’re the only one with the overly massive feet here, so I think you’ve got no one else to blame but you,” I teased, poking his cheek.

“Whatever,” he huffed, crossing his arms, sticking his bottom lip out.

“Well maybe if you didn’t make fun of my feet, I wouldn’t have made fun of yours,” I said, walking ahead of him, ignoring him as he grumbled a couple angry words under his breath.

We all cautiously stepped onto the ice, none of us able to move an inch, in fear of tripping over.

I awkwardly wobbled over towards the wall, desperately trying to not fall over, all the boys following closely behind me.

“Exactly how many of us have ice skated before?” Cal asked, as all of us remained silent.

“Why did we even go ice skating,” Mike grumbled, clutching onto the wall.

“Well correct me if I’m wrong, but you were pretty excited yourself when Ash suggest that we go ice skating,” I said, rolling my eyes.

I cautiously took a step, continuing to hold onto the wall. I didn’t fall over, which encouraged me to take another step.

“You know, you’re supposed to ‘glide’ when ice skating, not walk,” Luke said, laughing at me.

“Well at least I’m moving, unlike some people,” I shot back.

After an hour of all us falling over and whining about our sore bums, we all got pretty decent at ice skating.

“I’m so proud of you guys,” I grinned as I watched them glide across the rink without falling over.

“Naww, thanks Tashy,” Ash cooed.

“I still need to figure out how to stop. I need to literally run into a wall to stop,” Cal complained.

I laughed as I watch Cal run into a wall, causing him to glare at me.

“Don’t laugh at me,” he whined, pouting.

“I’m sowwee,” I said, pouting back at him.

“Not wanting to ruin the mood or anything, but Abby and her group of bitches are here,” Mike mumbled, causing all of us to look at the entrance.

Sure enough, there was Abby, standing with the ‘popular group.’

“Should we leave?” Ash asked, obviously concerned on what they might do to me.

“No. I’m not going to stop having fun because of them,” I huffed, crossing my arms.

“Good point,” Mike said. “LAST ONE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RINK IS A ROTTEN POTATO,” he screamed, taking off to the other side of the rink.

We all chased after him, laughing. We continued to skate around, fooling around with each other for another half hour. I don’t know how, but we started playing an extremely chaotic version of tip.

I chased after Mike, knowing that I was faster skater than him.

“I’m coming for you Michael,” I screamed, as Michael desperately tried to get away from me.

Suddenly, I saw a foot being stuck out in front of me. Sadly, I hadn’t learnt how to stop, so I ran straight into the leg.

I stumbled over, landing heavily on my arm.

I heard laughter, and the sound of high fives being given out.

“NATASHA,” I heard people scream, as I tried to sit up, ignoring the pain in my arm.

“Are you ok?” Cal asked, worried.

“Hey, you learnt how to stop,” I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood up.

“Who cares about that, all that matters is if you’re ok,” Cal said, helping me up.

The other boys skated towards us, a worried look on all of their faces.

“Don’t worry about me guys. I’m fine,” I said, waving my other hand at them.

“How did you trip,” Mike asked.

“Someone tripped me,” I said, shrugging, wincing at the slight pain in my elbow.

All their heads snapped towards the popular group, as they looked back innocently.

“Which one of you idiots tripped Natasha,” Michael spat, glaring at them all.

It was obvious they all knew how violent Michael got when he was angry, since they all cowered back.

“We didn’t trip her,” one of them stuttered.

“Do you really think I’m that big of an idiot,” Michael spat.

“Michael, please, let’s just go,” I said weakly, tugging on his arm.

“No. we can’t just leave like this! You can’t just let people do this to you and not do anything about it,” he spat, angrily running his hand through his hair.

“Please Michael. Let’s just go,” I whispered, gently tugging on his sleeve.

He sighed in defeat.

“Fine,” he grumbled, picking me up.

“You know, it’s my arm that’s hurt, not my feet. I can still skate you know,” I chuckled.

“You’re still hurt,” he stated, skating towards the exit.

“I don’t know if we could trust Michael to not drop Natasha. I mean, he’s a pretty bad skater,” Ash whispered loudly at Cal and Luke.

“Shut up,” he grumbled, as I giggled at them.

I luckily got to the exit in one piece without being dropped.

“Does your arm still hurt?” Luke asked, concerned.

“It’s probably just gonna be a bruise, nothing else,” I said, reassuring them all. “I can still move my arm, so it’s definitely not broken.”

“Thank goodness,” Cal said, relieved.

“So,” I started, smirking up at them. “Anyone wanna go bowling?”



I'm so sorry nothing interesting happens here. But i promise something 'interesting' will happen in the next chapter.

Well, think it's interesting, don't know about you guys.


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